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Participate. Interact. Enjoy. Digital Assistive Listening Devices for School

You are about to discover Comfort Digisystem, a complete series of digital assistive listening devices designed for school. Comfort Digisystem uses a new digital technology to filter out noise and enhance speech before the sound reaches the hearing aid. The immediate result is crystal clear sound perception. The long-term result often includes a sharper learning curve, increased participation and improved quality of life since the user feels more comfortable to interact with classmates and teachers. Since 2008, Comfort Digisystem has been introduced in many Scandinavian and European schools. Now the time has come for North American preschool children, pupils and students to enjoy the benefits of crystal clear sound perception – everyday and everywhere. Many of life’s defining moments and memorable events take place in school. With Comfort Digisystem, those moments will be a little brighter.

Used and appreciated since 2008

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Comfort Digisystem for preschool

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Comfort Digisystem for elementary and middle school

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Comfort Digisystem for high school and college

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Clarity in the classroom

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Comfort Digisystem Whatever the situation, Comfort Digisystem provides the best possible speech reproduction. All that is needed is the appropriate combination of microphone and receiver.

Microphones Small yet rugged, these microphones are fit for school. All microphones can be charged when in use.

Microphone DM05

Microphone DM10

Conference Microphone DC10

The handy clip-on microphone. Perfect for lectures and conversations. Omni-directional microphone.

The small multipurpose microphone. Free Channel Request function and push-to-talk button. Input for external sound source.

The hub on the table. An advanced microphone with digital sound processing. Four different microphone settings. Bluetooth for cell phone.

Receiver DH10

Receiver DT10 *

Receiver with crystal clear sound. Can be used with neck loop, earplugs or headphones.

The world’s first digital mini receiver. It is powered by the hearing aid’s battery.

Receivers The receivers are compatible with all Comfort Digisystem microphones.

Programmer For configuration and testing of the Receiver DT10. Programmer DT05 * Simplifies configuration. Connects to the Receiver DT10 wirelessly. Enables instant configuration and testing anywhere. No computer required.

* Will be available during Autumn 2011.

Comfort Digisystem – brings the digital advantage to all stages of education

To most children and young people, school is a fun and stimulating place to be. It is also fairly demanding. But to schoolchildren and students with a hearing loss, a noisy school environment poses a challenge of its own. Being able to hear what teachers and classmates say is absolutely vital for language development and learning. And in most school situations, a hearing aid is inadequate for hearing properly since it often amplifies all sound – including distracting background noise. Comfort Digisystem has changed all this. The Comfort Digisystem range of digital assistive listening devices is designed to provide crystal clear sound perception in any listening environment. The microphones and receivers are all user friendly, portable and durable with a classy and discreet

appearance – perfectly tuned with the needs of the young and active. With Comfort Digisystem, a hearing loss no longer needs to stop anyone from socializing with classmates, actively participating in schoolwork and having fun outside of school. The secret behind Comfort Digisystem consists of unique technologies such as: • SecureStream Technology (SST) Secures the products against eavesdropping and ensures that sound is transmitted without a time lag. • Perceptual Speech Enhancement (PSE) An advanced audio processing technology that filters out distracting background noise and enhances speech.

Used and appreciated since 2008 Gaining the ability to comfortably interact with people in all kinds of situations is a very positive experience. For the child with a hearing loss, of course, but also for his or her family, teachers and classmates.

Since the European introduction a couple of years ago, Comfort Digisystem has changed the everyday life for many people in several countries. In this brochure you can meet some of them.

“Amanda uses the system at school and around the home. The best thing of all has been how much more quickly her speech is developing. She can now pronounce ‘R’ without any problem, and her friends think that she hears a lot better now.”


Participation from the very beginning

Preschool is often the first place where children come into contact with one another more regularly. They play, get into mischief and get involved in indoor and outdoor group activities. In a preschool environment, children with hearing loss often need support to improve their speech perception.

The teacher wears the Microphone DM10, which transmits the sound wirelessly to the receiver carried by the child with a hearing loss.

The child with a hearing loss wears the Receiver DH10 with a neck loop. The Receiver DT10, a mini receiver that attaches to the hearing aid, is another option.


“Most of the children in my nursery-class can manage one-on-one conversations in the classroom just using their hearing aids. But in group work and when we teachers read aloud they need the clarity that Comfort Digisystem provides. It makes them much more focused and less weary.”

Comfort Digisystem for preschool All that is required for children with a hearing loss to be able to participate on equal terms with other preschool classmates is one or more microphones and one receiver, such as the Receiver DH10. The Receiver DH10 is available with short neck loop, has long operating time and a clear function indicator for the teacher to see that the receiver is turned on. Whether indoors or out on a school trip, the wireless

devices are easily carried – and the child does not miss anything the teacher or classmates say. Good speech perception is crucial not only for language development but also for acquiring knowledge. Feeling comfortable enough to interact and having the opportunity to develop are part of the overall school experience.


Feeling part of the group

Once children enter elementary and middle school, school becomes more demanding. Pupils encounter different teachers and the method of teaching requires the ability to understand more detailed instructions. Outside of school, most children will have interests they want to pursue. Friends also become more important, as children establish an identity and a sense of belonging.

This pupil is using the push-to-talk function of the Microphone DM10. She presses the button while speaking. The sound is transmitted wirelessly to the receiver carried by the pupil with a hearing loss.

Pupils with a hearing loss can wear the Receiver DH10 with a neck loop, or the Receiver DT10 which attaches to the hearing aid. 8

The Microphone DM10 is placed on the table. The unique Free Channel Request function detects whether the frequency is already being used. This microphone cannot be used until the pupil who is speaking releases the button on her microphone.

“I keep up better in class now and can hear what everyone is saying, even if they are far away. Both the receiver I wear around my neck and the microphones are small and light. It’s easy to carry around.”

Comfort Digisystem for elementary and middle school Traditional assistive listening devices with push-totalk microphones sometimes limit pupils’ abilities to follow discussions, since activating two or more microphones may cause interference. Comfort Digisystem’s unique Free Channel Request function eliminates this problem. Free Channel Request ensures that only one pupil speaks at a time.

This supports pupils with a hearing loss in group discussions and contributes to facilitating the dialogue for the entire class. Comfort Digisystem is designed for school. It was developed to enable crystal clear sound perception and thereby enhance the learning process.


Getting ready for work life

High school or college is often the last stop before getting a job and starting work. This is when you put into practice everything you have learned during lectures. Using proper assistive listening devices for the first time while still at school is often vital for ensuring a successful working life.

The Conference Microphone DC10 is placed on the table and picks up sound as the teacher and students around the table talk. Their speech is processed digitally to filter out distracting background noise and enhance speech before it is transmitted digitally to the student’s receiver.

This student carries the Receiver DT10, a fully digital mini receiver, for maximum convenience. An optional solution would be to use the Receiver DH10 with a neck loop.


“It’s a completely different sound experience. I have worn hearing aids since I was four and always use my ALDs at classes. My mini receiver makes the teacher’s speech more comfortable to listen to. Those loud and sharp noises that sometimes got through with other ALDs simply aren’t there anymore. So no more headaches for me.”

Comfort Digisystem for high school and college Comfort Digisystem comes with unique functions. The Conference Microphone DC10, for example, picks up speech at lectures and group sessions, filters out distracting background noise and enhances speech. This creates crystal clear sound perception in a challenging listening environment. And the Receiver DT10 is the ultimate solution for those who want clear sound perception in any

listening environment. The mini receiver weighs just 1.5 g/0.05 oz and is powered by the hearing aid’s battery. Altogether, Comfort Digisystem’s versatile and handy assistive listening devices enable increased interaction and involvement. This promotes motivation and commitment.


Clarity in the classroom Comfort Digisystem enables students with a hearing loss to fully participate in lectures. It provides clarity and understanding regardless of the distance to the speaker and the background noise in the classroom.

The teacher wears the Microphone DM10. The microphone captures the teacher’s speech and sends the sound wirelessly to the receivers worn by the students with a hearing loss.

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A hearing loss should stop no one from sharing thoughts and ideas with others. Since 1994, Swedish company Comfort Audio has been developing, manufacturing and marketing assistive listening devices for people with a hearing loss. With leading technology and innovative solutions, we have a mission to make people with a hearing loss feel comfortable to interact in all situations through all stages of life. We are dedicated, curious, highly technically motivated and are driven by passion and joy. This has made us the leading company in assistive listening device technology. Our products offer great flexibility and have been developed for working life, school, public places and private life. The needs of the individual are always in focus and we have a genuine desire to improve the quality of life for people with a hearing loss.

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Comfort Digisystem School broschure  

Comfort Digisystem School broschure

Comfort Digisystem School broschure  

Comfort Digisystem School broschure