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Comfort Digisystem

The world of hearing care as you know it, is changing

Modern society demands new solutions Interaction between individuals and the ability to participate actively is essential in today´s world. Modern society presents new challenging listening environments for people with a hearing loss. Comfort Digisystem enhances speech and filters out distracting background noise before it reaches your hearing aid. The clearer sound will facilitate hearing, understanding, and participation, leaving you with more energy for both work and leisure. Comfort Digisystem is designed for use in schools, workplaces, public places, and homes. Here, some Comfort Digisystem users express how the digital assistive listening devices have changed their everyday lives. The ALDs can also be used with cochlear implants.

Comfort Digisystem at work

“More energy! Because now I don’t have to try so hard to hear what people are saying.” My job is hectic, with many people on the go in a lively environment. I used to struggle the whole time to hear and it was unbelievably exhausting. My new ALDs have turned this situation around. They filter out the hum and make speech clear. I no longer need to stress and I am nowhere near as tired after a working day. I also feel much more confident to interact with both colleagues and customers.

Comfort Digisystem with cochlear implants

“It was an incredible feeling to be able to talk on the phone for the first time in 20 years.” When a representative from Comfort Audio came to let me try their ALDs, I told him that I didn’t want to waste time on trying to use the phone as I knew it wouldn’t work. However, he managed to persuade me and when I actually heard my daughter’s voice over the line, I couldn’t help myself from bursting into tears. It was such an emotional experience. With the combination of my cochlear implants and my new ALDs, I can talk on the phone again for the first time in 20 years. Comfort Digisystem has really changed my life! Now I can call my daughter every week.

Comfort Digisystem in school

“A much softer sound! It’s a completely different sound experience.” I have worn hearing aids since I was four and always use my ALDs at classes. My mini receiver makes the teacher’s speech more comfortable to listen to. Those loud and sharp noises that sometimes got through with other ALDs simply aren’t there anymore. So no more headaches for me.

Comfort Digisystem is designed to deliver optimal sound perception in every given situation. The system consists of digital wireless microphones and receivers. Which products will suit you depends on which listening situations you find challenging. Comfort Digisystem is flexible and can easily be adapted to suit your personal needs. The secret behind the Comfort Digisystem consists of unique technologies such as: • SecureStream Technology (SST) Secures the products against eavesdropping and ensures that sound is transmitted without a time lag. • Perceptual Speech Enhancement (PSE) An advanced audio processing technology used to filter out distracting background noise and enhance speech.

Since 1994, Swedish company Comfort Audio has been developing, manufacturing and marketing assistive listening devices for people with a hearing loss. With leading technology and innovative solutions, we have a mission to make people with a hearing loss feel comfortable to interact in all situations through all stages of life. We are dedicated, curious, highly technically motivated and are driven by passion and joy. This has made us the leading company in assistive listening device technology. Our products offer great flexibility and have been developed for working life, school, public places and private life. The needs of the individual are always in focus and we have a genuine desire to improve the quality of life for people with a hearing loss.

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Comfort Digisystem – a complete range of digital assistive listening devices

Introducing Comfort Digisystem  

Comfort Digisystem - A complete and new range of digital assistive listening devices