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Comfy's NEW cloud gaming solution, powered by massive online campaign!

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The offering Free-to-play with Virtual gamepad for 7 days Click here or below screenshot to try

Go to retail

Buy real Gamepad & prepaid cards at retail

Two parallel product lines ! current

Bundle with 1 CD game, USB cord, PC & Mac only compatibility

2012 addition

Lower retail price with one week free subscription, wireless USB, multi device compatibility

The need The Toddler – desperately wants to be able to play “screen based” games with an interface he can control.

The Mom - wants to keep the child occupied, preferably with something with educational added value.

Multi-platform “Tri-vertising*� campaign *Trial based advertising

PC Preloaded/Online Social media

Connected TV/OTT

Game portals

Touch based Apps



Prepaid game cards


Thank you!

Comfy's NEW cloud gaming solution