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Top row: Filmmakers John Lasseter and Hayao Miyazaki; Drawn and Quarterly publisher Chris Oliveros and writer/artist Seth. Middle row: Barry Short, who worked on Comic-Con for many years and was a part of the Russ Manning Most Promising Newcomer Awards committee; Mike Towry, a Comic-Con pioneer; writer/artist Mike Allred. Bottom row: Comics writer/ editor Nicola Cuti; filmmaker Terry Gilliam. Other 2009 Recipients: LaFrance Bragg Stan Freberg John Kricfalusi Dwayne McDuffie Patrick Oliphant Ram贸n Valdiosera Berman Bob Wayne Phil Yeh

Comic-Con Magazine - Fall 2009  

Comic-Con Magazine - Fall 2009. The Fall 2009 ONLINE-ONLY edition of Comic-Con Magazine, your source for information on the comics and pop-...

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