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1. Sort as it comes to you Don't let piles of things to do get big. Ideally spend a short amount of time each day to sort out any incoming things such as mail, journals and other paperwork such as bills, invitations, advertisements and notices related to meetings. Sorting means deciding if it is junk to be thrown away, things that need to dealt with quickly such as bills to be paid or letters to be answered, or kept for reference such as interesting articles or informative leaflets. 2. Have suitable equipment To be organised you need a place to be your central work station such as a desk or table whether you are dealing with work or household matters. If both apply then you need a place both at work and at home. This somewhere where you can sort incoming paperwork and deal with it as needed. It would be useful if you have computer in this place too whether a desk top or laptop with internet connection. Most things you have to deal with might involve looking up information on the internet paying bills on-line or dealing with e-mails. 3. Keep surfaces clear At least once a day clear the work place desk so that things dealt with have been either thrown away, filed or put into a letter tray if they have to be dealt with at a later time. As far as possible keep most of your desk area clear of stuff. 4. Review regularly If you find yourself accumulating more than you can deal with so that your area becomes cluttered again then it's useful to know you will have a regular review of how you are keeping up with all of your tasks. This could be a weekly or monthly. The main purpose is to think about how you deal with incoming clutter and whether you could deal with it more efficiently in future. 5. Be ruthless When you have been in the habit of keeping certain paperwork or other things forever then sometimes you have to become more ruthless at throwing more away. For example if you've kept every bank statement since you were old enough to have a bank statement the time has come to shred all except for those over the past seven years. You don't need to keep used bus and train tickets or boarding cards for flights long since taken,

nor every token cut off a food packet if the use by date is long past.

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5 Most Effective Ways To Get Organised  

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