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Common past - common future workshop The subject of the exchange concentrated on Youth activity within the matter of Slavic tradition which is common for two of our nations – Polish and Czech. Despite not big distance, young people don‘t know common history. During the exchange we had time for some workshops involving our creativity. Everything for discussing more about common experience. Throughout the project we tried to learn about our common roots, history, traditions, what makes us unique as representatives of one group of nations, as well as discuss the future. We wanted to discover how our nations have found themselves in united Europe.

1. Filip Matějka 2. Czech Republic, Písek 3. sport, reading books, theatre

1. Markéta Klihavcová 2. Czech Republic, Děčín 3. playing piano, jogging, reading books, theatre, movies

1. Tereza Smolíková 2. Czech Republic, Nový Bor 3. skauting, play the piano, jogging, singing, driving a car

1. Aneta Bendaková 2. Czech Republic, Děčín 3. drawing, photo, travelling, food, swimming, art, comic

1. Martina Cejpová 2. Czech Republic, Písek 3. sport, art, films, books, music, theatre, food

1. Marie Kohoutová 2. Czech Republic, Pilsen 3. sleeping, eating, walking, singing

1. Michaela Klihavcová 2. Czech Republic, Děčín 3. biking, music, drawing, reading books

1. Jan Pípal 2. Czech Republic, Liberec 3. skauting, cycling, skiing, hiking

1. Lukáš Malák 2. Czech Republic, Ricany u Prahy 3. graphic design, web, photo, films, food, music, drawing

1. Name, 2. Country, 3. Hobbys

1. Magdalena Ochmińska 2. Poland, Lublin 3. swimming, drawing

1. Monika Lis 2. Poland, Świdnik 3. germany, volleyball

1. Bartek Janek 2. Poland, Lublin 3. music

1. Damian Samoszuk 2. Poland, Lublin 3. volleyball, basketball, music

1. Damian Sokół 2. Poland, Lublin 3. volleyball, football, video, music

1. Dominik Selwa 2. Poland, Lublin 3. tennis, playing the guitar

1. Krzysztof Pomorski 2. Poland, Iżyce 3. football, volleyball, handball

1. Paweł Talarowski 2. Poland, Lublin 3. girls, sport, anime, manga

1. Iwona Kosior 2. Poland, Lubartów 3. music, old polish movies, singing, coffee

Common Past and Common Future  

Zine made during a jam in Nasutow, Poland, September 2013.

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