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FEET While we Millennials tend to be satisfied with our first job (presuming we’ve been able to buck unemployment trends and get ourselves hired in the first place), we have itchy feet. If we aren’t moving up the career ladder, we’re moving on. contributor manuelle malot, Director Career Centre et NewGen Talent Centre, EDHEC Business School



f 1480 recent graduates of business schools, management schools and science/technical schools surveyed by EDHEC’s NewGen Talent Centre, 43% had already said goodbye to their first employer, and only 21% were still at the same company. When asked if they thought they’d stay at their current company, 32% responded negatively, citing few prospects for advancement, non-competitive remuneration and a lack of diversified experiences, among other reasons. So, employers, how can you keep more of us around? It’s pretty simple. For starters, don’t stand in the way of our career goals. We want ambitious and challenging jobs that will help us grow, not just professionally but personally. We seek greater responsibility and a competitive salary. So, give us intellectually stimulating assignments – and vary them. Let us go abroad to gain an international perspective. Help us develop our skills and acquire new ones. Give us training and advance-




ment opportunities. Invest in us and we become better problem-solvers, critical thinkers and leaders. We also become more employable, though, so don’t take us for granted or we’ll march out the door. Based on a study by EDHEC NewGen Talent Centre © October 2014 – THE PARADOX WITH RETAINING YOUNG TALENT

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