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Little Genius News Awakening the genius within anno II n° 3 - March 2010

Contents: - Educational updates - A last word from the principal…. - news and appointments

songs: Song : Class 1 10 Little Ducks 10 Little Ducks went out to play over the hills and far away Mother duck said qua qua qua qua but only 9 ducklings came back 9 little ducks went out to play over the hills and far away mother duck said qua qua qua qua but only 8 ducklings came back and so on...........

Song : Class 2 & 3 Letter land Letter Land, Letter Land, there could be no better land, For meeting a duck, a man in a hat, an orange or two and a clever old cat, So let’s go to Letter Land. Letter Land, Letter Land, Walter Walrus wetter land, With a slithering snake, a king who can kick, a Quarrelsome Queen, and meet Noisy Nick, So let’s go to Letter Land, let’s go to Letter Land today!

Song : Class 3 Annie Apple -Letter land (sung to the tune of Farmer in the Dell): Annie Apple says ah, Annie Apple says ah Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah Annie Apple says ah Bouncy Ben says buh, Bouncy Ben says buh Buh, buh, buh, buh, buh, buh Bouncy Ben says buh Clever Cat-cuh Dippy Duck-duh Eddy Elephant-eh Firefighter Fred-fuh, etc, etc

Class educational updates: Class 1 This month we had so many things going on. We had few birthdays party: Gaia, Edoardo and Alessio. So, Happy Birthday to all of you!! Soon we will have few more!!We had a very fun day in which we did some cooking, we made a Scandinavian sweet bread called “Kanel bulle” (cinnamon rolls). We had to wear aprons and cooking hats. You can see us in the photographs we took. We had a school Music performance were we listened to four violinists which we all enjoyed. One more interesting thing we had in school this month was the fire drill evacuation. Cristiano came to us showing how to escape in case of any emergency , using fake smoke to mimic a fire and we had to leave our classroom in the shortest time possible, which we did successfully. Finally, our trip to Valentino's Bakery was as always a lot of fun. The bakers showed us how they make bread and pasta. We had lots of fun, especially trying some of their yummy products such as bread, biscuits and of course pizza!!! We have now started to learn numbers, which we will continue to study over the following weeks.

Class 2 There have been many exiting activities taking place since ski week. Like all the other classes we also baked Scandinavian cinnamon rolls. Next month we will be making pizza which we also happened to see being made on our school trip to the bakery -“Valentino il Mago”. On this trip we also saw how bread and pasta was made. We are currently revising and learning some opposites and doing some bright spring art. We are continuing with our daytime music lesson together with class 3 every Thursday. We introduced the violin last week prior to the musical performance from the real violinists! This week class 3 is teaching us the song of “Letter Land”.

Class 3 Letter Land, Letter Land, Letter Land! March for Class 3 has been all about focusing on the letters of the alphabet, the sounds they make, and even starting to put them together to make words! We are using a program called Letter Land that gives each letter a name, a phonetic sound and character.

Spring Is Here (Tune of Are You Sleeping) I see bird's nests, Butterflies too, flowers too. Everything is growing, The wind is gently blowing. Spring is here, spring is here. 5 Little Easter Eggs 5 little Easter eggs, Lovely colors wore; (child’s name) ate the blue one, Then there were four. 4 little Easter eggs, Two and two, you see; (child’s name) ate the red one, Then there were three. 3 little Easter eggs, Before I knew, (child’s name) ate the yellow one, Then there were two. Two little Easter eggs, Oh, what fun! (child’s name) ate the purple one, Then there was one. 1 little Easter egg, See me run!!! I ate the last one, And then there was none.

Song : Class 4 There was an old woman There was an old woman who sowed a corn seed and from it there sprouted a tall yellow weed, she planted the seed of the tall yellow flower and up sprang a blue one in less than an hour. The seed of the blue one she sowed in a bed and up sprang a tall tree with blossoms of red. And high in the tree top their sang a white bird and his song was the sweetest that ever was heard. The people they came from far and from near the song of the little white bird to hear. The Spining Earth The Earth they say spins round and round, it doesn’t look it from the ground and doesn’t make a spinning sound. And water never swirls and swishes from oceans full of dizzy fishes and shelves don’t loose their pans and dishes. And houses don’t go whirling by or puppies swirl around the sky or robins spin instead of fly. It may be true what people say, about one spinning night and day, but I keep wondering anyway. The Secret Song ( A sinister yet beautiful song that we chant and whisper with drum accompaniment!) Who saw the drop from a rose I said the spider but nobody knows Who saw the sunset flash on a bird I said the fish but nobody heard Who saw the first green light of the sun I said the night owl the only one Who saw the fog move over the sea I said the sea pigeon only me Who saw the moss creep over the stone I said the grey fox all alone

For example, the letter ‘a’ is called Annie Apple and she says “ah”, ‘b’ is a bunny called Bouncy Ben and he says “buh”, ‘c’ is Clever Cat, etc, etc. Not only are learning to associate the letters with the sounds, but we’ve also, with the wonderful collaboration of Miss Kia, made a giant wall mural in our classroom. This mural represents Letter Land where all of the letters live. If you haven’t popped in to see it yet, please do. We have really been enjoying ourselves putting the finishing touches on Letter Land. It’s taken up a lot of our time and energy in March, but that’s certainly not all we’ve done! Almost every morning we play a cooperation counting game in which we see how high we can go as a class without mistakes, one day we got up to 15! Our goal is to reach 20, then…who knows? The last 2 weeks we talked about the long-awaited arrival of Spring and Easter and had great fun with those topics. Fathers: hope you enjoyed your little Father’s Day gift!

Class 4: Miss Ruhma Class four have had a very busy March so far, with the exercising of number recognition almost daily and the excising of counting backwards from the numbers they are confident with. Most of the class have full number recognition of numbers till 100, although every child in our class is praised for the extent to which they apply their rather than their how much they know. Our reading program is re-introducing Peter and Jane after a short pause (we will still continue to mix this with other books), with children always being requested to phonetically break down words they are not familiar with. This is a slow but sure learning process which children should not be hurried in, as every child will eventually be able to read fluidly and hopefully and most importantly at this age… read with pleasure. I hope most children are enjoying our volcano and prehistoric theme, with many of them having made some wonderfully exploding clay volcanoes, having had a truly relevant school trip to the Civic Museum of Velletri where they were shown amongst many things - models of volcanoes in the Colli Albani, a 3d film of an erupting volcano, prehistoric monkey- man, caves used for human habitation and homes of ancient “civillised” man. Class 4 have developed an obsession with collectivey singing “Sakura” in Japanese at every available moment in the school day–and I am currently trying to distract them by teaching them other poems!!!

A last word from the principal…. Dear Parents, In every newsletter I will remind you of a few important points that will help us to ensure that Little Genius International School remains a quality establishment and that your child remains safe and happy. Thus, we welcome any comments and suggestions to issues brought up in the Little Genius International Newsletter and on any other aspect of your child’s education via email or in person. I would like to inform you of the following dates and information:

Summer school special discounts for early enrollments Little Genius International Summer School represents the only preschool academic reality in English during the summer holidays. We offer children the possibility to further reinforce and develop their English language skills in a safe and familiar environment with a larger helping of arts, crafts and recreational activities all in English. The Little Genius International Summer School special offer is now expiring.

Contact us:

Enrolments received by the 31st of March will be free of charge, qualifying the enrolled child to a 10% discount on the summer school fee. This offer requires the payment of a €100 anticipated deposit.

All enrollments received after31st May 2010 will be at the following price for LGI clients and the wider public: Enrollment fee €50 until 31st May 2010 Enrollment fee €120 for all late applications received after 31st May 2010. The summer school will cost €630 monthly at full price.


Smart students in school uniform Parents are reminded that stocks of school uniform are available in the school office. School uniform is an important part of your child’s school day reinforcing equality and teamwork! If your child is dressed in a raggedy uniform he may feel less confident .Refreshing your child’s appearance may make him/her feel more comfortable and ready for work !

Lullaby Hendrix at Little Genius International Little Genius International held yet another live musical performance for all our students on Friday 26th March. This time we were pleased to have a performance from the acoustic and electric guitarist- Mr. Giuliano Bastianelli in the company of Lara Lecciso of the professional pianist and owner of Note Blu Music School, Grottaferrata. Giuliano played many known Italian and International pieces to which the children enjoyed dancing to , this being one of our most lively and rocking performances to date! The children danced so much whilst G sang and played the guitar that staff at LGI were particularly pleased to find one of the final musical pieces performed to be that of “Riding in the Wind” by Jimmy Hendrix to which the children all automatically lay down and had a rest, thanks to the mesmerizing mellow tempo of the song. Thanks Jimmy (and Giuliano)- rock on! School Calender Parents are reminded that the last day of school will Wednesday 31st of March 2010 after which we will be closed for the Easter break. School will reopen on Monday 12th April 2010. On behalf of all members of Little Genius International staff, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all parents and children at our school an enjoyable Easter holiday. Attach picture of guitarist Translate calendar, smart kids, music at LGI

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