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CONTENTS 4 Editorial

5 Why Choose EDHEC? 6 International Recognition 7 Programme Overview 11 A World-Class Faculty 14 Research Impact 15 EDHEC Governance 16 Career Impact 18 Student Life & Societies 19 Proudly International 20 Lille Campus 21 EDHEC Alumni Association 22 Admission Requirements, Fees & Financial Aid

EDITORIAL EDHEC Business School is amongst the leading business schools in Europe, internationally recognised for its academic and research impact as well as its unique synergies with the business world. Internationalisation and relevance to business fuel our ambition to be recognised for our excellence and global mindset. EDHEC differentiates itself by offering innovation in business education and greater dynamism in connecting students and graduates with the business world. In an increasingly globalised and challenging world, relevant education and training is paramount to successful careers. New challenges and opportunities constantly arise and we focus on offering our students the knowledge required to become tomorrow’s leaders. The MSc in Entrepreneurship also offers a unique immersion programme into the Silicon Valley at the end of the programme. Students will get cutting-edge insights and develop strategies in areas of entrepreneurship, innovation and new venture creation. In partnership with the University of San Francisco, students will have the opportunity to meet with major players in the Silicon Valley and will benefit from lectures given by USF faculty over this 10-day exciting programme.

Anne Zuccarelli Associate Dean, Academic Programmes

The MSC in Entrepreneurship is an advanced one-year full-time programme, taught entirely in English that provides students with the tools to acquire the skills and competencies needed for careers in dynamic business environments.

Emmanuelle Deglaire Programme Director, MSc in Entrepreneurship

The programme’s ambition is to invite students to focus on business as a whole. Instead of preparing students to a sole function within a company (marketing, finance or legal), the programme is dedicated to elevate them to an upper view of the business. By an in-depth observing, students will get a better understanding of the general mechanism of corporations. Through academic teaching and practice with partner companies, students will find out how to achieve efficiency and performance in their own venture (entrepreneurship) or within an existing company (intrapreneurship).

why choose edhec? EDHEC, A unique Experience There are many reasons to choose EDHEC Business School. EDHEC’s strong business connections ensure that our programmes are always relevant to corporate needs. Business inputs range from programme design, research and courses, recruiting fairs, alumni network and business games to internship and job offers. EDHEC has an active policy of assisting students in achieving their ultimate career goals. As such, EDHEC has introduced the TI&CD programme (Talent Identification & Career Development), an already-prized initiative that provides our students with tailored career guidance and assessment.

Our Mission Leading Education - Delivering academic excellence driven by renowned research is EDHEC Business School’s mission to provide students with the skills, expertise, knowledge and network required to excel in global demanding careers. We aim to move students, businesses and societies forward by nurturing talents and maintaining excellence in research and education.

Our Ambition Our ambition is to become a brand internationally recognised for its culture, global mindset and impact of its education and research on the business world.

Our Values Relevance: Market pertinence is a key value in all aspects of our organisational culture - including the academic side. We seek to reconcile academia with the business world through the extension of our research effort into the corporate realm. Responsibility: We educate people and carry out research that aims to develop both scientific and human competencies, preparing men and women who are committed to use their skills to improve the society. Innovation: We have a long-standing commitment to a culture that fosters creativity, risk-taking, continuous improvement, leadership and entrepreneurial spirit, both at educational and research levels.

Founded in 1906, EDHEC offers academic programmes recognised through international accreditations bodies: AMBA, AACSB and EQUIS. Our mission is to shape managers to meet companies' needs via relevant and cutting-edge education. EDHEC's uniqueness rests in its close ties with the corporate world. These connections and our 146 faculty members, who are among the most published in Europe, bring real-time knowledge to the classroom. This strategy is in line with the challenges faced by today's society and has a direct impact on EDHEC’s influence on business and society as a whole. Olivier Oger, Dean of EDHEC Business School



100 Over

years of Excellence

Founded in 1906, EDHEC Business School was among the first institutions worldwide to be awarded the ‘Triple Crown’ of international accreditations for the academic excellence and professional relevance of its programmes, its strong links with the business community, its international orientation and its commitment to an ongoing process of quality improvement. Today, only 48 business schools worldwide have received the triple crown.

Solid Rankings

N°1 in France for Education and Research in Finance in 2010 and 2011 – Le Point Magazine N°1 French Business School for its influence in the English-speaking press (2009 FT Research citations) N°2 in France for its Recognition among Businesses – L’Etudiant - L’Express 11th Master in Management in the 2010 Financial Times Worldwide Ranking (average ranking over 3 years) International Network of Academic Partners Among Others...

PROGRAMME OVERVIEW Taught entirely in English, the one-year MSc in Entrepreneurship invites students to scan all major business topics from a very specific point of view: the one of the Entrepreneur. All stages of a business life would be covered, from launching to selling, through buyout, management and development. Participants would also become experts in the Entrepreneurship world specificities. The programme aims to prepare participants for careers as entrepreneurs, corporate managers, branch/office/project managers, business development directors, export managers, CEO, COO, business consultants and for numerous other jobs related to entrepreneurial management in different types of organisations.

5 reasons to choose the MSc in Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurs are hard-working, smart, creative, and willing to take risks… If you have the heart, the motivation and the drive: join us! EDHEC assists students in every step of their entrepreneurial project with the support of the EDHEC incubator, the EDHEC Young Entrepreneurs (EYE) club and the EDHEC Business Angels club. Northern France is a very dynamic area and home to great entrepreneurial successes such as Auchan, Décathlon, Bonduelle, Kiabi, Okaïdi... “Entrepreneur” is a French word, thus to get specialised in Entrepreneurship in France seems more than relevant! Unique business immersion programme to the Silicon Valley in California

Programme Structure Courses and seminars 360 hours TI&CD 40 hours Master’s thesis Internship*


400 hours



Mandatory 3 to 6-month internship. A full-time position replaces the internship requirement.


EDHEC Entrepreneurship Incubator The business incubator named ‘EDHEC Young Entrepreneurs – EYE’ provides a flexible and efficient support to all EDHEC students and graduates eager to start their own venture. EYE goes a step further in the development of our graduates and students’ education by providing practical support and coaching within the framework of EDHEC’s core values of excellence. Projects that have been selected by the EYE committee will receive personalised support that includes building and validating business plans, providing expertise in the fields of HR, law or marketing, financing, follow-up over the first 2 years...



Core modules Business Modelling The course addresses the following questions: What is the new business competitive landscape? What are the basics of a strategic approach in an entrepreneurial context? What is a business model? What features should a good business model possess? How to go through the key steps of a business model: compelling customer value proposition, consistent operating model, equation, etc.?

Business Plan & Research Methodology The main purpose of this course is to introduce students to the two options they can choose from as their final project to satisfy the requirements of the MSc in Entrepreneurship.

Buyouts The course is designed to present the various aspects of an investment transaction by which a business is acquired by existing shareholders. Topics include: due diligence, buyouts and drawbacks.

Creativity & Innovation Tools Workshop The course focuses on innovation and creativity. Students are guided through innovation processes, creative thinking techniques, and engagement skills.

Cycle of Entrepreneurship This course focuses on aspects that can reduce the risk of failure at a later stage of a company’s development.

Entrepreneurial Strategy: The Partnership Approach The course takes a look at the main motives for companies to engage in strategic partnerships and how to identify and select the right partners. The steps to follow in the contractual negotiation process will be also discussed. It also explores how to manage partnerships and reach objectives.

Financial Planning This course provides a practical problem solving approach to understand the finances of entrepreneurs and small businesses by presenting some common financial planning problems and solutions.

International Business Development This course helps students understand the main steps of internationalisation and learn proven methods to investigate efficiently a new market. Students will use all the methods and tricks learned during the course in order to understand quickly the ecosystem of a foreign market.


Legal & Tax issue for Entrepreneurs Students (re)discover law in order to find out the major legal constraints faced by entrepreneurs when starting or developing their business. Students are being invited to consider law as a possible opportunity in the creation/development of their future business.

Marketing for Entrepreneurs The course provides an in-depth understanding of entrepreneurship marketing concepts and techniques.

New Venture Creation The course gives students an insight into the new venture creation process including those employed as service providers to entrepreneurs.

Performance Measurement & Management Three methods for controlling an organisation are discussed: personnel control, actions control and results control. Particular emphasis is put on results control and tools for planning and measuring the strategy implementation in an entrepreneurial/ intrapreneurial context.

Personal Project into the Entrepreneurial World The course introduces students to the dynamic world of entrepreneurship and have to participate to a competition, a trophy or any event linked to Entrepreneurship.

Social Business This module gives an introduction to the concepts of Social Business and Social Entrepreneurship in France and in Europe. It explores the theories from “Bottom of the Pyramid� ideas to the main concept of Social Business developed by Professor Yunus. It will also give a panorama of entrepreneurial applications in France and Europe.

Speaking for Business The purpose of this seminar is to explore questions related to entrepreneurial projects. The perspectives covered during this seminar are designed to definitively structure entrepreneurial pillars.

Starting up The purpose of this seminar is to explore questions related to entrepreneurial projects. The perspectives covered during this seminar are designed to definitively structure entrepreneurial pillars.

Strategic Partnership & Business Cooperation The course deeply analyses the specific forms of partnership including licensing and franchising agreements and joint ventures. 9


Successful Entrepreneurs’ Skills Besides hard skills and soft skills, an Entrepreneur needs to be able to cope with any specific tasks that cannot delegate for financial or organisational reasons. The purpose of this course is to provide students with basic knowledge on specific competencies they should acquire directly or indirectly.

Seminars Start-up workshop Students are invited to start their own hypothetical business in an intensive 3-day workshop.

Consulting Project in International Business Development Students discover where and how to structure an international business development.

Business Incubation Project (BIP) Students work on real case studies given by partner companies.

Workshops Business Ethics This seminar focuses on ethical issues related to the MSc in Entrepreneurship.

Strategic Leadership This course brings together the dimensions of management (leadership), strategy and governance through an intellectual journey in top management teams.

Silicon Valley Immersion Trip Over two weeks, EDHEC students will get a unique opportunity to visit leading companies and meet with top players in the Silicon Valley that is home to many of the world's largest technology corporations. Organised in partnership with the University of San Francisco, this programme provides students with a deep understanding of the unique and vital ecosystem of the Silicon Valley. On top of getting cutting-edge insights in areas of entrepreneurship, innovation and new venture creation, participants will learn tools and skills that are immediately applicable to create a new business outside or inside an established organisation. In line with the EDHEC MSc in Entrepreneurship’s curriculum, this trip combines rigorous academic contents with real-world and hands-on practical training. Its purpose is to provide students with direct interaction with the ecosystem of the Silicon Valley and to understand the cultural and business aspects of the area. Through lectures, panel discussions, individual and group exercises, case studies, short simulations, and projects and presentations students will acquire the skills required to expand their business ideas to an international level. Students will visit leading companies such as Google, YouTube among others.

A WORLD-CLASS FACULTY EDHEC Faculty, an exceptional team of international experts who blend academic excellence and industry experience, is dedicated to pushing the frontiers of knowledge by engaging in research activities. EDHEC's permanent faculty is composed of professors with PhDs from the world’s leading universities and internationally recognised for their academic and teaching skills. Visiting professors, adjunct faculty and professionals complete the faculty.

Emmanuelle Deglaire has been Professor of Law specialised in both Tax Matters and Business Structures since 2009. She received her PhD working on taxation of French partnerships with Mr Maurice Cozian. She is teaching company law, contract law, tax law and more generally, any part of business law. She has over 10 years of work experience dealing with legal & tax issues for entrepreneurs.

Olivier Beddeleem Lecturer in Law PhD in Law (expected in 2011), University of Lille II

Professor Coisne is a faculty member since 1990. Her primary teaching and research area revolves around intercultural communication and management. She teaches multidisciplinary communication and crosscultural management classes at undergraduate, graduate and executive level and is actively involved in student counselling activities.

Guergana Guintcheva Professor of Marketing PhD in Marketing, University of Montpellier

Emmanuelle Deglaire Professor of Law, Accounting, Tax & Finance PhD in Law, University of Paris

Olivier Beddeleem is a member of the Law department and Professor of Law at EDHEC Business School since 2010. His area of research is European legal strategy and comparative law. He has participated in a number of conferences and has written several articles regarding the influence of law and strategy in a European environment.

Christine Coisne Professor of Communication Skills & Cross-Cultural Management DEA in Business Administration, University of Paris Dauphine

Programme Director of the MSc in Marketing Management, Professor Guintcheva joined EDHEC in 2002. She conducts basic and applied research in marketing and consumer behaviour. Her PhD thesis dealt with the reorganisation of the shopping area into universes, as introduced by Carrefour. Her research interest covers cultural field. Current research projects address culture and sustainability (in partnership with the Musée d’Orsay), museum membership communities, museum value management, emotional outcomes into the film industry, etc.


A world-class faculty

Pamela Lirio Professor of Management PhD in Management Sciences, McGill University

Pamela Lirio is Assistant Professor of Management in the People, Markets and Humanities department at EDHEC Business School. She also has an MBA in International Management from the Monterey Institute of International Studies (California) and a BA in Communication (minor: French) from Boston College. Pamela was recently chosen an Early Career Scholar of the Work and Family Researchers Network (WFRN) and also currently serves on the Executive Board of the Women of the Academy of International Business (WAIB).

Professor of Law at EDHEC Business School, his areas of expertise are intellectual property law and e-commerce law. The Journal of Intellectual Property Law and Practice has in fact mentioned him as one of the liveliest and most influential intellectual-property educators in France. As a head columnist for the Revue Dalloz, he has published numerous articles on intellectual property law in the digital economy. Cédric Manara is an expert at the Center for “.EU Disputes”, which consults him regularly on disputes involving domain names. He is on the list of academic experts in matters of consumer law in the European Union.

Valérie Petit Professor of Organisational Behaviour & Leadership PhD in Strategy, Conservatoire National des Arts & Métiers, Paris

Cedric Manara Professor of Law PhD in Private Law, University of Versailles

Valerie Petit is Associate Professor in organisational behaviour and has been faculty member since 2005. Experienced in consulting, her primary teaching areas are organisational behaviour and leadership. In charge of the Leadership & Managerial competencies teaching chair from 2005 to 2008, she has developed new courses on leadership. She regularly develops new workshops and creative management tools in leadership, especially for top executives.

Faculty member since 1995, Professor Dauchy is mainly involved in executive education programmes. He also occupies a managerial role at EDHEC. He previously held the position of Programme Director of the EDHEC Grande Ecole (Master in Management) and has been in charge of the New Programmes Unit of EDHEC’s executive education department, now attached to the Executive Management Institute, which manages the school’s MBA and executive education seminars.

Denis Dauchy Professor of Strategy PhD in Management, University of Lille II

A world-class faculty

Valérie Duplat Professor of Accounting PhD in Strategy, Louvain School of Management

Assistant Professor since 2009, Valérie Duplat holds a Degree in Management Engineering and a PhD in Strategy from the Louvain School of Management, Catholic University of Louvain. Her research interests are in inter-firm partnerships, contract design, institutional environment and networks of technology alliances. From September 2003 to September 2007, she taught courses on International Business and Corporate Strategy at the Louvain School of Management.

Professor Uhlaner combines expertise in entrepreneurship, family business, strategy, and organisational behaviour to provide instruction to management students at EDHEC Business School where she has held the position of Professor of Entrepreneurship since fall, 2010. Author of a wide range of publications, her current research includes the effect of culture on entrepreneurship behaviour, the responsibilities of owners in privately-held firms and dynamic capabilities and practices to enhance innovation and growth in small to medium sized firms.

Lorraine Uhlaner Professor of Management PhD in Organisation Psychology University of Michigan

Adjunct Faculty Jérome Gayet, Business Development Consultant - BDC Amanda Graham, Creativity Facilitator - Equalta, London Steeve Heeley, Managing Director - Equalta, London Mathias Mondo - MM Advisory Services Mollie Painter-Morland, PhD , Professor - De Paul University, Chicago Mathieu Proust, Channel Manager OEM - Microsoft France Daniela Soukup, MBA - IMD

Being born and raised in an entrepreneurial and artistic family, I have always had an impetus drive to create, be independent, take risks and be passionate at every step of my life. During my academic year, I enjoyed hearing testimonials from entrepreneurs, be it from recent graduates or long-time professionals, participate in group projects that enhanced my teamwork skills, and meet extraordinary people to broaden my network. From day 1, you learn that entrepreneurship is more than creating and starting your own business. It is in fact about identifying, valuing, and capturing opportunities. The outcome of my academic studies at EDHEC is that I learned to see and grab every challenge as an opportunity and to develop the ability to create value and capitalise on it. Nairi Khatchadourian (France), EDHEC 2011, Entrepreneur & Designer at Nairi Khatchadourian Jewelry and Marketing Communication Manager - Odacité & The Detox Market - USA.


RESEARCH IMPACT How can research in Entrepreneurship be useful for businesses? 7 Stages for a New Business Model* by Professor Denis Dauchy


From a business idea to a successful venture. Entrepreneurs need to craft the business model! In his book, Professor Dauchy sets out his take on how to build a solid business model in the form of 7 crucial questions. The term Business Model is frequently mentioned in business without necessarily being clearly defined. And yet every Business Unit manager and budding entrepreneur needs a concrete and complete methodology in order to design a solid Business Model. “The book explains clearly what a business model is, and provides a comprehensive method for building one. There are plenty of detailed and cogent illustrations on each aspect”. The book combines a strategic perspective with directly operational concerns in 7 key stages: the compelling customer value proposition, the monetisation through a revenue model, the operational an ecosystem alignment, the economic equation, the growth model, the execution framework and the parenting advantage. *7 Étapes pour un business model solide

LegalEdhec EDHEC-Risk Institute

Research Centres

Financial Analysis & Accounting Research Centre Economics Research Centre

EDHEC has numerous established corporate partnerships, with over 107 multinationals as members of the EDHEC Business Club. These partners are vital to ensure the School's relevance to the industry and connection to the business world.

IDENTITÉ N dossier : 2006454E Date : 13/12/06 N:









Validation DA/DC :

Club Med

Validation Client :

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The programme is instrumental in providing a good knowledge base on various management subjects. A lot was also taught from an Entrepreneurial point of view. We also had frequent and inspiring testimonials from Entrepreneurs about their own experiences, challenges etc. that they faced while setting up their own businesses. At the end of the programme, I joined GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals in Belgium where I had the opportunity to drive strategic projects and really conduct myself as an ‘intrapreneur’ within a large organisation. I have now returned to India to develop my family construction business. Bhargav Jangle (India), EDHEC 2011, Director, SJ Contracts Pvt. Ltd, Pune, India

EDHEC GOVERNANCE world class faculty

As business relevance is at the core of our strategy, EDHEC has established numerous partnerships with leading companies. Business input is achieved through corporate programme sponsorships, research chairs, companies’ presentations and involvement in the training of our students. Furthermore, three boards have been created to guide EDHEC’s international strategy and to ensure that activities dovetail the needs of the global business community.

Julien Anfruns, Director General - ICOM Delphine Bresson, General Manager - Lancôme France (L'Oréal Luxe)

EDHEC Business Management Advisory Board

Jean-Marie Culpin, Group Marketing Director - Orange Olivier Devys, Founder and former-CEO - Suitehotel Jean-François Etienne, VP Customer Development - Unilever Nicolas Liabeuf, VP Brand Building - Unilever France Xavier Hochet, CEO - Capgemini Consulting France Albert Mathieu, President Food Western Europe - Mars Xavière Phisel, Associate - Sirca Executive Search Christian Polge, COO Europe - Coca-Cola Stéphane Thirion, Retail Director and Country Chair - Apple France Anne Zuccarelli, Associate Dean for Academic Programmes - EDHEC Business School

EDHEC International Advisory Board

Bruno Bich, Chairman - BIC Group, USA Christian Fadier, Global Health Care Policies & Public Affairs - Hollister Incorporated, UK Bernard Fournier, President - EDHEC Business School William K. Fung, CEO - Li & Fung Limited, Hong Kong Candace Johnson, Vice President, NeuStar, Inc., Co-initiator - Astra satellite system and SES Global Abdullah M. Mazrui, Chairman - MAZRUI Holding Company L.L.C., United Arab Emirates Franck Moison, COO - Colgate Palmolive Richard Simonin, CEO - Limoni - Chairman - EDHEC Business School International Advisory Board José de la Torre, Professor of Management, School of Business, Florida International University, USA Composed of executives and academics, the Ethics Board aims at pushing beyond the traditional academic analysis of ethics to confront companies with values at stake in terms of ethics, governance, and social and corporate responsibility. Claude Bébéar, Honorary Chairman - AXA Eric Bourdais de Charbonnière, Chairman of the Supervisory Board - Michelin SAR Jean de Nassau, Prince of Luxembourg, Chairman - WSSA (Water Solution South Africa)

EDHEC Ethics Board

Vincent Montagne, CEO - Media Participations Vianney Mulliez, CEO - Auchan Marc Odendall, Chairman - International Ethics Board and President - Odendall Foundation - Switzerland Bruno de Pampelonne, CEO - Tikehau Philippe Vasseur, Chairman - Crédit Mutuel Nord Europe Olivier Oger, Dean - EDHEC Business School Benoit Arnaud, Associate Dean - EDHEC Executive Education Stéphane Gregoir, Professor of Economics, Associate Dean of Faculty & Research - EDHEC Business School Geert Demuijnck, Professor of Ethics - EDHEC Business School 15





found employment within 4 months

What can the EDHEC Student Career Centre do for you? The Centre will assist you in finding your dream job and internship. Not only does the Centre publish over 21,000 job and internship offers every year, but it also provides career assessment and guidance. Within a month of your arrival, your potential will be assessed during the TI&CD programme (Talent Identification & Career Development) and your first recruitment fair with leading companies will be held on the Lille campus. Students will be also assisted by the Career Centre in setting up their career plan and mastering international recruitment tools. Â Unique among European business schools, the TI&CD programme has been developed to offer students valuable insights and tailored career guidance. Inspired by corporate best practices, the programme is designed to accompany and prepare students for the international recruitment process run by major companies. In 2010, the TI&CD programme was recognised as one of our best practices by AACSB and EQUIS.

TI&CD Programme 6 stages Talents identification & evaluation 10 keys managerial competencies

Workshops based on recruitment tools (CV, cover letters...)

Individual profilingÂ


Career Meetings with Senior Consultants to allow students develop their assets

Workshops based on managerial skills

Mentoring Sessions with EDHEC Graduates

found their first position thanks to the EDHEC Career Centre

carreer impact


Job & Internship Offers

Events organised by the Career Centre EDHEC Job Forum with over 120 participating companies Career Days On-campus recruitment sessions On-campus company presentations  ound Table Events - Career guidance on specific career paths. R Panels composed of alumni and professionals. Career chats and podcasts Negotiation seminars/open innovations seminars Business games

2010 MSc Placement Report Breakdown by sector 33.5%

Breakdown by function

Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics


Financial Services/Banking/Insurance






Luxury Goods




Hotel Business/Catering/Tourism




Telecom & IT

Business Development Graduate Programme

33% 25%



General Management


Banking Functions




Top Recruiters

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Club Med

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At EDHEC, there is a society for everyone ranging from sports and charities to fashion and media. Over 50 societies mobilise our students who join forces to carry out their projects including entrepreneurial ones. Particularly appreciated by our students, they are a unique opportunity to mix hard work with pleasure and it is quite frequent to see our students winning competitions and prizes such as “EDHEC United Nations”. Some of these societies such as the "Raid EDHEC" as well as the “EDHEC Sailing Cup”, with over 200 international boats involved including crews from Oxford, Princeton and UCLA, among others, have become internationally renowned.

50 Student Societies



Lille London


5 campuses Nice Paris Singapore




21 1


Lecture theatres of which one of 750 seats

Trading Room Sport

&Cultural Facilities

Built on an exceptional site of 21 acres of land, the new campus illustrates EDHEC's dynamism and innovative strategy. The Lille campus has been designed to meet the highest international standards with respect for the environment and provides students with superior pedagogical, sporting, cultural and hospitality facilities. It also offers a wide variety of extra-curricular activities.

EDHEC Alumni Association

24,000 110 Alumni

in countries

Join Us! Delphine Arnault Deputy General Manager – Christian Dior Christophe Bonduelle CEO - Bonduelle Thierry Boulfroy Managing Director - Total Singapore Delphine Bresson General Manager - Lancôme France Michaël Burke Managing Director – Fendi Brigitte Cantaloube Managing Director – Yahoo France Laurent Freixe CEO Europe - Nestlé Jacques Guers President - Xerox Limited Europe

Join EDHEC for Life! With over 24,000 alumni in 110 countries, the EDHEC Alumni association is an amazing platform where exchanges of all sorts take place. Solidarity and sharing define the values of EDHEC Alumni. As such, the association is dedicated to networking with alumni and companies. Also acting as a career booster, the association has introduced new entrepreneur-oriented services, including an Entrepreneur Club and the EDHEC Business Angels that best serve the increasing number of alumni creating their own companies.



Think Locally, Act Globally! Numerous international clubs are scattered around the world in which you will find EDHEC Alumni who will assist you in many ways. Coordinated by EDHEC Ambassadors, these clubs aim to assist newcomers to settling down in the country, boosting the EDHEC network locally and enhancing its relationship with the global business community.

Marc Hämel Managing Director - Rexam Healthcare Hugo Kunetz Managing Director Denmark - L’Oréal Stéphane Lagut Partner - Ernst & Young Japan Eric Legros CEO - Carrefour China Sanjeev Manrakhan Managing Director - Anglo-African Enterprises Albert Mathieu President Food Western Europe – Mars Mohamed Mejai CEO – Oryx Capital Xavier Mufraggi President and CEO – Club Med North America Philippe Leopold Metzger CEO – Piaget Franck Moison COO - Colgate Palmolive Gilles Normand Corporate Vice President - Nissan Motor Company Christian Polge COO Europe – Coca-Cola Benoit Testard Group Chief Executive - United Biscuits Industries Hui Yi General Manager – Beijing Pengifly Trade co Ltd 21

ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS, FEES AND FINANCIAL AID Requirements 4-year bachelor degree (or equivalent) Academic excellence GMAT score of minimum 550 (GRE accepted) English Proficiency Test (TOEFL, TOEIC or IELTS). Waivers for native English speakers.

How to apply?

Application Checklist


Online at

Completed application form


By post

Motivation letter/essay

Application pack can be downloaded on


Tuition Fees: € 19 000* Application Fees: € 60 *Without the SV immersion trip: € 16 900

A recent photograph Certified copy of passport GMAT or GRE score report English Proficiency Test score Certified copies of official transcripts and diplomas 2 signed and sealed recommendation letters

Scholarships & Financial Aid EDHEC Business School offers various scholarships to support candidates according to their profile, merits and financial situation. The Excellence Scholarship for outstanding profile candidates applying before March 31st, 2012 (up to 40% off tuition fees). The Distinction Scholarship and the Foundation Scholarship, respectively 30% and 20% off tuition fees, for high-profile candidates applying before June 30th, 2012. External scholarships and financial aid are also available to applicants. The full list can be found by country in the admission section on the website: French Embassies, Financial Aid per country, FAFSA Direct Loan, etc.

EIFFEL Scholarship Only available for applicants with a minimum GMAT score (or GRE equivalent) of 700 who have applied before December 1st, 2011. If granted, the EIFFEL scholarship offers close to €1 200 per month for the duration of the programme.

Housing & Living Costs: approx. €1 000 per month Accommodation Our dedicated Housing Department assists students in finding suitable accommodation either off campus or in our student residence.

Application Deadline: June 30th for the 2012 September intake.






Master in Management - Business Management



Part-time Apprenticeship

2 years + gap year

MSc in Arts and NGO Management This is a non-binding document. The information provided herein is subject to change without notice. EDHEC Business School reserves the right to make changes at any time.

10 months + minimum 3-month internship

MSc in Entrepreneurship

10 months + minimum 3-month internship

MSc in Global Business

10 months + minimum 3-month internship

MSc in Law and Tax Management

10 months + minimum 3-month internship

MSc in Marketing Management(1)

10 months + minimum 3-month internship

MSc in Strategy and Organisation Consultancy(2) 10 months + minimum 3-month internship

Master in Management - Financial Economics 2 years + gap year

MSc in Corporate Finance(3)

10 months + minimum 3-month internship

MSc in Finance(4)

10 months + minimum 3-month internship

MSc in Financial Markets

10 months + minimum 3-month internship

MSc in Management Control(5)

10 months + minimum 3-month internship

MSc in Risk & Investment Management 13 months

Executive MBA 18 months

Global MBA 10 months

Advanced Management Program 12 months

PhD in Finance

Residential or Executive Track

Executive Education Corporate Programme Sponsors and Programme Partner: Found from website recreated PMS






Wisdom means to have sufficiently big dreams so as not to lose sight of them while pursuing them. Oscar Wilde 23

2011 - MSc in Entrepreneurship  

EDHEC Business School Brochure MSc in Entrepreneurship

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