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About Comfy™ Comfy™ educational interactive game consoles encourage kids to learn through play as they interact with lovable characters in a multimedia world of adventures created just for them. Comfy‟s vision is to Bring multi senses, skill building tools to the world of toddler learning while creating parent and child bonding. At Comfy™ we believe in challenging a child‟s natural-born curiosity to fulfilling his utmost potential, enabling him to develop new learning skills and self-confidence through fun play. All Comfy's product line is 'adult like' educational e-learning toys. Learn more about Comfy in this link. See images and descriptions in this link and for online version of the catalog click here

iCam - Kid's first learning in motion educational game console: The iCam game console offers your child a fun learning in motion experience. With 10 active learning games your child can play and learn: Numbers, Spelling, Nature, Recycling, and much more. The iCam is specially designed for children between the ages 4-8. The iCam comes with two “magic wand” controllers, a steering wheel, a specially designed web-cam and our “Move and Groove” CD containing 10 learning in motion games. The game has three difficulty levels enabling the child to progress at his own pace while coping with gradually increasing challenges. As the level of difficulty increases, so does the demand for perseverance, coordination, timing, and thinking increase in relation to the events that occur on the screen. The iCam is the first learning in motion educational game console. The iCam was launched on to the worldwide market at the GamesCom show in Cologne in August 2010 and was an immediate success. The iCam is perceived as the "toyish" version of the Xbok Kinect. It is designated for the 4-8 years old age group and is truly fun and educational as expected from all of Comfy's products. The pricing is also very attractive since the customer acquires a full working game console, including: 2 controllers, steering wheel, web cam and CD with 10 games. And all this for the price of a single Wii/PlayStation/Kinect game! Features: ● Specially designed controllers for active learning. ● Learn spelling, nature and math while moving and having fun! ● Multi level activitiesprogress at your own pace. ● 10 educational and fun activities. Movie: click here and here Images: click here and here Shop: click here

Easy PC learning system - Toddler's first keyboard: The EASY PC is an educational and entertaining system which opens up a whole new world of fun and interactive adventures! Specially designed software offers multiple levels of developmental learning that grow with your children, enabling them to have fun and discover new and challenging skills at their own pace. Developmental Benefits: ● Cognitive skills ● Motor skills ● Social skills ● Emotional skills ● Language skills ● Multi-lingual skills Movie: click here and here Play online: Click here Images: Click here and here Shop for keyboard: click here Shop for software titles: click here Parent testimonials: Click here Comfy Characters: Click here Screen shots: click here Apple MAC compatible version: click here Language availability: click here

Plug N’ Play Phone - Toddler’s first phone The Plug „n Play Phone is a fun, innovative, interactive product based on sound recognition technology. Specially designed for pre-school children, the Plug „n Play phone offers entertaining content that develops a child‟s imagination, listening and conversational skills. By speaking directly into the handset, children actually interact with on-screen characters and influence what takes place on the screen. The charming Comfyland characters respond and react to your child‟s voice, drawing him into the adventure! Features:  Interactive voice recognition  On-screen characters react to your child‟s voice  36 educational & fun activities  3 levels of fun that grow with your child Movie: click here and here Images: click here and here Shop: click here

iMote - child's first TV remote: Easy set-up, soft buttons and durability make the iMote both kid-friendly and parent-friendly. Select and program 5 safe TV channels you want your child to be able to watch, and all others will automatically be blocked. More than 100 colorful stickers including the logos of popular TV channels make it easy to customize the iMote for your child. Kids can only turn on the TV channels that you‟ve already approved, so that they can watch their favorite shows without help from you… fostering independence and confidence. The iMote will be a family‟s best friend! Features: ● Easy to program your child‟s favorite channels ● You select 5 safe TV channels – all others are blocked ● Independence for kids, peace of mind for parents ● Includes 100+ TV channel logo stickers to choose from Movie: click here and here Images: click here and here Shop: click here

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