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Within a context of globalization of approaches and issues, economic operators, governments or private firms need to build their development policies and strategies in a relevant, coherent and global competitive way. It is within this innovative approach that COMETE Engineering has structured its offer in the field of strategic studies and consulting. Its experienced, creative and rigorous teams act independently and deal with their assignments in the total respect of the confidentiality of the collected data. They privilege the coordinated and balanced actions involving a global and definitely value creating vision for their clients. This professional approach has earned COMETE Engineering to be recurrently entrusted to fulfill a large number of important assignments of key fields and to strengthen hence its client-partners trust: companies, public institutions, administrations and major international Development Funding Institutions.

ÂŤCOMETE Engineering supports its clients partners in the analysis of the issues of their organization and projects, the valorization of their competitive advantages, and the definition of the levers of strategic developmentÂť Radhi MEDDEB Chairman

A quality system for the sake of the projects Firmly established in the strategic studies and consulting sector for over twenty years, COMETE Engineering has established a system of quality management at the service of its projects. This system ensures our partners and clients a tailored response to their goals in all circumstances. Talents and skills COMETE Engineering teams put their talents at the disposal of the projects with dedication and professionalism. They continually demonstrate mobility, creativity and rapid adaptation to the most diverse technical, economic and social international environments.


Economic and institutional reforms Sectoral studies Program appraisal Economic development Strategic consulting Private sector support Sustainable Development


Macro-economic studies Strategic studies Sectoral planning Technicalassistance Development policies Strategy anddevelopment Strategic consulting Information Systems Restructuring and privatization Techno-economic feasibility studies

Strategic studies Master plan study for the establishment of supermarkets Tunisian Trade Office. Tunisia Assessment of the network of the economic and commercial representations abroad. Exportation Promotion Center. Tunisia Strategies of Development of Export Services. United Nations Development Program. Tunisia Prospective study of the impact on the Tunisian economy of the establishment of free trade area with the European Union. Ministry of the National Economy. Tunisia Development strategy of goods export. United Nation Development Program. Tunisia Trade development strategy. (World Bank). Ministry of Commerce. Tunisia


Strategic study for the supply and storage of the oill products in Tunisia. National Company of Oil Distribution. Tunisia


Study of technical control on import and export. Tunisian Trade Office. Tunisia

macro-economic vision, a sectoral approach

Ex-post assessment study of the integrated rural development program. (2nd generation). General commissariat of regional development. Tunisia. Strategy of development of the agri-food industry. Ministry of Industry. Tunisia

Identification study of the projects of the integrated development program. General commissariat of the regional development. Tunisia Organisation of the human ressources management in the Tunisian municipalities. Ministry of the Interior and Local Development. Tunisia Mission of Audit and financial restructuring of the distressed Tunisian municipalities. Ministry of the Interior and Local Development. Tunisia Strategic study for the promotion of ecotourism in Tunisia within a sustainable development perspective. GTZ. Tunisia Tourism Development by 2000. National Office of Tourism. Tunisia Analysis study of the urban environment. (World Bank). Ministry of Environment and Sanitation. Mali Strategic study of the Tunisian tourism sector by 2016. Roland Berger Strategy Consultants. Tunisia

Preparation of the agricultural structural adjustment program in Algeria. World Bank. Algeria. Development of support services to agriculture and fisheries in Tunisia. (World Bank). Ministry of Agriculture. Tunisia Agricultural strategies and international changes. Ministry of Agriculture. Tunisia Implementaion and development of a brand quality (AOC, IGP) for the Tunisian Olive Oil. Agency of Promotion of Agriculturan Investments. Tunisia Restructuring of the red meat sector in Tunisia. (World Bank). Ministry of the National Economy. Tunisia Sector Study on green house crops. Agency of Promotion of Agriculturan Investments. Tunisia Technico-economic feasibility study of the development of the livestock sector. (BADEA). Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock. Burundi Detailed study of the poultry sector in Tunisia. Interprofessional Grouping of Poultry Products. Tunisia


Technical assistance in animal health field. (World Bank). Ministry of Agriculture. Tunisia.

strong expertise in engineering and consulting Counsulting

Advice of the goup Italia Mobile for the purchase of the GSM license in Tunisia «1st Bid». (Merrill Lynch). Telecom Italia Mobile. Tunisia

Advice of the group WIND for the purchase of the GSM license in Tunisia «2nd Bid». (Italian Bank Franco Barnabé). WIND Group. Tunisia Study on funds transportation in Tunisia. Tunisian Professional Association of Banks and Financial Institutions. Tunisia Administrative management of three lines of credit «Global loan to the financial sector», «Venture Capital», «Support to the private sector». European Investment Bank. Tunisia. Strategic diagnosis and upgrading plan of thirty companies operating in different sectors. Upgrading Industry Bureau. Tunisia.

Marketing export diagnosis of twenty companies. Funds of Access to the export markets. Tunisia.

Assessment and restructuring of the company Laino. The northwest Diary Company. Tunisia Assessment study for privitization of the public Cargo Transportation of Kairouan. STMK. Tunisia


Advice of the Group VICAT within the frame of the privatization of SCG, CAT et CIOK. VICAT Cement Plants. Tunisia

Project assessment survey «Tunis Financial Harbour». Gulf Finance House. Tunisia

trategic vision at the service of value creation Cooperation and Fund Raising for the sustainable development in the Mediterranean. Regional Activity Center of the Blue Plan. Tunisia

Audit and expertise of real estate portfolio. Arab Tunisian Lease. Tunisia Study and advice within the frame of the privatization of Tunisian Cement plant. UNILAND CEMENTERA. Tunisia

Institutional and financial arrangement of the management project of Berges du Lac Sud of Tunis. Company of Study and Promotion of South Tunis. Tunisia Study of socio-economic impact of the project of implementation of a solar power plant in Kébili. Nur Energy. Tunisia

Technical assistance Survey of brand image about technical centers. (World Bank). Ministry of Energy and Industry. Tunisia Assistance to the concession in «Build, Operate & Transfer» of the new international airoprt of Enfidha. Office for Civil Aviation and Airports. Tunisia Assistance to the privatization of SOTACIB. Tunisan-Algerian company of White Cement. Tunisia Technical Assistance to the privatization of STIA. Tunisian Company of Automative Industry. Tunisia Technical assistance to the general privatizations directorate. (European Union Delegation in Tunisia). State Secretariat for Privatization. Tunisia

Technical assistance within the framework of privatisation of Electricity Company in Djibouti and Djibouti Telecom. Djibouti Government

Audit & Due Diligence Assessment for the establishment of a real estate company in Gambia. Islamic Corporation for the Development of the Private Sector. Gambie Technical Audit for the projects financed by the Road Maintenace Fund in Madagascar from 2006-2008. (Road Maintenance Fund). Transport Sector Program. Madagascar

«Due diligence» mission for the «Independant Power and Desalination Plant Project in Arzew. Islamic Development Bank. Algeria

Technical Audit of infrastructure projects of Amextipe for the financial years 2004 et 2005. AMEXTIPE. Mauritania

Audit mission and financial restructuration of Tunisian distressed municipalities districts. Ministry of Interior and Local Development. Tunisia Audit & certification of the investment costs of the Industrial City of GIAD. GIAD Industrial Group. Sudan

Technical Audit of the projects financed by the Road Maintenanc Fund in Cameroon for the financial years of 2007 and 2008. Cameroon Road Fund. Cameroon


he levers of performance, tools to change management

Information System Improving fund raising and financial management in five minicipalities in Chad. (IDA). Coordination Unit PADURA. Chad

Terms of developing the information system of trade information center of ADEX. Export Development Association. Bénin

Improving the management system of training levies. National Center of Continuing and Vocational Training. Tunisia

Information and Organization of the Financial Market Council. Board Financial Market. Tunisia Implementation of an information system for monitoring and analysis of wholesale markets in Tunisia. National Observatory of Agriculture. Tunisia

Associations - Accreditations COMETE Engineering is member of : The International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) Federation of Consultants from Islamic Countries (FCIC) The Federation of Arab and African Consultants (FAAC) The National Association of Consulting Engineers (ANBEIC – Tunis) The Tunisian-French Chamber of Commerce and Industry The Tunisian American Chamber of Commerce The Tunisian-Dutch Chamber of Commerce and Industry Arab Institute of Business Managers (IACE)

Agreements and international agreements World Bank European Investment Bank (EIB) African Development Bank (AFDB) Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa (BADEA) Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development (AFESD) OPEC Fund for International Development (OFID) Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KFW) French Agency for Development (AFD) Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC) Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) International Finance Corporation (IFC)

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COMETE Engineering :: Strategic studies and consulting  
COMETE Engineering :: Strategic studies and consulting  

It is within this innovative approach that COMETE Engineering has structured its offer in the field of strategic studies and consulting.