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In order to get anyone to see your wonderful Internet Money Machine, you need to generate traffic or visitors to your site. Now, some of them will come naturally if you have optimised your site in the first place with some killer keywords. (Please see previous article on keywords) There are many ways to generate traffic so I thought I would give you an overview of them in this article, and perhaps allocate a new article to each technique and go into more detail. So, the different media for traffic generation are: Article Marketing

Essentially, this is pretty much what you're reading. An article designed to give you some very useful information with the hope that you will subscribe to my newsletter and site in order to get more useful information to help you get the most out of your own internet money machine.

Although this method does provide you with good quality free traffic, it is certainly not fast and more like a steady stream that follows over a period of months, and sometimes years. The good thing about articles is that once they are out there on the internet they can be generating traffic for a long time, but they need to be good quality and content rich for this to have any sustainability. Hub Pages & Squidoo Lenses

Essentially these are both the same beast but it is always best to have both working for you. They act as a mini website that you can create very quickly and get lots of content on there. The beauty of these sites is that Google loves them and it will help your rankings which equals traffic. Blogs

Blogs can be a good way to get traffic, however, you are kind of in the same situation in terms of the fact that you need to get traffic to your blog to get traffic from it. If that makes sense. The Good thing about blogs is that they can go viral pretty quickly if your content is good. JV (Joint Venture )Giveaways

These are a brilliant way to get free traffic if you have a report or eBook or something of interest to give away. Basically everyone signs up to give things away for free and freebie hunters have to subscribe to your list in order to get your gift. Very good method of getting a large influx of subscribers within the period of the giveaway. They usually last for about 2 weeks but there are loads of them starting pretty much constantly. Social Sites

Twitter, Facebook etc, can all be good ways of getting subscribers. However, first you need followers or friends to pitch to. This has to be carefully done because you still have to input as normal and not just bombard people with sales links etc. You will get a reputation as a spammer. Post comments as normal and drop the odd message about a cool site that you have found or something like that. It has to be a natural thing and seem natural to the people who read your posts. Email

Sounds simple and it is. Simply add a signature to the bottom of your emails. It's free and takes 5 minutes to setup. Forums

Again, another great free method of traffic generation. Simply add your URL to your signature and get involved. You must post useful comments and participate within the community to get anyone to take any notice of you, but once you have established a reputation you will get visitors from here. Paid Advertising

I don't really want to spend any time on this subject just yet, because unless you are making more than a good living from your Internet Money Machine business, then this isn't really an option. It is very easy to lose a lot of money using paid advertising methods, and for this reason i will address this subject if I have enough people request information on the subject. As you can see, there are many free methods of promoting your online business and driving traffic. You need to really use all of these methods and find out for yourself which ones work the best for you and which ones you are good at. A little trial and error is probably in order to establish this.

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==== ==== For Great Facebook Money Machine Tips Check This Out: ==== ====

Traffic and the Internet Money Machine  
Traffic and the Internet Money Machine  

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