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Oliver Twist


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BILATERAL COMENIUS PROJECT 2010-2012 Fighting against poverty and social exclusion First part of the story: 1. How does the story begin? 2. Where did Oliver live until he was 9? 3. What can you explain about the food he ate in the workhouse? 4. Later he lived in a shop. What did they make in this shop?


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Oliver met Dodger on his way to ... He took Oliver to Fagin’s place, an ugly, ................................ man. Oliver discovered that Fagin had ... The boys played a game with Fagin. The game consisted on ... When Oliver and the boys went to the market ... Oliver was rescued by Mr. Brownlow who took him to ...

The Crime Choose the right word for each blank space:

right – afraid – steal – foggy – outside – thought – ran after – saw - away – night – put – window – were - shot Fagin wanted to 1- _____ some precious things from a house 2- _____ London.. Sikes 3- _____ the plan was difficult so they decided Oliver was the 4- _____ person. Oliver was 5- _____ of him. They went to the big House on a cold, 6- _____ night. Sikes 7- _____ a pistol on Oliver’s head and forced him to enter the House through a small 8. _____. There 9. _____ two men inside the House. One of them 10- _____ Oliver. Sikes took him tit he garden and left him there. Sikes ran 11- _____ with Toby Crackit.. The servants of the house 12- _____ them but nobody 13- _____ Oliver’s body. He lied on the wet ground all 14- _____

A New House Bring order to the following sentences: The people in the room thought that Oliver didn’t look like a thief. Oliver saw Fagin and a strange man called Monks outside the window.

Oliver Twist


INS.Pau Vila

Rose Maylie played the piano and read books to Oliver. He couldn’t read, he never went to school when he was at the workhouse . Oliver woke up outside a big House near London. Oliver and the Maylie family went back to the house after three months. A kind old man became Oliver’s teacher when he was recovering himself.

Nancy’s Secret Complete the names of the characters: M_____ went to the workhouse where O______ was born because he wanted to take the ring of Oliver’s mother, A______ . N______ was very sad and decided to meet R____ Maylie to tell her about O_____ and that he was in danger because F_____ and M_____ wanted to kidnap him.

Old Friends and Monks TRUE OR FALSE Nancy met Rose and Mr. Brownlow at London Bridge. Sikes followed Nancy and heard everything. Mr. Brownlow wanted to know about Oliver’s origins. Monks had a red mark on his back. Fagin was happy because Nancy wanted to help Oliver. Monks was Oliver’s father. He signed a paper to give Oliver’s money bak to Oliver.

The End of the Story Explain the end of :

Fagin –

Sikes –

Monks –

Mr. Bumble –

Oliver –

Oliver Twist


INS.Pau Vila

BILATERAL COMENIUS PROJECT 2010-2012 Fighting against poverty and social exclusion STUDENTS’ WORKSHEET 1. This book was written more than two hundred years ago. –what was the situation of the society at that time?

2. Poor Housing – Scarcity of Drinkable Water – Illnesses – Difficulty of Access to Hospitals – No Family Ties – War – Shortage of Food – No Access to Education – Natural Disasters – Violence – Lack of Social Relations - ... Identify the factors that Oliver suffers in the story and give examples:

3. In this book, how does Oliver get out of the POVERTY CYCLE?

4. Do you know somebody suffering economic problems? How can we help?

5. Identify some sort of discrimination that you have noticed near you – What can we do to improve the situation? o At school: o Where you live: o ...

Oliver Twist  

Causes of poverty- Oliver Twist