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communication & social relations comm2411 task 3


henry rodriguez / nelson wu / saltes chan / soli cartier / chris eimeamkamol

Artefact 1 henry rodriguez

New-Post Pillars The Melbourne News-Post Pillars are found along the corner streets that are along Swanston Street. They are tall hollow pillars that provide an advertising area for the public to view. The Pillar carries a vast number of Poster advertisements that range from Band/Gig Posters, Events and Happenings around Melbourne. It also provides for individuals to personally advertise and promote. There are about 17 of these pillars, holding layers upon layers of these posters, not only does it give the public information on events and news that is happening in and around Melbourne but it also provides an interesting and inspirational visual through its collage of posters. It is a simple form of communicating and advertising to the public. It acts as bulletin boards to help engage with the public in such a condensed canvas exposed to the very open public. Eco Innovators and the City of Melbourne have come together with the idea of sustainability in mind with the clever use of the News Stand Pillars. It gives the opportunity for selected people to open a showcase shop. Leyla Acaroglu, an RMIT University Student was given the opportunity to open up a pillar space on the corner of Little Collins and Swanston Street. She is hoping to enlighten and demonstrate innovative and environmentally responsible projects, while providing a retail space, which gives the opportunity for people to buy products, which, reduce environmental impacts. The shop space will feature local products, gifts and art that are eco-designed. This is a innovative way to provide the public knowledge in a visual sense. Showcasing Melbourne’s thoughtful and unique way in its approach to advertising. Not only is the New Stand Pillar a Pillar for Advertising, it has now become a separate sustainable project that makes aware of the idea of sustainability as well as promoting an environmentally sound Melbourne.

Melbourne has always been one of Australia’s most culturally diverse cities; it is diverse in fashion, lifestyle, food, music, and art to name a few. The art and music culture is very known throughout Melbourne. Various Band/Gig posters as well as Art/Gallery Events and showcases are advertised on these news stand pillars. Undoubtedly, the art scene within Melbourne is most recognisable from the traditional, contemporary art to the local street art. In the book, Lonely Planet Melbourne & Victoria City Guide (2008, pg.28) Donna states, that the Melbourne art scene is an energetic and intellectually rigorous one, with a flourishing community of artists, experimental exhibition spaces and events. Melbourne has an active network of university art museums and galleries, which often or not are publicly advertised on the newsstand pillars. The pillars play a huge role in advertising for these events. Again, not only do they showcase, advertise and promote these events, the collage of the posters give the street a interesting collage gallery of colours, type and imagery. This makes the pillars become an open canvas and a public street art gallery. From old newspaper booths to new steel-framed poster pillars, Melbourne has opted for newsstand pillars where similar pillars have been seen in cities such as Paris. It has ‘become one of the recognizable icons on our city’s streets. Built to last twenty-five to thirty years, this is a fine piece of design.’ (Contemporary Melbourne Architecture, Joe Rollo pg.100) ‘Seats, kiosks, benches, tree guards, flower containers, litter bins, drinking fountains, lighting etc are the minutiae, the details, that help determine the feel of a city’ quote by Joe Rollo in Contemporary Melbourne Architecture 1992. It is a product of the City of Melbourne’s Urban Design Department and has now become one of Melbourne’s iconic and recognizable pieces.;ID=kbmuvf3n1y081 Lonely Planet Melbourne & Victoria City Guide By Donna Wheeler (2008) Contemporary Melbourne Architecture, Joe Rollo pg.100

Artefact 2 nelson wu

Sign The function of sign is giving one or more than one information to the viewer. As a road sign, it gives the road users distance, direction or some warning to guild them what they need to notice. As a company sign, it draws the viewers or consumer attention or sometime imply the basic information of their business. As an campaign sign, it represents the meaning of the activity. So, we can determine the sign design are playing an important role on advertising purpose. To create a good design of a sign, there are some principles we must know. First, creative and original. It can be as creative as we want and there aren’t really any limits to what we can do. But it must be unique and special. So that it can be outstanding from the others and help people to recognize this is representing the business, the warning or the activity. If the sign is similar to one or more others design, it might confuse the viewers and bring to a bad situation, like accident, lose of potential customers, or even an international scandal. Second, right information. A sign can be seriously representing the whole of the organization or activity. If the information on it is wrong, it will mislead the viewers what is it behave of. Third, as simple as possible. As a sign must be easy to understand in a moment and can be widely understanding. It should be designed as less information as it can. Also, if a sign is designed too complicated or too “artistically�, the natural of a sign will lose. Finally, eye-catching. A sign should be easy to notice and draw the viewers in just a moment. Color and composition are the basic concept of eye-catching. A big color contrast or funny picture always make a deep impression to the viewers.

Some famous and successful sign design are always simple and easy to recognize. Like McDonald with a big color contrast of red background and only a yellow “M�; nike with only a tick, although the color of the tick is always changed, still, everybody know that this tick is the mark of nike. Beside, sometime a sign also is designed only with text, like Cocacola and Disneyland. Still, their font are also specially designed for their company and uniquely use with copyright protection. Since a sign is the most representative tools to the public, most of the owner are willing to pay a lot of money on the design. But it doesn’t mean more they pay on the sign will bring a better design and reflection. For example, the sign of 2010 London Olympic Games is costed four hundred thousand pound on the design. Then some people and professional designers claim that the design is terrible. According to a poll on BBC website, more than 80% of votes gave the sign the lowest possible rating. Advertising can persuade a viewer to purchase or take some action upon products, ideals, or services. The sign on an advertisement just like a signature of an author. It is a mark of the brand or activity to convince the viewers what the advertisement behave for.

Artefact 2 saltes chan

Rmit building 22 Advertising is a non-personal form of communication intended to persuade an audience (viewers, readers or listeners) to purchase or take some action upon products, ideas or services, It includes the name of a product or service and how that product or service could benefit the consumer, to persuade a target to purchase or to consume that particular brand. These brands are usually paid for identified through sponsors and viewed via various media. Advertising can also serve to communicate an idea to a mass amount of people in an attempt to convince the to take a certain action, such as encouraging, environmentally friendly. Commercial advertisers often seek to generate increased consumption of their products or services through branding, which involves the repetition of an image or product name in an effort to associate related qualities with the brand in the minds of consumers. Different types of media can be used to deliver these messages, including traditional media such as newspaper, magazines, television, radio, outdoor or direct mail: or new media such as website and text messages. Advertising may be placed by an advertising agency on behalf of a company or other organization. The advertising on RMIT building is a sort of large outdoor advertising, billboard. The advertising is huge that it covers a few level of that building and its position is good that the advertising is in the corner between Swanston Street and La Trobe Street, since that is a high traffic areas. Billboards present large, ostensibly witty slogans and distinctive visuals; billboards are highly visible in the top designated market areas. Bulletins are the largest, most impactful standard-size billboards. Located primarily on major

highways, expressways or principal arterials, they command high-density consumer exposure (mostly to vehicular traffic). Bulletins afford greatest visibility due not only to their size, but because they allow creative “customizing� through extensions and embellishments. Everyone can see that advertising clearly. The framework of the new level has been erected and the fabric hoarding is an ideal backdrop to promote RMIT University. The advertising promotion is placing on the wall of RMIT building 22. It is a billboard and Promoting RMIT University. Slogan are putting on the advertising and using two colors, it looks simple but clear. A slogan is a memorable phrase used in a political, commercial, religious and other context as a repetitive expression of an idea or purpose. The slogan is short, often memorable phrases used in advertising campaigns. They are claimed to be the most effective means of drawing attention to one or more aspects of a product. The design of an advertising is important that to appeal the target. Using red color is sharp enough and it represent RMIT University, and the message of the advertising are the most vital thing that what people can get in the advertising

Artefact 2 soli cartier

Psychology Before I describe psychology, I need to state that It would be silly of me to think I was qualified to talk about a subject that even professionals have trouble explaining, and sometimes don’t understand the things not yet known in this science or social realm. I only have my opinion to offer. I think, the individual makes the community and the community makes the city. People make the city, not the other way around, therefore you need to go the source and not what the source made if you want to understand the community. Hence, my interest in a topic like psychology that affects the individual directly. I know psychology is the study of emotion, thought and behaviour. So how we feel and what we think affects how we act, relate to other people and what we believe in (politically, morally, etc). Of course other factors like the individual’s or the community past experiences and present circumstances can also influence how they communicate. But as a result of those experiences, an individual feels and thinks in a certain way which then affects, positively or negatively, how they interact within a society. Generally, the thoughts and feelings an individual might have can be changed or be altered by outside factors. It’s this knowledge that the advertising industry takes advantage of. They know that if they can potentially control how someone might think they can also control how they might act, which would obviously benefit them as the people they are targeting might buy their product, support their agenda etc. It’s of greater chance that their brand will sell more or be remembered if their product has a psychological link to the customer’s mind.

To achieve this, advertisers use different methods to influence the public. But as I am someone who is part of the public I can’t say for sure what the methods are. Sure I can research them and tell you about it, there is plenty of information, but I think that in the case of advertising (similar to the government) there are many unknown methods only known to them, because if they were not, then people would know them and therefore wouldn’t be as effective. If there isn’t any secret methods, then I don’t know why they don’t. Further more, as I don’t study psychology, or advertising for that matter, I can’t give complete knowledge on these subjects. They will never be as accurate because, as I have said, I’m not an expert on them. It’s like as if I was asked to operate on a brain and was given only books and information of how to operate. I would never know how to make the surgery because I am not a surgeon. Maybe it’s for this reason that I should have not chosen psychology as an artefact. Instead I should have chosen something that I would have been more confident in talking about, but I only this realised this after the fact.

Artefact 2 chris e

Missing link records The home of Melbourne punk rock scene, the finest Missing Link records is probably one of the oldest independent records store in Melbourne, even in Australia. Missing link isn’t just a record store, but it is one of those place where people especially Melbourne rockers come and meet up, start and end their day in Melbourne city here at Missing link. This place is also the home of many Australian underground rock bands as it is one of a few place where band can book to play a show for free, sell their record and even record their tracks. Missing link is one of those ‘must go’ place / lane way that defines Melbourne really well. Similar with other record stores on this planet, Missing Link records is the main media outlet where both local and international bands/acts use as a place to advertise, sell, and promote their band. Advertising is the main factor for Missing Link’s survivability as it draws more people into the shop where they can find out about the advertisement they see in order for them to purchase or take some action upon products, ideals, or services of the record store. If we look back in the old days where television didn’t exist, clearly, Missing Link records store was the only place where the musicians and the performers in those days could communicated to the public in order to persuade people to buy or involve in their products or services such as records, merchandise, shows and their other social activities. This culture of band advertisement is still in use until today. Even though, the posters may look different, the style and genre of music may change due to the time and the shop’s interior may not look the same, but Missing Link Records store is still standing, and representing themselves and Melbourne’s underground rock scene to both Melburnian and the world.

The first thing that would draws an attention of the people who are walking pass the shop is their unique, radio-alike quality punk tune that is basting out from stair way of the store. These punk tunes are both old school or modern day punk records that the shop use to entertain their customers. Once you look at the shop’s front door, you will fine this mirror box, or the front box, this is where the store exhibits the band that is featured on that time. To enter into the store, you have to walk down the stair way corridor, and this is where people will see a huge amount of old and new posters, posted on the corridor wall. Once you get down to the store, the first thing everyone will notice is those stacks of magazine, placing on the store floor, which follow with a welcoming shop assistance wearing their favourite band T-shirt. All these elements and objects of Missing Link records store aren’t there because the store wanted them to be there, instead they are there because that is the nature of a record store, especially a punk record store, to help promoting and keeping the punk scene alive.

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Advertising by Henry, Nelson, Saltes, Soli, Chrise  

Task 3 - Comm2411

Advertising by Henry, Nelson, Saltes, Soli, Chrise  

Task 3 - Comm2411