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Little Genius News Awakening the genius within anno III n° 4 - April 2011

Contents: - educational updates - A last word from the principal

songs: Song : Class 1 Old Mc Donald had a farm! Old Mc Donald had a farm, ee i ee i o and on his farm he had a cow, ee i ee i o With a "moo-moo" here, and a "moo-moo" there, here a "moo" there a "moo" everywhere a "moo-moo" Old Mc Donald had a farm, ee i ee i o ! Old Mc Donald had a farm, ee i ee i o, and on his farm he had a pig ee i ee i o, with a "oink-oink" here, and a "oink-oink" there, here a "oink", there a "oink" everywhere a "oink-oink" Old Mc Donald had a farm, ee i ee i o ! and so on............................

Song : Class 2 Days of the week song Sunday , Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday , Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday comes again….

Class educational updates: Class 1: Miss. Raffa Spring is here!! Finally we can celebrate the arrival of the spring and the good – warm weather. Class 1 is busy decorating the classroom with spring crafts and more such as flowers, tree branches farm animals and so on. Our trip to the Azienda Agricola Iacchelli was a blast! We saw all the farm animals we studied in class like the pigs, the horses, the chickens and the roosters, the cows, the donkeys, ducks, sheep and a very interesting ostrich! We would like to thank the parents who came for giving us such a great help and making lots of pictures which we hope we can show to everyone soon. During our trip we also learned how to make the bread, we saw what the flower is made of, and what we need to make the bread: flower, yeast, salt and water. We mixed all the ingredients together with our little hands and made such a lovely bun of bread which we took to our parents once it was cooked. During this last two weeks of school before the spring break class 1 will be busy with more spring and Easter crafts, as well as introducing our new theme: Fruits!

Class 2: Miss. Florencia

Miss Polly had a dolly Miss Polly had a dolly who was sick, sick, sick. So she called for the doctor to come quick, quick, quick. The doctor came with his bag and his hat And he knocked on the door with a rat-atat-tat. He looked at the dolly and shook his head And said “Miss Polly, put her straight to bed!” He wrote on a paper for some pills, pills, pills “I’ll be back in the morning with my bill, bill, bill.”

Song : Class 3 Our five senses song With our eyes we SEE

We are all very happy finally Spring arrived!! We are already making some spring crafts to decorate our classroom and to take home. From March also Miss Maison is back to school, so I would like to take this opportunity to welcome her back between us! We dedicated most of the time this month learning all about the farm and specifically the animals that live there so as to be ready for our trip to Azienda Agricola Iacchelli were we had a very interesting day! We saw all the animals we had studied at school and the children were ready to recognize them repeating the names in English.Then we had a very nice experience in the bread lab were each child had the opportunity, after a theorical explanation, to prepare their own bread see the result after baking it in the oven and finally taking it home to eat it with Mom and Dad. A for our didactic objectives, for Maths we have made great improvements in recognizing the numbers up to 5 and counting up to 20! In writing skills we

With our ears we HEAR With our fingers we TOUCH With our nose we SMELL With our mouth we TASTE I am an eye, yes an eye is what I am, and sometimes I need some glasses to see the best I can. With our eyes we see, with our ears we hear, with our fingers we touch, with our nose we smell, with our mouth we taste. Now thank you very much. I am an ear, if I’m working you can hear, please don’t put things inside me. I’d like to make that clear. With our eyes we see, with our ears we hear, with our fingers we touch, with our nose we smell, with our mouth we taste. Now thank you very much. I am the finger that’s let you touch. I can tell if it’s hot or cold or if it’s smooth or rough. With our eyes we see, with our ears we hear, with our fingers we touch, with our nose we smell, with our mouth we taste. Now thank you very much. I am the nose on elephant I’m a trunk. With me you’ll sense the difference between flower and a skunk. With our eyes we see, with our ears we hear, with our fingers we touch, with our nose we smell, with our mouth we taste. Now thank you very much. I am the mouth the one who let you taste with me you enjoy your dinner, so it won’t waste. With our eyes we see, with our ears we hear, with our fingers we touch, with our nose we smell, with our mouth we taste. Now thank you very much.

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arrived to letter I of the Letterland program and using the sounds we are trying to recognize our names. In the next theme we will concentrate on fruits, their texture and taste. To conclude this we will cook a Fresh Fruit Salad and eat it all together at school! We will end the month getting ready our Easter surprise to take home and wishing all of you a very Happy Easter!!

Class 3: Miss. Iram Our third term has started with a basketful of colorful items in the form of learning about national dress, different languages, and in the exploration of the five senses. During the lessons about the sense of hearing, I taught my class how sound travels which was well supported by Federico drawing a microphone showing sound waves travelling through air! Our maths lesson is focusing upon basic addition & subtraction with simple games and the sound book we had been working on has finally reached the end with us now preparing its cover page. Easter celebrations are underway as class 3 has started painting Easter baskets, Easter cards and colorful Easter gifts. We are also planning to cook Chinese rice in our cookery lesson just before the Easter vacations, which might come in handy as an additional recipe at Easter-time!

Class 4: Miss. Connie The month of April was very busy for Class 4. Our trip through the human body started at the skin and went on into the lungs, heart, digestive system and teeth. We learned what happens when we cut ourselves, how to keep our lungs and heart healthy, what we eat does for our bodies and why we get cavities. The children were full of questions and found this topic incredibly interesting. We used the materials brought in from home to make a 3-D, life-size replica of our bodies. We are a class of readers! All of the children who will be going on to an elementary school next year are reading and bringing books home. We’ve also started adding and subtracting and we’re making big progress with reading large numbers. Our trip to Iachelli was so much fun! The children loved it and it was a nice choice for the last trip of the year. It’s hard to believe that after the Easter holidays there are only 7 weeks remaining in this academic year. On our return from break we will be having a fun week with flowers and then start talking about community helpers and different types of jobs. If any of you would like to come in and talk to the children about what you do we would absolutely love it! Please let Ruhma or I know . Welcome Baby Ranucci!

A last word from the principal

Dear Parents,


In every newsletter I will remind you of a few important points that will help us to ensure that Little Genius International School remains a quality establishment and that your child remains safe and happy. Thus, we welcome any comments and suggestions to issues brought up in the Little Genius International Newsletter and on any other aspect of your child’s education via email or in person.

Call for parent and non parent experts to sit on a yearly LGI educational board for the coming academic year 2011-12 In an endeavor to provide all children at our school with an education that is forward thinking we would like to appreciate and tap into the wealth of knowledge held by our parent clients in order to expand the curriculum and in particular to further enrich the teaching of various subjects. Thus we would like to invite parents to offer themselves as members of our academic advisory board ( a yearly position), indicating the subject they would like to provide their support on over the coming academic year (2011-12). Consultations with the school can be managed in person, via email or skype in order to render their periodic functioning (approx 2 twice yearly) least time consuming. This position is voluntary and does not involve any financial retribution. We are looking for experts in the following fields: Maths Science Earth Science Medicine Information technology Art Geography History Physical Education Philosophy, Religion and ethics Language and literature Handicrafts: knitting, woodwork, sewing ect. Music Photography Architecture and Design Interested parents are kindly requested to contact the school office by the 20th of Jne 2011. I would like to inform you of the following dates and information:

Summer school –special discounts for early enrollments Little Genius International Summer School represents the only preschool academic reality in English during the summer holidays. We offer children the possibility to further reinforce and develop their English language skills in a safe and familiar environment with a larger helping of arts, crafts and recreational activities ,all in English. Unfortunately, our special Little Genius Summer school offer has expired which had offered free enrolment and a 10% discount available for monthly bookings made from 1stMarch – 31st March 2011, requiring the Summer School fee to be anticipated by €100 (non reimbursable). All enrollments received from 31st March 2011 onwards will be at the following price for LGI clients and the wider public: Enrollment fee €60 until 31st May 2011 Enrollment fee €120 for all late applications received after 31st May 2010. The summer school will cost €650 monthly at full price.

School uniform Parents are reminded to purchase their summer school uniform as stocks are fast depleting. Thank you for confirming your child’s place for 2011-12 We would like to thank all parents for having re-enrolled their child at Little Genius International for the coming academic year. We are excited to provide you with an even more developed and creative educational offer whilst endea-

voring to provide you and your child/ren with a warm reception and overall professional service. Information regarding our offer for September 2011 will be available in June 2011

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