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COMM2411- Communication and Social Relation Udara Abeysundara Angelina Wijaya Yohana Rexana Anita Linanda

Assessment 3 – Melbourne and Advertisement

Melbourne and its artifacts connected through advertisement. Through this essay, there will be discussion of how four artifacts in Melbourne connected with advertisement. Those are Melbourne tram, Melbourne Fashion, Melbourne Young and Jackson’s hotel, and Melbourne footy. Melbourne Tram Melbourne and it tram system has a strong relationship. It is been use in different ways in the city. This text is overlooking at the aspects of using trams to create a unique identity for Melbourne and the use of trams as a local adverting platform. Budd Dale, Wilson Randall, 2008 point out that Melbourne tram network is the largest tram network in an English speaking country. This helps to give Melbourne an exclusive identity in the world. Because of this reason Melbourne trams were often used to promote Melbourne. Even during the commonwealth games opening ceremony held in 2006 concept of tram was highlighted. It is clearly been use as advertising pies for Melbourne. Mees Paul, 2003 point out that by offering concession to travel on trams encourage migrating students to come to Melbourne for studies. Andrew Hassam in his article Melbourne, Indian Popular Cinema and the Marketing of ‘An Enviable Cosmopolitan Lifestyle’ point out that with the large Indian population in around Melbourne trams are a strong method of advertising Indian products and Bollywood cinema. Moreover Hassam point out that films that set round Melbourne always use trams for their product placements. For an example in the Indian film Salaam Namaste, trams were often using to promote the life style of Melbournians. Andrew Hassam describes the film, as the film progress trams were use regularly as the main transport system they use. It was also used in popular two Bollywood songs that are in the film. During this songs it is appears to have product placements. In the Hassam text he offers photographic evidence of this, even former Prime Minister John

Howard visited the director of this film during a business luncheon in Mumbai to talk about use of trams to promote cosmopolitan lifestyle. These conformers important roll Melbourne trams hold in promoting and advertising in Melbourne city. It is a major aspect of promoting Melbourne society and effective advertising tool. This social relationship of Melbourne and it trams been also use as an advertising platform for local products. In the book of Melbourne colorful trams David Clark show case the advertising history of Melbourne trams. The photographical evidence proves how trams were use as an advertising platform. Form the early 70 big brands that looking for creative advertising solutions was using trams as a famous tool, for an example David Clack s colorful tram features photographs of trams having advertisements of American Airlines driving pass Royal park moreover a tram with Dulux advertisements proceeds along flinders street even around 1970. This showcase the advertisers even at that time have realize Melbourne trams are a excellent method of advertising. It is a better way of advertising because it is not static advertisement it moves around the city and Melbourne society has a special relationship with them. It directly influence local communities. Melbourne Fashion Fashion is everywhere, everyone, men and women love fashion. Fashion is not only about clothes, but also shoes, cosmetics, and jewelries. Fashion is adjust based on people’s activity and weather. In fact, weather is a crucial thing to fashion. Fashion will change along with weather. Summer fashion is definitely different with winter fashion. That is why every country, every city has its own fashion’s style, moreover they have become a part of the city’s definition. In the old time Australia is define by its sun and beach which are make surfer or swimsuit fashion so popular. Year goes by and fashion designers started to think translating Australian culture and lifestyle through clothes. So the young Australian designers are now able to experience designing fashion for their country. To compete and survive in the international level of fashion market, their designs need to be blend with the global picture. Then they present their works at the fashion week. The fashion week was establish to place Australia on the international market circuit and to be the center of fashion as well as tourist destination, because Australia climate (spring/summer) support the fashion itself into the world arena.(Riley,M.p 36-43)

This article said that today woman is not the only victim of fashion. Looking back to Loreal Melbourne Fashion Festival last month, most of the designers and the coworkers are men. In the past men were forced to follow women when they went shopping, but today everything is change. There are many men going out to Chapel St, choosing and shopping clothes. Men are getting considerable with clothes and looking good. Another breakthrough is men wearing women’s clothing. Skinny jeans becomes very popular in men’s fashion, because lots of men are looking for a slimmer look. However, even though fashion industry is being dominate by men, still there are only 10 students in RMIT’s fashion design course. (Mangan,J.2010) As a design city, Melbourne has its annual fashion week. The point of the festival is to confirm and celebrate Melbourne as a fashion capital in Australia. This event usually offers more than 100 free tickets to welcoming the new collection of spring/summer fashion season. Designers, labels, styles, and retailers hold the event from all around Melbourne. It usually takes place at Melbourne Town Hall, also known as the Melbourne’s most stylish venue. The best part of this fashion festival is everything that the visitor see on the catwalk is available in Melbourne fashion retailers. Fashion gives us a little bit of insight of one’s personality, how they are thinking. In this case, fashion does define city. From all the articles above we can see that Melbourne is indeed a fashion city. Starting from the old days when Melbourne still struggling with the international fashion level, until Melbourne at the present time as a fashion capital city in Australia. It brands itself through fashion festival every year, not every city has its own fashion week like Melbourne. The Young and Jackson The Young and Jackson has becoming Melbourne’s most famous hotel, this hotel has been stood on Flinders St. for nearly 140 years. The Hotel, has been stunning for many reasons, and one of the reason is because the existence of nude Chloe from 19th century was placed on that hotel. It is a painting by the Master, JulesJoseph Lefebvre. Therefore it was no longer a question why this hotel became one of the greatest artifacts in Melbourne. Despite that it is on of the most famous landmark in the city of Melbourne. However, back to the topic, what is advertising? And what are the connection between The Young and Jackson with Advertising? Advertising

differentiates brands and causes. An advertisement is a specific message constructed to inform, persuade, promote, or motivate people on behalf of a brand or social cause. This hotel is so important and famous; the creative strategic people have put an advertising billboard on the top of this building. Make it a great advertisement spot. The question is, why not? There are no Melbournians doesn’t know about this place, and this place is also one of the tourist destinations. With its strategic place, and its great landmark, it has been the perfect place to put advertising billboard on top of it. Is it effective? Yes it does. Even the Foster’s group one original lager and international icon brand that is set to be enjoyed by a new generation of believers within the Australian market, has trust this place to put their advertisement, and believe of the effectiveness of this spot. With this is concluding that this stunning hotel had become a tool to help a brand promoting their product. The Young and Jackson have set their image to be cultural to Melbourne. They have aiming their specific audience that makes them have faithful customers. For be able to stood there for many years, even more than 100 years, it has approved that this place has be able to sells themselves to their market. They maintain their culture, the vibe insight the place. They maintain the Chloe artwork, to be tourist destination, they have maintaining their places to be historical important to the audience, that this place is be able to survive in this many year. It shows that they are successfully branding their place to be important in Melbourne landmark. However which one has give more impact to the others, is Melbourne effecting The Young and Jackson’s existence through its position on the heart of Melbourne, or The Young and Jackson has stood by it self and has advertised themselves, without the help of its position on the best landmark in Melbourne? Both has effect each others, without the place, the Young and Jackson will never stood up more clearer, however, the way this place has maintaining their culture also give its own impact to their existence.

Australian Footy (Melbourne) The close relationship between Australian Footy and advertising has been established for years. The advertisement related to footy match and favorite team assisting various advertising channel throughout Australia, some of the channel are

through television advertisement preview, celebrity or footy stars endorsement and sponsorship. Australia, footy has gradually become the largest and richest sport industry. In 2007, Australian Football League signed $ 780 million 5 years contract with channel seven and ten to air the game. Television advertising has transformed footy into media product, capturing the attention and attraction of footy fans to watch the game through television as alternative of watching the live match. Enabling the television station to set higher demand for television advertisement during the live match hours. Offering companies to fill up the advertisement preview throughout the match. As a result of continuous success of the winning team, remarkable wealth has been recorded over the years (Dimitrov, 2008). Footy fever within Melbournian is not something new anymore, Footy fans ranging from young to older age group. According to the statistic found, Australian aged between 17 and 24 were estimated to spend around AUS $ 536 per week on products based on sports attributes. Sport celebrity endorsement can have a huge influence on young adults who are the major sport consumers, particularly college or university students who are highly targeted as a market for sporting merchandise. Young adults love to be entertained by sports and those events will increase product consumption of sports related products. With the athlete role model advertising the product, indirectly it built the element of trust into the judgment of their fans. Fans could perceive the product as good and best since their athletes use the product in the advertisement (Dix, Phau & Pougnet, 2009). The advertising within footy is closely related to alcohol and tobacco for years. It has been argued that it will be unusual to view a sporting event with the absence of advertising from alcohol or tobacco brand. Sponsorship of sporting event by the alcohol industry is a common practice in Australia. However it’s been argued that such advertising might not be appropriate due to the negative impact towards underage fans. Among the young people, that are parts of footy fans might perceive the alcohol drinking as part of the sports culture (Jones, Phillipson & Lynch, 2006). In conclusion, footy is not only perceived within sporting game concept; it is more likely to be a moving brand image. The brand will evolve as the team getting more and more popular dependent on how many winning game the team able to record. The higher the winning point will ensure the more advertisement offer

towards the team. The advertising world will be challenged to create extra creative ads; also exploring what other advertising channel can be used to correlate with the footy fever fans. After all Australian footy fans own a large portion of potential target market, with a proper advertising plan; it will ensure companies to achieve its objectives more effectively.

In conclusion, these artifacts are there to have the connections with advertisement, which help Melbourne branding its city. Without, the artifact and advertisement, Melbourne will never be able to brand their city to be known in the world’s eye. The advertising directly effecting the way people see the world around them, and the people it self, the community are those who creating the city. Therefore, it justified the fact that advertisement is important in branding the city, in this case to the Melbourne city.

Reference: Tram David,C & John, S, 2008, Melbourne colourful trams, Train Hobby Publications Pty Ltd, Pinewood, Victoria, Australia. Willson,R & Budd, D, 2008, The Melbourne tram book, 2nd edn, University of NSW Press Ltd, Sydney.Willson,R & Budd, D, 2008, The Melbourne tram book, 2nd edn, University of NSW Press Ltd, Sydney. Mees,P,2005, The Melbourne tram book Privatization of Rail and Tram Services in Melbourne:What Went Wrong?, Urban Planning Program, Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning, University of Melbourne, Australia. Hassam, A. (2009), ‘Melbourne, Indian Popular Cinema and the Marketing of ‘An Enviable Cosmopolitan Lifestyle’’, Studies in South Asian Film and Media 1: 1, pp. 45–64, doi: 10.1386/safm.1.1.45/1 Fashion Riley, M.From the Bush to the Street.Artlink Magazine vol 17 pg.43-36 Mangan, J.2010.Clothes make or break men who dress the women.The Age:Melbourne Young and Jackson’s Hotel Landa, Robin, 2004, Advertising by Design, John Wiley &Sons, Inc, Hoboken, New Jersey. MattlyLynch808, Initials. (2009). Chloe-young & jackson's pub. Travel Blog, Retrieved from August 2000, Foster's set to please a new generation, Access on 20 May 2010. Footy Dimitrov R, 2008, Gender Violence, Fan Activism and Public Relations in Sport: The Case of Footy Fans against Sexual Assault, Access on 17 April 2010. Source: W-4SCTMVW-31&_cdi=6581&_user=907278&_pii=S0363811108000349&_orig=search&_coverDate=06%2F30%2F 2008&_sk=999659997&view=c&wchp=dGLbVzWzSkzS&md5=0b7ef598654334a673b7cf0f68f02ab3&ie=/sdarticle.pdf Dix S, Phau I & Pougnet S, 2009, Bend it like Beckham the Influence of Sports Celebrities on Young Adult Consumers, Access on 17 April 2010. Source: icle&Filename=html/Output/Published/EmeraldFullTextArticle/Pdf/3210110103.pdf Jones S.C, Phillipson L & Lynch M, 2006, Alcohol and Sport: Can We Have One Without The Other, Access on 17 April 2010. Source:

Artifacts through advertising (assessment 3)  

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