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Ecommerce Startup Web owners - Checklist This topic is on how to start an ecommerce business and what are the basic needs for an ecommerce website‌.. Starting a business is a hard disk and top running it, is a trickier one. The former part, link with the financial and knowledge of the business and the later part, link with the change attitude & its complexity in the market. But this scenario is slowly changing from its core difficulties by which a solution araise where individuals can start their own business with affordable investment through online, that’s the Ecommerce. Today, Ecommerce dominates the traditional business tactics and eliminates the obsolescent method of executing the business. Based on this scenario, here are some of the basic idea on how to start an Ecommerce website and what are the basic requirements for an Ecommerce Portal on this regard‌ General Business Requirements: 1. Make clear decision on the type of business and the intensity of knowledge you are going to start. 2. Select the suitable vendor for developing Custom Ecommerce Portal 3. Check the IT infrastructure required for implementing the Ecommerce Portal Development 4. Make sure on the target audience and the target location 5. Then derive your online business policies ( Tax, Shipping rates, etc ) based on the target section 6. Tie-Up with the Supplier vendor, Shipping and Payment companies Ecommerce Requirements: 1. Attractive look and feel of the store front and easy usability 2. Must covers all the basic features like Product, Order, Vendor, Payment management 3. Additional features like Marketing Activities and Statistical Reports will provide added value to your Online Business 4. Appropriate Merchant Account for Payment methods must hold in the ecommerce portal 5. Should be developed to cope with latest technological platform like browser issue, Loading time 6. Should be SSL ( Secured Socket Layer ) Certified for secured payment, Personal data and other Privacy 7. Should be Search Engine Optimization Friendly 8. Scalable for future enhancement like integrating with web applications, other ecommerce site, etc 9. Must be easy to maintain by the staff/ owner of the portal him/herself 10. Should have better back up facilities 11. License Cost ( Fixed or Variable ) based on the technology developed

Ecommerce Startup for Web Owners - Checklist  

People/ Corporate need to make sure on precautionaries before starting ecommerce business

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