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SKOPE SK650 Gen 1 1 door Fridge-Chiller Used

SKOPE is a company that has a great repute and fame among all market leaders that offer Fridge-Chiller. SKOPE offers the popular model SKOPE SK650 Gen 1 1 door Fridge-Chiller Used is known to manufacture innovative, first-class commercial refrigeration products and services. The major points as to why choose SKOPE: • SKOPE offers largest design facility of its type in whole of Australia and Asia • It is a company that has International reputation for providing pioneering design and manufacturing excellence • SKOPE is the complete range to satisfy all industry sectors •

SKOPE SK650 Gen 1 1 door Fridge-Chiller Used offers superior levels of performance

All models of Skope uses significantly less energy to run; that is the reason why they are preferred for use in the food and the pharmaceutical industry. SKOPE SK650 Gen 1 1 door Fridge-Chiller Used is a low impact cabinet that delivers greater presentation, competence and consistency. This kind of model of Skope improves the bottom line and provides a great impact on the environment Over the years SKOPE is leading market with several energy efficient developments. That is the reason Skope continues to lead the way in providing greater energy efficient solutions for their products. All products developed by SKOPE deliver excellent refrigeration results. All products of SKOPE are MEPS tested and rated for their energy performance standards. SKOPE 1 1 door Fridge-Chiller Used operates at the temperatures at 2-4 degrees. This is operated according to the food and beverage safety standards. This equipment is a flat light box that is illuminated with energy efficient T5 light for increased branding. It is an upgraded refrigeration system that has significantly improved energy efficiency, extraordinary performance level and noise reduction. The product is available with a contemporary new look cabinets for stylish product display. Additionally, the product offers customer selectable power saving modes so that energy consumption is significantly reduced.

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Skope sk650 gen 1 1 door fridge chiller used