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Building the Comfy products category;

7 key success factors 1. Initiate extensive PR exposure with specialized agency 2. Use social network activity as consumer trend accelerator 3. Promote product demonstrations 4. Explore collaboration with children channels including advertising & rev share based DRTV

5. Partnerships with strong strategic relevant players 6. Grassroots marketing in kids oriented locations

7. Address variety of retail sectors with relevant value propositions

1. PR exposure Specialize PR agency who will promote the following initiatives 1.

Launch events (watch example)


Celebrity parents PR activity (watch example)


Cooperation with major parent magazines & online sites (see example) and consumer TV programs (watch sample)


Find different points of media interests such as; 1. 2. 3. 4.

Parenting in the 21st century Educational game playing vs. passive TV watching Toddlers and Computers E-learning advantages

2. Social networks activity 1.

Create a comfy local Facebook fan page (assistance will be given from Comfy stuff)


Promote the fan page using; sweepstakes, competitions & exclusive deals for the fans: 1.


Best or most “likes” Comfy picture/Video wins a free product. Tie up with major relevant brands that have an active fan page such as; Avant, Similac, Haggis, Pampers, Babies/toys R’ US etc. for joint promotions.


Tie up with major online vertical portals for mummies and parents with social presence to create presence and awareness.


Use Comfy's YouTube channel for products movies

3. Demonstrations Product demonstration with various vehicles: • • • •

Basic PC/laptop demo Comfy compact demo stand Comfy Car Comfy Column

Comfy stand

Product demonstration in various locations: Comfy Car

• • • •

Digital demo in comfy website (watch example) Large retail outlets in weekends Shopping malls (watch example) Baby & general Consumer shows Comfy Column

Consumer shows

iCam demonstration (Watch example)

4. Direct sale (DRTV) collaboration • Focus media buying around toddlers shows in children channels (watched also by moms!) • Children's channels are very price flexible with non-Q4 advertisement - we offer all year around developmental product.

• Off season revenue share based DRTV partnerships with dedicated children’s channels

5. Partnerships with strategic relevant players* •

Hardware manufacturers • •

Baby & toddlers megabrands •

Baby food, dippers, baby care product categories etc.

Family oriented gift market •

PC & laptop manufacturer & distributors (HP, Dell etc) HTPC (streamers) manufacturer & distributors (Xtreamer etc.)

parenting magazine subscriptions gifts Unions family gifts, children bank savings

Children media operators • • •

Mom & baby magazines Family TV channels in Cable/satellite TV operators General & game portals - new toddler section

* Some partnership are relevant for current comfy offering and some apply to Comfy's 2012 product assortment

6. Grassroots marketing - meet mom & kid directly in their leisure time! Product presence in kids oriented locations such as: • • • •

Family entertainment centers Day care centers/Kindergartens Children's museums municipality Civil centers

• Comfy have a comprehensive product line geared to the entertainment market.

• On top of promoting the retail product line and brand, it can be additional revenue source for distributor

7. Product value proposition by retail sector Retail sector

Unique value proposition


Gaming solutions that fits the retailers target age group and helps keeping parent spending in the toy retail and away from CE, general or dedicated gaming retailers.

Consumer Electronics

Hardware accessory for PC, streamers & online TV’s. Easy to demonstrate with existing PC display, provide a family solution within the shop.

Video Games

Providing their core demography(young parents) gaming solution for their children's - “toyish” educational version of a game console.


Provide their customers base with additional product category – interactive, educational entertainment (on top of their DVD offering).


New & innovative product category that can be demonstrate online.

Day care centers & Kindergartens

Additional learning tool that is attractive for the toddlers and provide a innovative positioning to the kindergarten

7.1 Comfy Vs. perceived toy competition Parameter Graphics & interactivity

Powered by customer home PC /Laptop/streamer – unlimited performance

Powered by proprietary processor limited performance & screen size

Content configuration

CD ROM (current), browser & Apps (coming soon)

Cartridges & apps

Hardware compatibility

Smart TV, streamers, PC, MAC & tablets

Simple TV, Hand held proprietary devices

Retail potential sectors/ departments

Video games, CE, Baby & toys

Baby & toys

A critical mass of marketing activities will built a profitable, long lasting and unique product category



DRTV Various retail sectors

Grassroots marketing

PR Social networks

Let’s go!

Appendix 1 - useful links • • • • •

Company Web site: Comfy social presence: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin Online catalog: click here Point of sale catalog: click here and here iCam • TV ad: click here and here • Images: click here and here • Demo: click here • Parent guide: click here and here Easy PC learning system • TV ad: click here and here • Play online: Click here • Images: click here and here • Software titles: click here and here • Parent testimonials: Click here • Comfy Characters: Click here and here • Screen shots: click here • Language availability: click here and here • Parent guide: click here and here Plug N’ Play Phone • Movie: click here and here • Images: click here and here • Parent guide: click here and here iMote • TV ad: click here and here • Set up instructions: movie - click here, manual – click here • Images: click here and here The Comfyland Experience: • Movie: click here • Catalog: click here • Facebook page: click here • Installations images: click here and here • Activity catalog: click here

Building the Comfy product category; 7 key success factors  

Building the Comfy product category; 7 key success factors

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