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COMETE Engineering concern for the environment has a multidimensional approach respectful for sustainable development. The set of developed projects deals with issues related to the environment protection, through an integrated and coordinated approach. The multidisciplinarity of COMETE Engineering teams allows integrating all components of the regulatory, legal, technical, spatial and socio-economic aspects features, specific to each project which mirrors a pertinent approach able to valorize and enhance the territorial and environmental contexts. COMETE has developed an extensive expertise in the environmental field, enabling it today not only to bring fourth this dimension in the frame of infrastructure projects:

Environmental impact studies Environmental and social management plans but also to contribute to the development of the environmental concepts at the political and institutional scale.

ÂŤThe flexibility of its organization backed by highly qualified internal skills, confer to COMETE Engineering the required capacity to meet the expectation and the highest demands of its customers and its marketÂť Radhi MEDDEB Chairman

A quality system for the sake of the projects Firmly established in the engineering sector for over twenty years, COMETE Engineering has established a system of quality management at the service of its projects. This system ensures our partners and clients a tailored response to their goals in all circumstances. Talents and skills COMETE Engineering teams put their talents at the disposal of the projects with dedication and professionalism. They continually demonstrate mobility, creativity and rapid adaptation to the most diverse technical, economic and social international environments.



Environmental Planning

Depollution studies

Natural Resources management

Sector and Institutinal studies

Environmental Strategies and Policies

Audits & diagnostics

Environment Protection and Enhancing

Reduction of industrial pollution

Fight against pollution and nuisances

Environmental impact studies Environment Management Plans

Policies Definition Study of promoting life quality in urban and rural areas. Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development. Tunisia Retrospective impact study. Tourism impact on the environment. (European Investment Bank). Tunisia Identification mission in the environment field in Tunisia. (Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs). Tunisia National Report of Environment State in Mali. (GTZ). Mali

Sustainable management of water resources in Tunisia. (GTZ). Tunisian Observatory of the Environment and Sustainable Development. Tunisia

“ Over two third of our turnover is generated internationally „ Inter municipal management of solid waste in the region of Nabeul.(World Bank). Tunisia

Study of Municipal Environment Plan in Carthage, Megrine, Ettadhamen, Hammam Sousse, Moknine, Tozeur. Ministry of the Environment and Sustainable Development. Tunisia Fight against industrial pollution. Ministry of the Environment and Sustainable Development. Tunisia Analysis study of the urban environment. (World Bank). Ministry of the Environment and Sanitation. Mali Policy for sustainable coastal tourism development. Tunisian observatory of the Environment and Sustainable Development. Tunisia

Strategy of integrated and sustainable management of solid waste. (APG - GTZ). Tunisia

Impact Studies Environmental imapct study of a University Hospital Center in Sfax and an oncological center in Ariana. Ministry of Public Healt. Tunisia Impact Study of the development heap of phosphogypsum production units of fertilizers plants in Gabes. Chemical Group Tunisia. Tunisia

Environmental impact study of the building of a national control center of the transmission grid in South Bouchemma in Gabes. AREVA. Tunisia Environmental impact study of the project «Tunis Bay Financial Harbour». Gulf Finance House. Tunisia Environmental impact study of the project of rehabilitation of the fishing port of Galite. Tunisia Environmental impact study of the project of construction of the international airport of Enfidha. TAV. Tunisia

“ A multidimensional expertise for sustainable development „

Environmental impact study of the project of building a center for collecting and storing waste oil. (LuxDevelopment). Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development. Tunisia

Impact analysis of highway construction Tunis-Medjez El Bab and M’saken-Sfax. Tunisia

Environmental impact study of the project of «Algerian Economic City». Gulf Finance House. Algeria

Environmental impact study of the project of dredging stilling basin of the thermal power of Sousse. Tunisian Comapny of Electricity and Gas. Tunsia

Environmental impact study of the industrial area of Enfidha. Industrial Promotion Company. Tunisia

Environmental impact study of the multi-product pipeline between Skhira and the Sahel for the transport of refined white products. Pipeline Transportation Company. Tunisia

Environmental impact study of the execution of offshore oil drilling. SAMEDAN OF TUNISIA. Tunisia

Feasibility and impact study of the technopole of Borj Cedria. Secretariat of State for Scientific Reasearch and Technology. Tunisia

“ A broad experience in the field of environment and nature protection „ Environmental and social impact of construction works of urban roads and drainage systems in Brazzaville and Pointe-Noire. (World Bank). PEDU. Congo

Remediation and fight against pollution Pre-investment study of pollution in the Gulf of Tunis. Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development. (European Investment Bank). Tunisia

Rehabilitation and planning study of the Sabkha of Rades. Protection and Coastal Planning Agency. Tunisia

Study on industrial pollution of the southern coasts of Sfax. Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development. Tunisia

Study on the management and recovery of hollow plastic packaging. (World Bank). Tunisia Development of terms of references and of an economic study of depollution & techno-economic study of collection and recycling project of waste and establishment of an evaluation guide. National Agency of Environmental Protection. Tunisia Characterization of malodorous compounds emitted by a unit of phosphoric acid plant «Gabes Plant». Tunisian Chemical Group. Tunisia

Study of pollution control and rehabilitation of park wreckers El Yahoudia. Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development. Tunisia

Hazardous waste management. National Agency for Environmental Protection. National Agency of Environment Protection. Tunisia Analysis of the environmental performance of Tunisia. (World Bank). Tunisia Study on industrial pollution of of the Lake of Bizerta. Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development. Tunisia

“References that cover all fields and ecosystems „ Environmental and social impact study of the final landfill Kolongo in Bangui. ( World Bank). AGETIP. Central African Republic Planning study of landfills of la Marsa, Bizerte, Sousse, Monastir, Sfax et Gabes. ANPE. Tunisia

Associations - Accreditations COMETE Engineering is member of : The International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) Federation of Consultants from Islamic Countries (FCIC) The Federation of Arab and African Consultants (FAAC) The National Association of Consulting Engineers (ANBEIC – Tunis) The Tunisian-French Chamber of Commerce and Industry The Tunisian American Chamber of Commerce The Tunisian-Dutch Chamber of Commerce and Industry Arab Institute of Business Managers (IACE)

Agreements and international agreements World Bank European Investment Bank (EIB) African Development Bank (AFDB) Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa (BADEA) Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development (AFESD) OPEC Fund for International Development (OFID) Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KFW) French Agency for Development (AFD) Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC) Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) International Finance Corporation (IFC)

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