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Education, Training and Employment Rainbows Day Nursery Lifeskills English Course Deen Summer Academy Apprenticeship Programme Community Work Programme Money Workshop Organisational Development Training

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Community Reassurance and Wellbeing Community Warden Scheme Awareness Seminars Pride in our Neighbourhood Campaign Community Question Time Canal Adoption Scheme

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Welcome from Chairman & Chief Executive With a number of new projects being introduced into our core services since our last report, it has been yet another busy year for us here at Community Foundation. Staff and volunteers have demonstrated real innovation and dedication in designing and putting these new projects together. We have also revamped our website making it easy for visitors to see at a glance our key projects, and access further info from the home page. We are pleased to present this year’s report to our members, volunteers and partners, detailing the work carried out by the organisation. In this year’s annual report we want to highlight four new major projects that have been started, which have now become integral to the organisation. Community Work Programme is the first of these projects; we secured a contract with Seetec to support people who have been out of work for a long period. We also created a number of new projects to provide a meaningful placement for these individuals who were with us for 21 hours per week for 6 months. The projects included the Community Wardens programme and the Handy Person Scheme. Those with office work skills or experience in early years were given opportunity to further develop their admin/nursery skills. This year we managed to support over 400 people with a work placement. Our next major project for the year was the Community Economic Development (CED) programme. We were one of the 50 organisations nationally selected by the Department of Communities and Local Government to lead a pilot project in supporting local people and service providers. We were made to look at alternative ways of reshaping their economies for the benefit of local communities through the creation of a community economic development plan for the area. We also established our Rainbow Day Nursery, a not-for-profit fulltime early years provision for children aged 2-4 years old. We received our OFSTED registration in August 2015 and had our very first opening in September 2015. Since September, we have enrolled over 30 infant children providing them with free full-time nursery places. The nursery has been well attended and feedback from parents is very positive. Youth Connections, another project which was initially launched previously, really took off in 2015. Youth Connections is a platform for young people to work together with other young people from across Europe and surrounding countries to discuss issues of common interest, share experiences and learn from each other and come up with thoughts and ideas to better respond to them. We organised two international youth exchanges with young people participating from across UK and took part in international training programme with a number of other European countries.

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We are very proud to maintain our tradition of adding new projects and services to our existing ones year on year to better respond to the needs of the community. We would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank our generous funders and partners for their support this year. Finally, we would like to thank our staff, trainees, our excellent volunteers and the trustees, without whom none of our set targets could have been achieved. For this reason, we are truly grateful to have the pleasure of working with such a diverse range of individuals who all share one thing in common; their commitment to our aspiration to support the community to help themselves.

Bashir Ahmed MBE Chairman

Nozmul Hussain Chief Executive

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Our Staff & Volunteers

Community Foundation has a unique staffing arrangement. Most of our admin and project staff consists of people who have been out of work for a long time or have not been able to secure a job due to limited experience of work. Through various funding streams we are able to offer short term 6 months to 12 months work opportunity to those that meet the eligibility criteria. We support all our staff with monthly development training to enhance their confidence, skills and knowledge to better undertake their job roles. Our staff come from diverse backgrounds and there is a real mixture of ethnicity, age, ability and gender. People on work placement go through an intensive on the job training to quickly learn essential work skills to successful carry out their tasks. Quality time is given by the Chief Executive on a 1-1 basis regularly to all staff to support and motivate them to lead and deliver their projects successfully. We seek to instill a sense of ownership and ‘can do’ attitude in our staff and giving them the platform and encouragement for them to reach their full potential. This approach has received a lot of positive feedback from all the past and present staff who go on to do new and varied work, which without the opportunity at Community Foundation they would not have realised. Community Foundation’s volunteers are major contributors to our projects and services, without whom we would struggle to carry out the range of services we provide. This year, great strides were made to optimise the recruitment processes and volunteer development programme to better match their interest with our projects. As part of this process, a new volunteer agreement has been introduced that outlines the expectations we have of our volunteers and what they can expect from us in return. Our volunteers have helped us in numerous events and projects throughout this year. These include the Community Inspiration Awards, Pride in our Neighborhood Campaigns, Community Wardens Scheme and our summer scheme, to name a few. As in previous years we also have offered work experience opportunities to school children. This year we have had students from Holte School, George Dixon Academy, Washwood Heath Academy and Holly Lodge Foundation High School College of Science. We also had one trainee who was on the traineeship programme with Protocol Group.

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About Community Foundation OUR MISSION Community Foundation’s mission is to improve the quality of life of hard to reach and marginalised communities living in areas of multiple deprivations. We do this by setting up creating new projects to develop communities to help themselves. The concept of helping others to help themselves is an ancient notion; our core philosophy is based on an old Chinese proverb: ‘Give a person a fish and they will eat for a day. Teach them how to fish and they will eat for a lifetime.’

OUR WORK STREAMS  Develop projects and services to address underlining issues of social exclusion, crime, homelessness, health OUR VALUES inequality, unemployment and educational under achievement. Community management, staff and volunteers arecommunities. all united by a common set of values.  Encourage civicFoundation participation and engagement of marginalised  Build capacity of individuals and organisations to help them improve themselves, their organisation and their community.

OUR VALUES  Community Outreach: We engage with our communities, meaning we do not work in isolation. We practice our problem-solving abilities, share our knowledge, and give our time and resources to make concrete, positive contributions to our communities.  Empowerment: Choose to empower while resourceful. Instead of simply providing resources, our work focuses on developing an individual’s capacity and confidence.  Cooperation & Partnership: We value the opportunity to work together with a common purpose so that we can work towards a common goal. We recognize and value the strengths and expertise of others and seek to work with a diverse range of people to improve quality of life for everyone in the community.  Achievement: We value and recognise that when people accomplish something, they have set out to do so through their skills, practice, perseverance or exertion. We value making a tangible difference to our community whilst ensuring that we complete what we set out to do.  Creativity: We value dreaming of what is possible. We look for innovative and different ways to do our ----------------------------------------------------------work more efficiently whilst valuing imagination, and fun in serving our community. Pageexperimentation 6 of 36

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Education Training & Employment

       

Rainbow Day Nursery Coffee Mornings Life Skills English Programme Deen Academy Apprenticeship Programme Community Work Programme Money Workshops Organisation Development

Youth & Community Services

 Community Inspiration Awards  Youth Connections  Youth Service  Community Services  Community Economic Development Programme

Community Reassurance & Wellbeing

 Community Wardens Scheme  Pride in our Neighbourhood Campaign  Community Question Time  Canal Adoption Scheme  Community Awareness Workshops ----------------------------------------------------------Page 8 of 36

Education, Training and Employment Rainbow Day Nursery Rainbow Day Nursery, which has been running successfully since September 2015, aims to provide a friendly, clean, comfortable and safe environment which children will find stimulating and challenging, and where enjoyment and fun are linked with discovery and learning. We are the only registered nursery offering 30 hours fulltime places for 2-4 year old, irrespective whether or not parents qualify for government funding for 15 hours. Our bespoke teaching plans is what makes us unique as a nursery and we have been developing new themes and activities which meet EYFS guidelines to instill in our children from an early age such as basic moral values and importance of protecting our environment. They also learn about different communities and cultures to foster better cohesion and respect for each other from a tender age. Our preschool children are also taught French to improve their language and communications skills. Our first parents’ evening was held in December where parents were given the opportunity to discuss their child’s progress. All our staff worked very hard to complete the reports and also update the children’s learning journals for the parents to have a look at. They were very pleased with the hard work that staff put in to support their children in their learning and a lot of positive feedback was given.

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Education, Training and Employment Coffee Mornings Community Foundation started a Tea & Coffee Morning, every Tuesday and Thursday from 9.30 – 10.30am. We were supporting Macmillan Cancer Trust to raise money for the ‘World’s Biggest Coffee Morning’.

Life Skills English Class Community Foundation has been successfully running the womenonly Life skills English Class since 2014. We’ve just completed another cohort of 15 students who attended the four days a week classes from 12 Nov 2015 - April 2016. Participants gained invaluable confidence building skills to allow them to talk and understand basic every day conversation when out shopping, visiting their GP or just simply conversing with their neighbours. We hope to seek out a lot more potential participants in the coming years.

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“I now have confidence to speak to others. I enjoy going to the park and talking to other parents in English.”

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Education, Training and Employment Deen Summer Academy Community Foundation this year piloted a new programme to offering after school session, tuition as well as Scouts for boys and girls from ages 5 years - 16 years old. 25 children took part this year in the summer academy. A range of activities were organised for children to learn everyday skills and become model citizens through fun and games.

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Education, Training and Employment Apprenticeship Programme Seven years ago we set up our very own apprenticeship programme for local young people to partake in different courses and it has been running successfully ever since. Every year we undertake a special recruitment drive to offer various apprenticeships to young people in the neighbourhood. Protocol Group is a registered training provider who we have been in partnership with for a number of years and together we offered three “I had the opportunity of a lifetime; the amazing working atmosphere at Community apprenticeship opportunities in Business Foundation really made my experience here a Administration NVQ level 3. We also offered pleasant one!” Early Years NVQ level 3 through Learn Direct. Ferdousy Haque

Through our programme, the apprentices successfully attained essential practical skills in their chosen career as they completed each module. They managed to develop their self-confidence and key presentation skills through their day to day work as an apprentice. The work environment allowed them to experience working as an actual member of staff and by having set tasks and deadlines, they learnt to meet the expectations employers would have of an employee and prepare them for the real world of work.

“If it wasn’t for Community Foundation, I would never have developed my skills. This organisation has helped me unlock my potential and I’m still developing and learning new skills all the time.” Sonya Ahmed

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Education, Training and Employment Community Work Programme Community Foundation has provided employment and training to over 400 long term unemployed people via the Community Work Programme (CWP). We have provided an array of support and training along with real work opportunities for long term unemployed individuals over a 26 week period - 4 days a “Coming to this programme really week. We gave the participants an opportunity to gain helped get my life order. in “I had the me opportunity to back gain in experience experience in a number of work areas based on their working with others from all types of ethnic Waking up in the morning and previous experience and interests. The positions we andlooking social backgrounds. I alsosomething learnt how to forward to doing offered varied from administration, nursery work, help one another with ideas and different each day.” leadership skills.” Community Wardens, and the Handyperson Scheme. Clare Goodwall Angela Joseph

“I learnt how to mix with different people and work in different localities. I enjoyed having a variation in the duties we had to perform as it kept me engaged at all times.” Trevor Berkshire

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Education, Training and Employment Money Workshop We partnered with the Money Charity to run a series of free workshop for local people on money management. The programme ran between May 2016 – Nov 2016. The workshop included the following:     

Plan your finances to enable you to stay on top of your money now and to help you achieve your goals for the future. Structure saving methods to ensure financial backing and to prevent financial blips turning into a personal recession. Take action to deal with repaying credit. Choose financial products wisely and use them to enhance your financial well-being. Keep on top of what’s happening with your earnings, liquid cash and bank accounts.

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Education, Training & Employment Organisation Development Training Community Foundation in partnership with Phoenix Training organized a series of level 2 certified courses in Health and Safety, Food Hygiene and Paediatric First Aid. In addition we also organized a series of training for organisations covering setting up a charity, charity regulations, role of trustee, safeguarding and child protection.

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Youth and Community Services Community Inspiration Awards The finalist and winners of this year’s Community Inspiration Awards were announced at our 6th award ceremony which was held on 28th July 2016. The Community Inspiration Award is a unique initiative of the Community Foundation to recognise outstanding contribution made by public sector organisations, charities, businesses and members of the community. Our judges’ shortlisted 80 nominees from the hundreds of high calibre nominations received this year from the West Midlands and surrounding areas. Awards were presented to 28 finalists and 20 winners by a host of MPs, and chief officers from public sector bodies

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Details of the awards and finalist and winner for each award were as follows: PUBLIC SERVICES CATEGORY 1. Community Reassurance Award Award Presenter: David Jamieson | West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner WINNER: SGT RICHARD JACQUES | WEST MIDLANDS POLICE 2. Public Services Award Award Presenter: Cllr Peter Wiseman | Chairmen, Standards Committee Birmingham City Council WINNER: NICCI COLLINS | BIRMINGHAM CITY COUNCIL 3. Fire Fighter Award Award Presenter: Simon Shilton | Area Commander, West Midlands Fire Service WINNER: BLOXWICH BLUE WATCH | WEST MIDLANDS FIRE SERVICE 4. Health & Well Being Award Award Presenter: Richard Samuda | Chairman, Sandwell & West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust WINNER: MR RAJASH MEHTA | NHS BIRMINGHAM CROSSCITY CCG 5. Education Services Award Award Presenter: Mike Hopkins | Principal South & City College Birmingham WINNER: COLIN WARD | WEST MIDLANDS FIRE SERVICE 6. Media Award Award Presenter: Cllr Judy Foster | Deputy Leader Dudley Council WINNER: GEORGE DAY (CHICKEN GEORGE) | GENESIS RADIO 7. Business & Enterprise Award Award Presenter: Neena Gill MEP | Member of European Parliament WINNER: IQBAL CATERERS 8. Community Organisation Award Award Presenter: Cllr Joy Squires | Deputy Leader Worcester City Council WINNER: AMIRAH FOUNDATION ----------------------------------------------------------Page 19 of 36

COMMUNITY CATEGORY 1. Lifetime Achievement Award Award Presenter: Phil Bennion | Chairman British Group Liberal International WINNER: ANN GALLAGHER 2. Duty to the Community Award Award Presenter: Khalid Mahmood MP | Member of Parliament WINNER: TARIQ JAHAN | TARIQ JAHAN FOUNDATION 3. Bringing People Together Award Award Presenter: Carl Foulkes | Assistant Chief Constable, West Midlands Police WINNER: PC MOHAMMAD NAJIB | WEST MIDLANDS POLICE 4. Environmental Champion Award Award Presenter: Cllr Lisa Trickett | Cabinet Member Birmingham City Council WINNER: WITTON LODGE COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION 5. Sports Award Award Presenter: Cllr Waseem Zaffar | Cabinet Member Birmingham City Council WINNER: MOHAMMED MAHMOOD ALI 6. Volunteer Award Award Presenter: Angela Probert | Birmingham City Council Strategic Director WINNER: ADAM ASTON-MOSS 7. Education Achievement Award Award Presenter: Julia King | The Baroness Brown of Cambridge GCSE (JOINT WINNERS): Genielle Alliyah Dearne & Hussna Rani Khan A Level (WINNER): Adil Islam Degree (WINNER): Elizabeth Buckley Education Achievement Award (WINNER): Sarah Gilbert 8. Good Neighbour Award Award Presenter: Syed Ahmed Maroof | Pakistan Consulate General WINNER: AS SUFFA OUTREACH PROJECT ----------------------------------------------------------Page 20 of 36

Youth and Community Services Youth Connections – International Exchange Youth Connections was set up as a platform for young people in the UK to work together with other young people from across Europe and surrounding countries to discuss issues of common interest, share experiences and learn from each other and come up with thoughts and ideas to better respond to them. Youth Connections is open to young people between the ages of 18 -30 years old, and are UK citizens and hold a valid passport. Costs for travel outside UK will be reimbursed. Free accommodation, activities and food is included in all programmes outside UK . This year young people from the UK took part in international exchanges to Bulgaria and Bosnia.

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Youth and Community Services Youth Service: Annual Residential With the support of SACH, we were once again able to take a group of children to the Peak District. 20 lucky young children from all over Birmingham were selected to take part in the week long residential. There were cross country walks across the picturesque valleys of Dovedale and marksmanship skills were tested in archery and rifle shooting activities. Confidence boosters were gained through rock-climbing, abseiling and night walks. They also mastered fine balancing skills on dry slopes and gained upper arm strength on the Bell boat. There were several outdoor activities which the kids participated in along with various workshops which were set up, including one by staff from Motor Point which the kids really enjoyed. We are looking forward to taking another group of children next year.

“I really enjoyed the trip, the activities were great and it really expanded my perspective on life.” Amina, 13

“What an awesome trip! We had so much fun and got so much support with all the games.” Zaiyan, 11

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Youth and Community Services Youth Service: Summer Scheme We organised a variety of different activities in the summer as part of our summer scheme. The children who joined took part in various social, educational and recreational activities during this scheme. A range of activities was organised for boys and girls aged from 7-16 years from Monday to Friday.

Activities included      

Day trips Residential BBQ Cooking Skills Skills & Talent workshops Indoor & outdoor sports fun games  Nature Scavenger Hunts

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Youth and Community Services Youth Service: Narrow Boat Residential Holiday in Staffordshire With the support of the Canal and River Trust, we took a group of youngsters from the Midlands for a three day residential on a narrow boat. They had the opportunity to learn about the rich history of the canals, open and close locks as well as steer the boat through the winding canals along the 21 locks route through Staffordshire.

Community Event - Blackpool Pleasure Beach Day Trip In August, a day trip to Blackpool Pleasure Beach was organised where we had children from around the Midlands as well as their parents coming along to join the us. A fun-packed day for everyone and the weather definitely played its part too, with temperature around 28 degrees.

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Youth and Community Services

Community Service - Traditional Bengali Boat Race (Nowka-Bais) Community Foundation organised a team for this year’s Nowka Bais in Edgbaston Reservoir in August. The Nowka Bais is a traditional Bengali Boat race with teams from all over the country taking part. Our multi faith, multi ethnic team was sponsored by the Canal and River Trust. We had a 15 man crew, one person being the helmsman and one providing the drumming, the Remaining 13 paddled the boat- furiously. This was a great opportunity for everyone to show off their sportsmanship and take part in a unique cultural event. Even though we didn’t win, we came second from last, it was a great day out, and a great workout too!

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Youth and Community Services Community Economic Development Programme Community Foundation proposal for the Community Economic Development (CED) programme for the East Handsworth area was selected as one of the 50 other areas selected in England. This was a new DCLG initiative designed to encourage local communities to look at how service providers, local organisations, and businesses can work together to put together an economic development plan which will assist in shaping and strengthening the local economy for the benefit of local communities. The idea behind our programme was to develop a bespoke plan which will identify practical opportunities to develop the local economy and boost engagement so the community are actively shaping the economic future of the local area. We held a number of workshops and carried out community consultations looking into the local context, identifying its assets, exploring how local spend can stay in the local area, and using Theory of Change models to test and identify priorities, before exploring the viability of some ideas. The economic development plan was put together by a group of local organisations led by Community Foundation. This is a two year plan which will be overseen by the CED Steering Group and reviewed periodically to ensure the plan is appropriate to the circumstance and need for the area. Community Economic Development (CED) describes a process of economic development within a specific geographic area, to make the economy in that area work well for that community. The process is led by people living, working and running businesses in that area. As an approach, it tackles environmental, social and economic issues as interconnected, - seeing the economy as a means to achieve wellbeing and environmental justice in an environmentally responsible way. It recognises the importance of connections between the local, regional and national layers of the economy. It builds on the knowledge, experience and resources in that community, to identify and maximise the local economic opportunities available.

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Community Reassurance and Wellbeing Community Warden Programme Community Foundation set up the Community Wardens scheme to improve people’s quality of life and help reduce crime, by reducing fear of crime and tackling low level anti-social behaviour and environmental crime. Building on the government’s ‘Big Society’ and the localism agenda, our Community Wardens scheme is a new innovation in community involvement and social action to keep our streets and estates cleaner, greener and safer. Community Foundation is working to offer people who are on the DWP Community Work Placement an opportunity to use their time to help improve our neighbourhoods. Community Wardens will be uniformed and operate 5 days a week between 10am – 4pm. The wardens undertake a range of duties including:

Community Reassurance   

support older and vulnerable people in the area Community Needs Survey patrol the neighbourhood on foot wearing uniforms

Recording & Reporting  report fly-tipping and vandalism to street furniture  report abandoned vehicles  report faulty street lights, missed bin collections and pot holes  report noise nuisance Tackling Problems  remove graffiti  undertake litter picks  Door-Door leaflet distribution

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Community Reassurance and Wellbeing Online Child Safety We worked in partnership with the NSPCC to deliver free online safety workshops for parents to improve their understanding of the risks associated with the online world for their children. For young people online and offline is just one world. While exploring online is a great way for them to socialise they can face very real risks and dangers.

Lessons from Srebrenica Genocide To mark the 21st Anniversary of the Srebrenica Genocide, a special video produced by Remembering Srebrenica was shown, with a presentation by Nozmul Hussain, Chief Executive of Community Foundation In 1995 under the eyes of the UN, the worst crime in Europe since the Second World War took place in Bosnia. 8,372 Bosnian Muslim men and boys were systematically murdered by the Serbian Army. Community Foundation with the support of Remembering Srebrenica, took two groups from across the UK on an education visit to Bosnia to learn first-hand how hatred lead to genocide.

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Community Reassurance and Wellbeing Celebrating International Women's Day Community Foundation celebrated International Women’s Day by attending the #BeBoldForChange event at the Majestic Banqueting Suite in Birmingham. This women’s-only event which took place in March 2017 was a chance to talk and discuss themes women have to face in challenging times and a chance to have an input into safeguarding our communities. The event was aimed exclusively at the female members of our community with guest speakers discussing: mental health, community cohesion, empowering women, preventing extremism and online safety.

ASB & Enviro Crime Action Days Staff and volunteers from Community Foundation took part in a series of one day of intense action to tackle anti-social behaviour and enviro-crime in the neighbourhood. We partnered up with Police Officers from Lozells and East Handsworth, Birmingham Council Enforcement officers, Licensing Team, staff from the district team, local councillors along with a number of other organisations.

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Community Reassurance and Wellbeing Pride in our Neighbourhood Campaign - Great British Spring Clean Community Foundation was proud to participate in the Great British Spring Clean. Our partners and local volunteers worked with us to clean the local area in and around Lozells of litter and dumped furniture to make the area more presentable. The campaign was successful through the support of:      

Birmingham City Council Fleet and Waste Management Louis Holliday and Jennifer Bentley from University of Birmingham PCSO Robert Capella, PC Clyde Atherley, PC Ali Wood from West Midlands Police Eric Gonzales and Norma Reid of Triumphant Church of God Denise, Nick and Simon of Handsworth Helping Hands Ataur Rahman Khandakar and Mahbub from Midlands Muslim Society.

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Community Reassurance and Wellbeing Community Question Time: Leaving the EU The Chief Executive of Community Foundation chaired a panel discussion on the future of the UK post Brexit. The panellist comprised Phil Bennion, the Chairman of Liberal International British Group, Cllr Waseem Zaffar, Birmingham City Council Cabinet Member and Beverley Nielsen, Liberal Democrat Mayoral Candidate for West Midlands. The event was jointly organised with the Regional Community Dialogue with funding from the European Commission to conduct debate and discussions with members of the community on the future of the UK leaving Europe. The event attracted over 250 people who joined the discussion to explore the impact of Brexit for Birmingham residents. They also discussed the different trade relationship options for the UK with Europe. Questions and comments from the floor included concerns about the increase of Islamaphobia following the referendum and how the public was misled with promises for better NHS and immigration control. They concluded by emphasising to work together in order to rise to the challenge and explore new ways of working to continue post Brexit. The event was supported by Al Miraj Banqueting suite for hosting the venue and Misti Desh caterers for providing the buffet dinner.

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Community Reassurance and Wellbeing Canal Adoption We have now adopted a stretch of the Birmingham Fazeley Canal between Aston Lock and Cuckoo Wharf. We will be working closely with The Canal and River Trust, who are responsible for 2,000 miles of waterways in England and Wales. In order to help improve the appearance and encourage more people to use the canals, our volunteers took part in the ‘Clean for the Queen’ campaign to remove rubbish along the canals. We are hoping to get the Aston lock shipshape by August to hold a community BBQ at the canal side, where we also plan to remove graffiti and replace it with a large mural as well as various art works with the help of local young talented artists. The Chief Executive of Community Foundation was invited to meet with Teresa Coffey, Waterways Minister who was touring the Midlands. We highlighted the wonderful work Community Foundation was doing to improve the canal they had adopted and increase community usage. We also highlighted some of the forthcoming activities planned such as the angling sessions to encourage more people to fish and tree planting across the canal.

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Funders and Sponsors

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Charity Information

Company Registration number: 7199617 Date of Registration: 23rd March 2010 Charity registration number: 1155455 Registered as a company limited by guarantee in England

Registered and Principal office: 20 St. Silas Square Birmingham B19 1QW

Tel: 0121 238 3282 Email: info@thecommunityfoundation.org.uk Web: www.thecommunityfoundation.org.uk Facebook: communityfoundationuk Twitter.com/comm_foundation

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Profile for Nozmul Hussain

Annual report 2016 17  

Annual report 2016 17