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2010 Media Idea Guide For Promotional Products Suppliers


The Industry Leader In E-Mail and Video Advertising Since 1999

Promoflash e-mail broadcasts Video production and filming digital catalogs factory outlet closeout Program Weekly Product Spotlight Video Show the industry show virtual tradeshow Since 1999

Multiply Your Possibilities!

PromoFlash E-Mail Program The ONLY e-mail program to get your products and brand to over 50,000 distributors AND thousands of end-users.... the actual buyers! The ONLY E-mail service with GUARANTEED results!

Our Guarantee... We guarantee your e-mail will be opened a minimum of 12,000 times. Remember it’s not the price you pay for your advertising, but how many people actually look at it that counts.

A Exclusive! The Industry’s ONLY automated distributor e-mail service that gets your promotions to thousands of end-users every two weeks. Put your e-mail ads to work with the actual buyers and get thousands more views of your products and promotions.

H FREE - Up to 4 products from your e-mail art are posted on the website for thirty days or more, generating thousands of additional views of your products. H FREE - Promotional coupons posted to our site and e-mailed out weekly to over 50,000 distributors to boost your sales. H FREE - Your flyer is included in daily and weekly recaps to thousands more distributors. H FREE - Complete real-time stats on how many distributors AND their customers that looked at your e-mail, sample requests, individual product views and more. RATES: 1 E-Mail Broadcast - $750 3 E-Mail Broadcasts - $599/each - with repeat just $350.00 per e-mail 6 E-Mail Broadcasts - $399/each - with repeat just $250.00 per e-mail 12 E-Mail Broadcasts - $349/each - with repeat just $225.00 per e-mail 24 E-Mail Broadcasts - $249/each - with repeat just $175.00 per e-mail Over 24 please call us REPEAT - Original e-mails may be repeated within 30 days for just $100.00 Since1999


Multiply Your Possibilities!

Video Filming and Production Build Sales with Video Sales Presentations

Make sales presentations without leaving your office!

Client-Safe videos can be sent directly to the end-buyer by distributors.

EVERYTHING IS INCLUDED! H PROFESSIONAL PRESENTER Select from several professional speakers to do your video, or be your own star. H SCRIPT WRITING We will write a professional script for you. H FILMING AND EDITING We film your video in our studios then edit in your photos, products, animations, key points, and more. H HOSTING & PLAYING We give you the files to play the videos on your website, embed them in e-mails, upload to social networks and more.

Single Video 2 to 3 Minutes in Length $750.00 complete Additional Videos - $250.00 for each 2-3 minute video Includes e-mailing your video one time to over 50,000 All videos must be done at the same time to receive this price. Since1999

Multiply Your Possibilities!


Digital Catalogs and Brochures Print fewer catalogs with a Digital Catalog

E-mailed to over 50,000 distributors FREE!


Create on-line digital catalogs, brochures and special publications without print costs!

Latest technology, e-mails easily and NO PRINT COSTS! H PAGE-TURN FEATURE




Now you can create your own special brochures... new products, sale priced products, themed products, overstocks, your choice, and all without the high costs of printing. Digital Catalogs and Brochures can easily be e-mailed to your customers, used by field reps, played on your website and much more. Now you don’t have to be one of the “big guys” to have specialized brochures. ADD VIDEOS - “DIGITALK” - Digital Catalogs with Video!

Embed videos into your digital catalog and brochures to show AND tell the complete story! Make your catalog or brochure a “true” sales tool by explaining why, where and how to use your products with video right in your catalog. It’s simple and everything is included, professional presenter, script writing, filming, editing and production. All you do is give us an outline, we do everything else. See video information on page 3.

1 Digital Catalog and 5 Videos - $1,895.00 complete See video information on page 3 for complete video details

Digital Catalog - $395.00 complete

No page limits, no other charges, includes e-mailing to over 50,000 one time.

Annual Program - $1,495.00

Includes 6 digital publications, each one e-mailed one time to over 50,000 distributor professionals Since1999


Multiply Your Possibilities!

The Industry Show A 24/7 Virtual Tradeshow

Distributor exposure for 3 months for less than the cost of a magazine ad!

Visit the Industry’s Most Complete Distributor and End-User Virtual Tradeshow at H BROWSE THE BOOTHS Distributors can browse the “aisles” and see each supplier’s product line and booth display. H VISIT A BOOTH Distributors AND THEIR CLIENTS can go into your booth and view specials, search your digital catalog, see and hear about your specials by video, flyers, digital brochures and much more. H LIVE CHAT Live chat is available in each booth, you set your own “live chat” hours that are posted in your booth. H ALL INCLUSIVE PRICES We will do your initial “Welcome to the Booth” video, update your specials and keep your booth current each month.

3 Months (minimum) - $1,000.00 per month, includes 1 video 6 Months - $750.00 per month includes 3 videos 12 Months - $500.00 per month, includes 6 videos Includes e-mailing EACH video one time to over 50,000 Prices include three digital catalogs or brochures

Prices include 2 to 3 minute videos, posting your art for specials and promotions, posting your digital catalog, live chat and complete stats reports. All videos to be filmed at the same time. Since1999

Multiply Your Possibilities!


Product Spotlight Weekly Show Feature your products in a video ad! Distributors send

The Product Spotlight Video Show to thousands of their customers!

A new theme each week!

H BRAND AWARENESS Keep your brand, product or promotion in front of over 25,000 distributors every month! H FEATURE New products and promotions in an attention-getting video format! H WE DO IT ALL All video production and editing included, just e-mail the photos you want in your ad! Why not put your brand, company name, specials and promotions in front of the thousands of distributors who watch our show every week? Effective and easy with no work on your part, just e-mail the photos you want in the video - we do everything else! A different theme is done each week such as Awards, Writing Instruments, Food Gifts, Apparel, etc. E-mail us for a complete list of 2011 weekly themes. Choose any themes from the list during 2011. Contact us early, theme sponsors and featured product spots are limited and fill up fast!

One 15 second video ad and two featured products Prices include complete production of your video banner ad and featuring two of your products in the show.

2 Weeks $500./wk

4 Weeks $450./wk

8 Weeks $400./wk

Over 8 $300./wk

Featured products only - Two products per show 2 Weeks $350./wk

4 Weeks $300./wk

8 Weeks $250./wk

Over 8 $200./wk

Annual banner ads are available please call or e-mail for prices Since1999


Multiply Your Possibilities!

Factory Outlet - Closeouts Turn your excess inventory into CA$H! Your Closeouts and/or overstocks will be e-mailed out EACH WEEK to over 50,000 distributors until they are sold!

It’s time to clean out your warehouse!

Three Products $299.00 Five Products $399.00 Ten Products $699.00 Over Ten $50.00 each Prices include posting your products to the Factory Outlet Closeout section of the website, and the client safe site linked to over 1,500 distributor websites so your products will be viewed by thousands of distributors and end-buyers.

Save With “Package” Pricing! The Most Effective Marketing Programs In The Industry!...

Take advantage of “package” rates by combining the industry’s most effective marketing programs. Save thousands of dollars, get the most results-oriented program the industry has to offer, and save money. We are happy to give you references of top industry suppliers who use our “packages” very successfully. Combine two or more services, i.e. E-mail, Videos, Product Spotlight Show, Banner Ads or others for specially discounted pricing and monthly payment options that can save you thousands on your marketing and advertising. Call or e-mail us today. See back cover for contact information.


PAY-PER-VIEW Banner Ads Is It Worth 2¢ To Have Someone Look At YOUR Ad?

That’s right, you pay just 2¢... two pennies... each time someone looks at your ad. If no one looks, you don’t pay.... and each ad is capped to a maximum amount you will pay. Tremendous exposure and views on a PAY-PER VIEW basis. Call for details and availability for a PAY-PERVIEW Banner Ad that can generate sales, build your company name and promote your current specials.... all at THE LOWEST INDUSTRY RATES! Since1999

Multiply Your Possibilities!


Your Source for Marketing Solutions In Today’s Promotional Products Industry Since 1999... Marketing That Works!

Call for Direction

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Main Office - Dick Reuter 77 Crest Field Lane North Kingstown, RI 02852-7306 800.930.6952 - Ext 701

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Multiply Your Possibilities!


The Industry Leader In E-Mail and Video Advertising Since 1999 digital catalogs factory outlet closeout Program Promoflash e-mail broadcasts...

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