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Aristotle was of course talking about your teeth! Our teeth work in harmony with each other, and function together as a unit. When one important tooth is missing from your mouth, it can make the other teeth shift, causing misalignment of the teeth, poor esthetics inefficient function and possibly TMJ problems. Replace missing teeth with dental implants, the long term treatment of choice for missing teeth. Call today for a free consultation!! 734-996-9966

Comfort Dental Ann Arbor Makes Dental Implants Affordable Myths About Dental Implants Dental implants are very expensive! Dental Implants are not covered by insurance! Dental implant surgery is painful! Bridge is better than dental implants! I am past the age for dental implants! I have dentures! I don’t need implants! Dental implants don’t look nice! Please allow us to show you that dental implants in Ann Arbor Michigan by Comfort Dental Ann Arbor are cost effective, safe and in most cases the best option to replace missing teeth. Come in for a free consultation!! Come find out if a Dental Implant are the right option to replace your missing teeth. Call today for a free consultation 734-996-9966 Visit : Address : 760 W Eisenhower Pkwy, Ann Arbor, MI 48103, USA

Comfort dental center mi (734) 996 9966  
Comfort dental center mi (734) 996 9966  

Comfortdentalannarbor provide dental treatment for the entire family, starting as early as age 3, and through people well into the 90s. We p...