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Microphone DM30 F00730 Microphone DM30-US

F00390 Pouch microfiber 105x65 mm

F00361 Power supply A11-US

F00236 Colour markers

F00234 Neckloop short

F00239 Necklace (incl. long and short)



F00215 Public case

F00493 Small case, black

F00243 Boom microphone, black

F00242 Boom microphone, beige

F00254 Charger stand for microphone and receiver

F00245 Table stand for microphone Round

F00244 Clip on microphone

F00240 Neckholder for microphone

F00352 Earphones

F00119 Audio-kit

F00235 Neckloop long

Product catalog us 130620  
Product catalog us 130620