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400 mm

879 mm

1436 mm

SMILE. Living in the harmony of nature in a world of joy and appreciation. These values are manifested in the extraordinary, childcentered design of all perludi products.

OTTOintheMOON is a mobile crib, junior bed and ottoman in one for kids until 8 years old. By using it in different positions it will turn into different products. In the lower position with the crib part it will give kids a perfect nest for the first years. Afterwards it changes into a safe junior bed. When kids sleep in a full size bed they can still use OTTO as a couch by simply turning it over. The high-quality wheels guarantee extra quiet and safe mobility.

our exclusive combination of high quality wood and Austrian Loden that allows unique foldable design with a sensitive and natural feel of cosiness.

1436 mm

1436 mm


Environment-friendly materials 100% recyclable compact packsize simple self-assembly, stable, safe and robust design. dimensions:

lxwxh 143 x 73 x 40-48 cm

mattress size:

140 x 70 cm


birch plywood loden (100% wool)

colors: LOVE. Handcrafted details and craftmanship in every single piece made in Germany. perludis contribution to your kids happiness.

Clean, simple and functional. OTTO uses As SUSTAINABILITY is written in capital letters at perludi OTTO will be featured with a unique refunding concept. After usage the crib part can be traded in for other perludi products. We will refurbish the used part and use it again to effectively reduce the environmental impact of our products.

OTTOintheMOON is produced in a sustainable and ecofriendly way. All materials and products are biodegradable as well as regionally sourced. It‘s production is based on solar energy helping to reduce the product‘s carbon footprint.

design: Thomas Maitz | Liliana Montaño Made in Germany

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