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G Go! Everyone, Everywhere and Re-Invent

Spring / Summer 2012

Re-Invented, Re-Cycled, One-of-a-Kind G.E.A.R. for YOUR everday life ...whatever and wherever that may be. HANDMADE IN ALABAMA, USA Re-Invention (R-I) is a For-Benefit, lifestyle company based out of Alabama. As a For-Benefit company, our net-profits support the organizations and ministries we are currently working with, while we seek out other places and people who have a desire to create real change through sustainable employment. R-I has a vision for world-wide change by supporting and creating employment-based solutions called Social Enterprises. G.E.A.R. (Go! Everyone, Everywhere and Re-Invent) is our effort to play a role in breaking the chains of poverty here at home. G.E.A.R. is a collection of Re-Invented, re-cycled and re-purposed home accents, furnishings, and other goods that serve a bigger purpose than just gorgeous additions to rooms in a home. These “beautiful works of art” begin with up-cycled, burlap coffee bean sacks paired with remnant and re-cycled fabrics, in crisp cotton, vintage or luxe, that look stunning against the rawness of the burlap. G.E.A.R. connects consumers to the lives of those our goods represent and exhibits just how simple it can be for anyone to be a part of changing the world! G.E.A.R. is R-I’s initiative to “Re-Invent” where we live. Years ago, I made the decision that I would no longer “just work”, but serve through my work. Although G.E.A.R. was formed to create jobs, all of our goods are made with the hope of expanding who our net-profits will serve. Our first partnership is with the homeless at Friendship Mission in Montgomery, Alabama, where women and men learn to cut, sew, and create with the ultimate goal of arming them with the necessary skills and confidence to work with us or seek other employment. Through this initial partnership we are creating opportunities for work that promote the sustainability of our world and the lives of those who

live in it. We have begun to live our dream to serve by providing love and compassion for our neighborwhether right next door or halfway around the world. Our Design Philosophy is sustainability, texture, color... and more color! We are inspired by the beautiful colors and moods of the world we live in and desire to translate the lives of those we serve into every piece we create. Our goal is to make it “here” while including fabrics and parts from “there”- wherever “there” may be. By taking materials most would discard and mixing them with a lot of hope, something of truth and beauty emerges! Due to the sustainability component, all of our goods are One Of A Kind or Limited Editions. Every piece we create is also transitional and can move from room to room with ease...transitioning from living room to bedroom, dining room to porch. True Value is a vital component in every piece of the G.E.A.R. collection. We do this by keeping our prices as affordable as possible. Ultimately, we want the story told. Our hope is that our buyers and their customers get to know the organizations and ministries we work with. One of our top priorities is to provide sustainable employment, and to accomplish this we need to sell what we make and, most importantly, allow people to be a part of a much bigger story! We mean it when we say it is a privilege to work with you. We step forward into 2012 with grateful hearts and a big dream!

Let’s GO! Let’s all GO! Everyone, Everywhere and Re-Invent. Kellie Guthrie Owner/Founder

Home G.E.A.R.


Signature Pillows Handmade and One-of-a-Kind... We use “beautiful works of art” from the up-cycled coffee bean sacks as the pillow’s face. The backs and inside of the face are in fabrics of cool, crisp cotton, vintage or luxe that look stunning against the rawness of the sacks. 2

SP-20SQ-C / Back

SP-20SQ-C / Front

Cool Cotton, Vintage or Luxe Fabrics


SP-24SQ-R Front


SP-22SQ-P Back



Cool Cotton, Vintage or Luxe Fabrics

Our Signature Patchwork is made from our very own re-cycled fabric scraps. From these fabrics, we’ve created a gorgeous palette of color in the warm corals, reds and greens of Provence, - the cool, vivacious blacks, whites, and Asian flairs of Tokyo, - and the gritty blues, reds, browns and denim of Addis. All of the colors are part of the individual color palettes, each piece is One-Of-A-Kind...not one piece can be re-created.

Signature Patchwork Pillows


SPW-26SQ-R-P Back


Signature Patchwork in “Provence” SPW-26SQ-R-T Back

Signature Patchwork in “Tokyo” 6 6


Also available in “Addis”



2” Pleat

3” Ruffle

SP-1620-C SP-1620-P SP-1620-R SPW-1620-C-A SPW-1620-P-A SPW-1620-R-A SPW-1620-C-P SPW-1620-P-P SPW-1620-R-P SPW-1620-C-T SPW-1620-P-T SPW-1620-R-T SP-20Sq-C SP-20Sq-P SP-20Sq-R SPW-20Sq-C-A SPW-20Sq-P-A SPW-20Sq-R-A SPW-20Sq-C-P SPW-20Sq-P-P SPW-20Sq-R-P SPW-20Sq-C-T SPW-20Sq-P-T SPW-20Sq-R-T

16x20 Signature Pillow- Cord $68 16x20 Signature Pillow- Pleat $68 16x20 Signature Pillow- Ruffle $68 16x20 PW Pillow-Cord-Addis $78 16x20 PW Pillow-Pleat-Addis $78 16x20 PW Pillow-Ruffle-Addis $78 16x20 PW Pillow-Cord-Provence $78 16x20 PW Pillow-Pleat-Provence $78 16x20 PW Pillow-Ruffle-Provence $78 16x20 PW Pillow-Cord-Tokyo $78 16x20 PW Pillow-Pleat-Tokyo $78 16x20 PW Pillow-Ruffle-Tokyo $78 20” Sq Signature Pillow-Cord $75 20” Sq Signature Pillow-Pleat $75 20” Sq Signature Pillow-Ruffle $75 20” Sq PW Pillow-Cord-Addis $80 20” Sq PW Pillow-Pleat-Addis $80 20” Sq PW Pillow-Ruffle-Addis $80 20” Sq PW Pillow-Cord-Provence $80 20” Sq PW Pillow-Pleat-Provence $80 20” Sq PW Pillow-Ruffle-Provence $80 20” Sq PW Pillow-Cord-Tokyo $80 20” Sq PW Pillow-Pleat-Tokyo $80 20” Sq PW Pillow-Ruffle-Tokyo $80

SP-22Sq-C SP-22Sq-P SP-22Sq-R SPW-22Sq-C-A SPW-22Sq-P-A SPW-22Sq-R-A SPW-22Sq-C-P SPW-22Sq-P-P SPW-22Sq-R-P SPW-22Sq-C-T SPW-22Sq-P-T SPW-22Sq-R-T SP-26Sq-C SP-26Sq-P SP-26Sq-R SPW-26Sq-C-A SPW-26Sq-P-A SPW-26Sq-R-A SPW-26Sq-C-P SPW-26Sq-P-P SPW-26Sq-R-P SPW-26Sq-C-T SPW-26Sq-P-T SPW-26Sq-R-T

22” Sq Signature Pillow-Cord $85 22” Sq Signature Pillow-Pleat $85 22” Sq Signature Pillow-Ruffle $85 22” Sq PW Pillow-Cord-Addis $88 22” Sq PW Pillow-Pleat-Addis $88 22” Sq PW Pillow-Ruffle-Addis $88 22” Sq PW Pillow-Cord-Provence $88 22” Sq PW Pillow-Pleat-Provence $88 22” Sq PW Pillow-Ruffle-Provence $88 22” Sq PW Pillow-Cord-Tokyo $88 22” Sq PW Pillow-Pleat-Tokyo $88 22” Sq PW Pillow-Ruffle-Tokyo $88 26” Sq Signature Pillow-Cord $100 26” Sq Signature Pillow-Pleat $100 26” Sq Signature Pillow-Ruffle $100 26” Sq PW Pillow-Cord-Addis $110 26” Sq PW Pillow-Pleat-Addis $110 26” Sq PW Pillow-Ruffle-Addis $110 26” Sq PW Pillow-Cord-Provence $110 26” Sq PW Pillow-Pleat-Provence $110 26” Sq PW Pillow-Ruffle-Provence $110 26” Sq PW Pillow-Cord-Tokyo $110 26” Sq PW Pillow-Pleat-Tokyo $110 26” Sq PW Pillow-Ruffle-Tokyo $110


Ottomans Constructed with re-cycled, gorgeous fabric and a re-purposed wood cable reel as its foundation, our ottoman is versatile enough to adorn your dining room table or prop up your tired feet. ...lofty, urban and homey. 8

OTT2324-P-P 23x24 Ottoman-Python-Provence $175.00


OTT2324-AP-P 23x24 Ottoman –Animal Print-Provence $175.00 10

OTT2324-BW-T 23x24 Ottoman –Black & White-Tokyo $175.00


Signature Patchwork Throws Made from our very own re-cycled fabrics, our throw is perfect to wrap up in or as an accent.


Throw in “Provence”


Throw in “Tokyo”


Throw in “Addis” SPWT51-A

Signature Patchwork Throw-51” Sq-Addis



Signature Patchwork Throw-51” Sq–Provence



Signature Patchwork Throw-51” Sq-Tokyo



“Anywhere” Accent Tray Painted in yummy colors, our trays are called “Anywhere” Accent Trays because they’re just fabulous “anywhere” you decide to place them.


AT1POS $49 Positano / Blue

AT1AR $49 Arezzo / Red

AT1TUS $49 Tuscany / Sage




Also in


“Anywhere” Accent Tray Patchwork

SPWAT-A $62 Window in “Natural” Only

(as shown on Organizing Board on facing page.)


SPWAT-P $62 Window in Natural, Arezzo, Positano or Tuscany

SPWAT-T $62 Window in Natural, Arezzo, Positano or Tuscany

Garment Bags and Messenger Bags


Travel G.E.A.R.

Whether you’re trekking through the outback, the Himalayans, the jungle, or the urban jungle, G.E.A.R. is what you need. Tote our garment bag to Europe or the beach. Throw your passport into our messenger bag for your trip to Africa or toss in your list for your trip to the grocery store. No matter what your use for G.E.A.R., you’ll carry something unique, sustainable, and oh-so-stylish.

MB1-C $68

GB1-C $74


For more information, contact Kellie Guthrie / 334.559.0528 9311 Lee Road 146, Opelika, AL 36804

Re-Invention is an invitation to effect change in the world and our communities. We are an organization and business whose mission is to BREAK THE CHAINS of extreme poverty. We are committed to the development of economic sustainability by creating opportunity through social enterprise.

Check us out at or on Facebook at Re-Invention

GEAR by Re-Invention Spring Summer 2012  

GEAR by Re-Invention Spring and Summer Lookbook