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Indoor vs. Outdoor Tankless Water Heaters Tankless water heaters provide their owners with a continuous flow of hot water. Unlike traditional hot water heaters, in which the water is heated and stored in a tank, in a tankless system the water is heated as it flows through the device. Tankless systems are available as either electric or gas water heaters. Commercial Water Heater Sales can help connect customers with a variety of tankless heaters and help them determine what heater they need. Tankless water heaters provide owners with a variety of benefits – they take up less space than a traditional heater, pose less of a risk of water damage, and will save their owners money over the long term. Tankless water heaters typically come in either indoor or outdoor varieties. Whether you should use an indoor or outdoor tankless heater depends on your facility. Existing homes or businesses may benefit from an outdoor model, as fewer adjustments to plumbing will be needed, and you won’t have to make changes to the structure to accommodate a tankless system’s venting needs. Tankless heaters require quite a bit of oxygen, resulting in the addition of substantial venting to install an indoor model. Installing indoors will take up space, which can be at a premium in small structures. Indoor installations may be more appropriate for new construction, as they will be an integral part of the new facility, instead of a later addition. One of the key benefits of an indoor tankless water heater is that it is less exposed to theft, vandalism and severe weather conditions, than outdoor heaters. Most outdoor heaters come with an enclosure that helps mitigate these risks, however. Commercial Water Heater Sales carries the Bosch line of tankless water heaters. These water heaters are specifically designed for the American market, and come in indoor and outdoor varieties. You can also purchase either gas water heaters or electric water heaters in tankless form. Bosch heaters are durable and reliable, with a typical lifespan of about 20 years. They also can help their owners achieve big savings on their water heating bill – up to 50 percent. Tankless heaters can also help homeowners reduce their environmental footprint, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by sizable margins. When deciding on a hot water heater for your home or business, consider your options and pick the product that best fits your individual needs. Commercial Water Heater Sales’ professional staff can help you in determining the needs of your facility. Summary: Tankless water heaters provide owners with a continuous flow of hot water and will achieve energy savings, over time. Tankless heaters come in indoor and outdoor models. Which model is right for you depends on the home or business where you are installing the new device. About Commercial Water Heater Sales

Commercial Water Heater Sales provides hot water heaters to businesses and residential customers. We carry both gas and electric water heaters and offer trusted brands such as Rheem, American Standard, Bosch, and more. We ship to the 48 continental states in the US. To learn more, visit

Indoor vs outdoor tankless water heaters  

Commercial Water Heater Sales provides hot water heaters to businesses and residential customers. We carry both gas and electric water heate...

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