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Editor’s letter Dear Valued Reader, Hopefully you’ve been enjoying your summer so far! We have an exciting new newsletter for you, with the launch of our magazine Comin’Up Magazine. We’ll be highlighting new Artist/Entertainers who are making positive moves in the entertainment industry. This month’s edition will spotlight the talents of unsigned artist looking for exposure, as well as successful indie singers, actors, song, writers, movie producers, and small business owners. And all of those with positive ambitions looking to take their talents to the next levels. “We are here to help!” In this issue, you’ll also have a chance to view classified ads, new artist contact info (to be used to submit job request (wink, wink) or buy CD’S, DVD’s, etc...) I would also like to welcome the nearly 150 new members who have joined the CUONTV Network since October 2007. We’re excited about this growth, and the furure of television. Together we can build an indepentdent Network where everyone is a Star. The more members who join, the stronger our network will be. For more info and to register visit or call 213-909-6291. We air three of your videos on local cable TV (not public access), we’ll run one free ad for once a month in our publication (print & online), and you’ll get one media pass from our company with your name on it. So spread the word and GOD willing we’ll C U on TV! Sincerely, Camille Young, Executive Director



The Rise of Independent Music Many unsigned artist sell their music-related merchandise without the financial support of a record label, while often seeking a recording contract through the recording of demos. Please Support Indie Artist!

Born Vincent Corey Walker on the Westside of Chicago and raised on the Southside. Vince’s star has always shinned... Being the oldest of five children he had no choice but to be the leader. When Vince went to highschool, new doors opened for him and he really started to develop his talents. Singing wasn’t enough for him he learned to write songs and play piano by ear. His career didn’t really take off until he met Robert Kelly, Shawnth Brooks, and Marc MC Williams and formed a group called R. Kelly & MGM (Mentally Gifted Men). From there they went on to perform and sing in talent shows. Showtime at The Appollo, BRE Music Conference, The New Regal Talent Show, and Fox Televison’s Big Break hosted by Natalie Cole. Winning every event, the ride soon came to an end when the group broke up and went separate ways. Since then Vince has toured opening up for artist like Brian Mc Knight, Yolanda Adams, Avant and sang background for Atlantic Records R&B group Intro, Howard Hewett, and from the group Silk Gary Jenkins. Also he was first runner up for Chicago radio station 107.5 WGCI contest CHICAGO IDOL. Acting has also played a role in Vince’s career when he played the lead role in a stage play The Sultry Men of Soul. And he played a role in an independent movie My Phamily BBQ (Maverick Entertainment) 2003, on video at Blockbuster and Hollywood Video. As a Solo artist Vince has released three albums on the internet via and Apple iTunes, A Due, Paid In Full (, Crabs Out The Barrel (, and Scorpion King ( Since relocating to California, Vince has subbed for bands West Cost Music, The Adam Ejaye, Jackson Band, and Soulicious Band. Motivated and hungry Vince is determined to kidnap and hold success hostage for eternity.

Vince performing at Cozy’s in Sherman Oaks

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The Microphone Queen Is In

The Building

Melody Fox Mother Poet Educator Song writer Lyricist Minister Publisher Entrepreneur Recognized by many names, respected by many, a positive Sister with her eye on the prize. She’s an amazing talent bursting with energy.

Visit Melody Fox online

Featured Unsigned Artist Jackson is Music. And Jackson's music is a pure and self reflection representing life.

Freddy M. Jackson

“No matter what you love, love it well. Don’t wait until someone or something’s gone, and than show up with flowers. And if you ain’t loving life, you ain’t doing it right.... And LAUGH man! Have some fun.”


New Faces

on the Scene

“Jackson is music”

Song writer Producer Model Performer Hip-Hop and R&B artist Jackson is one of the hottest in any area. Jackson generates a great inspirational energy and excitement. From the club to the back yard cookout, and even church, Jackson is music. Jackson is life. He is a dynamic one man band, but always ready and willing to collaborate, rock and possibly merge with other bands. Instrumentation includes MPC’s, workstations and phantoms, dazzled with smooth seductive sounds and grooves from the libraries of pianos, guitars and other different instrumentation. Hip hop, Rap, Rock, R&B, Funk, Reggeaton, Top 40, Soul, including promo music and music for sountracks -- Jackson does it all! You can purchase Jackson’s music, book him for a show/performance/event. Or you can simply view, listen, and stay updated on all events pertaining to Jackson. He may be in/or coming to your city next!!!

Robert Saenz

Los Angeles, Las Vegas, California United States “Between the years 2000 to 2002 I began writing and recording a series of cassette taped demos which I affectionately refer to as, The Blank Obsession. During the first years of my self taught music production home schooling, I used 1 keyboard, 1 microphone, a single 4-track cassette recorder and many cassette tapes.�

Daphne Young

Unearthed Beauty Everyone knows that a room changes when a beautiful woman walks into it. And finding one who hasn’t already been discovered by one of those agencies is not tough. “I found a lot of beautiful women, who turn heads, have extreme confidence, have been photographed before, and have modeling potential by simply walking down the streets of Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and basically every US city. I’m tired of seeing the same faces.”

Introducing: Daphne Young Age: 45 (But looks 30) Profession: Radio Announcer/Producer Experience: Radio & TV Credits upon request Interest: Playing & watching tennis For business inquiries Only visit

Artist Classifieds

Young actor Gender: Male Height: 5�10 Weight:160lbs Ethinticity: African-American Seeking: Availiable for acting work Contact at:

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Wanted OLD CARS $100-$500 Cash on the spot Call George (213) 219-9868

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