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Waste collecting: • •

Treatment of urban waste consists of collecting all kinds of waste left in the street containers and its transport to the corresponding treatment plants. Selective collection requires the use of different methods for each type of waste. For this, special containers and vehicles are sometimes used, and this requires a more complicated system.

Paper and cardboard Paper is collected from the blue containers, sorted out according to its quality and arranged in bales (made by the recycling company) in order to be sent to the paper companies.

Once in the paper companies, the paper is treated and the new paper is produced, thus, it will have a new useful life.

• How is paper recycled in a recycling plant? In the industrial mixer, the pieces of paper are mixed with warm water, heated and pounded to get a paste. Clips and all kinds of metal pieces are removed as well as the ink, using a solvent. It is bleached again but then, it is no longer necessary to use a big amount of chlorine .

• How to recycle paper manually? It is a laborious process whose result is usually a grey mass that is closer to cardboard than to white paper. But it is fun and it lets you know roughly the most important stages of the process of recycling paper . PROCESS:

Did you know that…? • … to produce one ton of paper we need fourteen trees over twenty years of age? •

… for every ton of recycled paper, we save two cubic metres of landfill, 140 litres of oil and 50,000 litres of water?

PLASTIC The process carried out for plastic is similar to that of paper. Both plastic and metal are removed from the yellow containers and they are separated in the selecting companies.

They are separated into the different types and qualities of plastic (PVC, PET, PEAD, PEBD, etc.) and, they are sent to the container factories .

After the treatment of the received material , new containers are produced in these places. This recycled plastic is also often used to create artistic furniture (chairs, lamps...) polar linings, clothes‌

Did you know that ...? • …a plastic bottle takes between 300 and 500 years to degrade if it's not recycled? • … the raw material of plastic is oil, a non renewable resource?

Recycling of glass If glass is recycled we save 40% of energy and for each ton of recycled glass 1.2 tons of raw materials are saved.

Glass Glass goes into the green igloo container. This kind of waste is collected and transported directly to the glass factories.

Once there, the glass is melted and new containers with a new shape are made.

Did you know that…? • … a glass bottle takes thousands of years to degrade if it is not recycled ? •

… for each bottle that is recycled, we save the necessary energy to have a television on for 3 hours or the energy that 5 low energy lamps of 20 w need for 4 hours ?

Tips to consider : Practise the rule of the three Rs: • • •

Reduce before reusing Reuse before recycling Recycle before throwing



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Recycling process  

Recycling process of glass, plastic, paper