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Comfort Digisystem

Unique hearing products for school

Comfort Digisystem – unique solutions for school

A life without limitations Life is full of defining moments and important occasions. We experience many of these occasions at school. from playing and getting into mischief in pre-school or going to roll call in our first year class with butterflies in our stomach, to the day we celebrate our graduation. At Comfort Audio we have a vision. that hearing impairment should stop no one from sharing thoughts and ideas with others – that also children and young people with hearing impairment shall feel comfortable to interact with their classmates. that is what this brochure is all about.

Comfort Digisystem for pre-school



Comfort Digisystem for primary/secondary school



Comfort Digisystem for upper secondary school/university

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Comfort Digisystem for school for children with hearing impairment

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School environments are often demanding in terms of flexibility, user-friendliness and sound quality. Being able to hear what teachers and classmates say, in environments with a lot of background noise, is absolutely vital for speech and language development, learning and social interaction. One prerequisite for achieving full hearing in these environments is access to the proper aids. Comfort Digisystem features flexible and portable hearing products

suitable for all stages, from pre-school to university. Comfort Digisystem uses various transmitters and receivers that can be combined according to the needs and requirements of individual users. This unique, wireless digital technology ensures superb speech intelligibility. Hearing impairment no longer needs to stop anyone from socialising with classmates, actively participating in school work and having fun outside of school.

Development with a focus on the pupil’s needs Comfort Audio was founded in 1994 in Halmstad, Sweden when Carljohan Lagervall and August Pansell conducted a development project with the aim of researching new ways of helping people with impaired hearing. The work of the two engineers was so successful and innovative that the outcome was a company based on new technology and new solutions. Right from the very outset, innovation and entrepreneurial flair have been the foundation of Comfort Audio's corporate culture. The driving force continues to be the innovative process, and all development takes place with a focus on the individual’s needs,

Comfort Audio was founded by engineers Carljohan Lagervall and August Pansell. Both work in the company in the area of technology and product development. August and Carljohan recognised at an early stage that there was a need for functional hearing products for environments with a lot of background noise, such as schools, for example.

function and design. The result has been a series of innovative products, many of which are unique and without parallel in the industry. What really differentiates Comfort Audio from other manufacturers is the basis on which we develop our products. Our technical development is based on the latest technology, although equally important is our focus on optimising how this technology is used. It is this combination of smart technology and smart application that creates totally unique solutions for our users. That’s what we mean by technical leadership.

The latest technical platform – for all stages of education Comfort Audio offers Comfort Digisystem, a unique range of hearing products that make good hearing possible at all stages, from pre-school to university. Comfort Digisystem uses the advantages of the digital technology perfectly. The sound is crystal clear, with no time lag and without anyone being able to eavesdrop.

superior sound quality Our products are based on small, wireless microphones that capture all of the sounds that are bouncing around in the room. The advanced digital sound processing technique filters the speech, removes distur-bing noises and transmits it to the receiver.

Patented technology The secret behind Comfort Digisystem is a number of unique technologies, such as SecureStream Technology (SST), which makes products eavesdrop secure, while at the same time the sound is transferred with no time lag, and Perceptual Speech Enhancement (PSE), which renders the sound crystal clear and emphasises speech.

Many of our users, who did not want to have hearing products in the past because the sound was too poor, are both amazed and delighted at the sound quality delivered by Comfort Digisystem. Finally, they can hear everything in the world around them.

The teacher always has a transmitter, Microphone DM10, which transmits the sound wirelessly to the receiver carried by the child with hearing impairment.

Young children with huge potential For a child of five, being able to hear as well as everyone else is naturally important. Not only in pre-school when the teacher is reading their favourite stories or on a school trip when there is a lot of information to take in, but also when out having fun after school or at weekends.

The child with hearing impairment can wear the Receiver DH10 with a neck loop.



“Amanda has had cochlear implants since she was three years old. This has worked well but has not been enough to help her speech develop properly. She has had difficulty learning to pronounce the letter ‘R’, for example. Then, a short while ago, we found out through Sahlgrenska University Hospital about Comfort Digisystem. We are extremely pleased that Amanda has been given the chance to try Comfort Digisystem, which has exceeded all our expectations. Amanda uses the system at pre-school and around the home. The best thing of all has been how much more quickly her speech is developing. She can now pronounce ‘R’ without any problem, and her friends think that she hears a lot better now.” Sakib about his daughter Amanda, 4 years old, Pre-school in Älvängen, Sweden.

Comfort Digisystem for pre-school Comfort Audio has developed easy-to-use portable products suitable for children of pre-school age. One or more transmitting microphones and one receiver are normally all that is required for children with hearing impairment to be able to participate at the same level as their classmates. Whether out on a walk or taking part in a school trip or other outdoor activities, the equipment is easily carried and the child does not miss anything the teacher or friends say. Good speech perception is very important, not only for

the sake of language development, but also when acquiring knowledge. It can otherwise be easy to fall behind, and making up that gap in know-ledge can prove difficult. Feeling comfort-able to interact and having the opportunity to develop are part of the overall school experience. Comfort Digisystem includes a number of different transmitters and receivers. Below you can see a selection of our products for pre-school.

The Microphone DM10 transmitter can also be connected to other sound sources, such as a DVD player or computer.

Pre-school is often the first place where children come into contact with one another more regularly. They play, get into mischief and get involved in indoor and outdoor group activities. In a pre-school environment, children with hearing impairment need as much help as possible to improve their speech perception.

Children with hearing impairment can wear the Receiver DH10 with a neck loop.

You can find out more from our product sheets, which are available to download from



This pupil is using the push-to-talk function on Microphone DM10. She presses the button while speaking. The sound is transmitted wirelessly to the receiver carried by the pupil with hearing impairment.

Feeling part of the group Once children enter primary education, school becomes more demanding. Pupils encounter different teachers and the method of teaching requires pupils to be able to understand more detailed instructions. Outside of school, most children will have interests they want to pursue. Friends also become more important, as children try to find their way, establishing an identity and a sense of belonging.

On the desk there is a Microphone DM10 that displays a red light when switched on. Our unique function Free Channel Request (FCR) detects whether the frequency is already being used, meaning the microphone cannot be used until the pupil who is speaking releases the button on his/her microphone.

Pupils with hearing impairment can wear the Receiver DH10 with a neck loop.



“I have tried various FM-systems both in school and at home, but the sound quality has always been poor. I haven't been able to hear my friends, teachers or parents properly. These systems have also been noisy and sounded tinny. Our special education teacher at school learned about Comfort Audio and passed information about their hearing products on to me and my parents. The difference it made when I tried the system was incredible. It worked and was easy to use. I could hear really well. There was no interference at all. I keep up better in class now and can hear what everyone is saying, even if they are far away. Both the receiver I wear around my neck and the microphones are small and light. It's easy to carry around. I have it with me all the time at school and I am thinking of trying it at home too.�

Pupils with hearing impairment can easily carry with them the equipment needed for activities such as lessons outside of the classroom, school trips, days out, or even just breaktimes.

Ella, 10 years old, school in Halmstad, Sweden.

Comfort Digisystem for primary and secondary school Traditional school aids using push-to-talk microphones sometimes limit pupils' abilities to follow lessons and discussions. Activating two or more microphones may for example cause interference. We have solved this with Free Channel Request (FCR), a unique function included in our Microphone DM10, among other products. Thanks to FCR only one pupil can speak at a time. This is further evidence of the embedded intelligence in our products.

Pupils with hearing impairment not only benefit from crystal-clear sound but also get support in discussions involving a number of classmates. This also contributes to improved dialogue for the class as a whole. Comfort Digisystem includes a number of different transmitters and receivers. Below you can see a selection of our products for primary and secondary school.

The teacher speaks into the transmitter, Microphone DM30, and the sound is transmitted wirelessly to the pupil's Receiver DH10.

The push-to-talk Microphone DM10, which friends talk into, can also be connected to other sound sources, such as a DVD player or computer.

Pupils with hearing impairment can wear the Receiver DH10 with a neck loop.

You can find out more from our product sheets, which are available to download from



Upper secondary school and university

The lecturer has a Microphone DM05, and his/her speech is picked up and transmitted digitally to the Conference Microphone DC20.

Upper secondary school or university is often the last stop before getting a job and starting work. This is when you put into practice everything you have learned during lectures. Using hearing products for the first time while still at school and understanding their benefit is vital when it comes to ensuring a positive and successful working life. For students with hearing impairment, it is an enormous advantage to have correctly adapted hearing products.

Students with hearing impairment can wear the Receiver DH10 with a neck loop.


A Conference Microphone DC20 is placed on the table. As other students around the table talk, the sound is picked up by the conference microphone and transmitted digitally, together with the lecturer's comments, to the student with hearing impairment.


“I would never have finished school without the aid of hearing products. We had an induction loop at my school and then later a FM-system. When I started upper secondary school, a teacher specialising in hearing impairment told me about Comfort Digisystem. I got to try it out and realised immediately how good it was. A huge advantage to Comfort Digisystem, compared with my previous hearing products, is that the solutions are small, flexible and easy to use. You don't have to drag around loads of stuff that everyone comments on. And all the equipment fits in my bag. My teachers also like its simplicity. The teacher taking the class has their own microphone, or one each if there are two teachers involved. When we are working in groups, I use a conference microphone, and if my classmates have to do a presentation to the class, they borrow the teacher's microphone. I'm really pleased with it.” Sandra, 16 years old, Upper secondary school in Halmstad, Sweden.

Comfort Digisystem for upper secondary school and university In upper secondary school and at university, students need to be motivated and committed. Motivation and commitment usually comes from interacting with others. Unfortunately, students with hearing impairment often have difficulty feeling involved. Comfort Digisystem can make a huge difference in these situations because of its many areas of application. The system features easy-to-use, portable hearing products that fully exploit all the advan-tages associated with digital

technology. The transmitter Conference Microphone DC20 is suitable for use in most situations and can easily be taken along to lectures or group sessions. Comfort Digisystem includes a number of different transmitters and receivers. Below you can see a selection of our products for upper secondary school and university.

Conference Microphone DC20 can also be connected to other sound sources, such as a computer, mobile phone or DVD player.

The lecturer can wear a Microphone DM05 – the world's smallest digital microphone.

The included Remote DC05 can be used to remotely control the Conference Microphone DC20, for instance to change the sound pick-up range or to change the volume of a presenter’s microphone,.

Students with hearing impairment can wear the Receiver DH10 with a neck loop. At some point, it may be necessary to use a mobile phone. Conference Microphone DC20 can connect to a mobile phone via Bluetooth.

You can find out more from our product sheets, which are available to download from



Comfort Digisystem for school for children with hearing impairment There are special requirements associated with these schools, as all the pupils, and sometimes also the teachers, have hearing impairment.

a push-to-talk microphone, a teacher's microphone and a receiver all in one. This pro-duct enables pupils to hear their classmates when they are using the push-totalk function on their microphones. Pupils are also able to hear the teacher.

We have taken on board comments from teachers when developing our hearing products. It is especially important that these aids work even when a class is divided up into groups. Both our portable and stationary solutions include the combination product Microphone DM30, which is

Comfort Digisystem includes a number of different transmitters and receivers.Below you can see a selection of our products for schools for children with hearing impairment.

The products are stored in a case that is easy to carry between lessons.

Microphone DM30 is a combination of a push-to-talk microphone, teacher's microphone and receiver.

The Access DA20 diversity receiver is the heart of our stationary solution, handling all the sound functions required in a classroom. Comfort Digisystem for schools for children with hearing impairment has been developed for maximum flexibility. With our portable products, teaching does not have to be restricted to a particular classroom – so lessons can be held anywhere.

You can find out more from our product sheets, which are available to download from



What next? If you would like more information about hearing impairment and how to get help, you can contact a local audiologist or you can contact Comfort Audio’s own specialists to find out more. Call us on +46 35 260 16 00 or e-mail

Hear Hear the the future future


02ENG-1010 Since 1994 Comfort Audio has been developing and manufacturing hearing products for people with a hearing loss. We shall through leading technology and innovative solutions, make people with a hearing loss feel comfortable to interact in all situations through all stages of life. We are dedicated, curious, highly technically motivated and are driven by passion and joy. This has made us world leaders in hearing product technology. Our products offer great flexibility and have been developed for working life, school, public places and private life. The needs of the individual are always in focus and we have a genuine desire to improve the quality of life for people with a hearing loss.

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