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How the Right Mattress or Mattress Pad Can Make Your Life Better Most people are truly concerned about the way they treat their bodies. And from choosing different diets, to committing to new exercise routines, to even taking unique supplements for different conditions, there are a multitude of different ways that individuals can help this cause. What most people forget, though, is that one third of a human’s day is spent sleeping, and it is a prime time to continue the pursuit of health – by choosing the right mattress for you and your body. Here are a few reasons why an exceptional mattress can give you a good night’s sleep, and make your life that much better. Sleep Longer – Feel Rested You may have an upcoming flag football game in Village Park, but how are you going to play well when you have been tossing and turning all night? Sleeping on an old box of springs will keep you up late – and no one wants that. A good mattress though, whether memory foam, spring, or even a mattress pad, can help put you to sleep quicker, allowing you to achieve more rest. This will then contribute to your overall health, and give you the ability to perform to your fullest in all of your endeavors. Back and Shoulder Support It would be great to spend a few days this summer swimming in Mercer Lake, but your back has been hurting so much lately, and your shoulders seem to have a nagging pain that won’t go away. If you have been feeling any unusual aches or pains in your back, shoulders, or neck, it may be due to a poor quality mattress. A good mattress can help contribute to overall spine health, and will help prevent any avoidable problems in the future. A supportive mattress or pad will also help you cut down on doctor or chiropractic visits, allowing to spend the extra money on other things you truly need.

(Image URL: Better Life With Your Partner You and your spouse may have been sleeping on the same mattress for years. You get a great night’s sleep every time, but she seems to be experiencing pain in her entire body, and you can’t seem to place the source of her irritation. Could it be that the mattress that you love is causing her unnecessary agitation? While you may wish to keep your favorite mattress, purchasing a new, better one is likely to help the relationship between you and your partner. Many new mattress types offer partners the ability to choose a differing level of support on each side, which allows each party to choose what is best for them and their sleep needs. This can then lead you and your partner to both get a good night of sleep, improving your life together overall.

(Image URL: Choosing a Mattress for Better Health Your waking life may be wonderful, but any trouble sleeping may be an indicator of a bad mattress. Instead of waiting any longer, go out there and select a new spot to sleep for a healthy choice and a better life altogether.

How the right mattress or mattress pad can make your life better  
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