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Seeing food makes you want to eat it, which means that the more appetising a product appears, the greater the likelihood that the consumer will be persuaded to buy it. You know this better than anyone else and Fri-Jado Euro Products is the best company to help you entice your customers.


Fri-Jado supplies a wide range of systems for the preparation, storage and presentation of food. These are efficient, reliable and appealing systems that enable supermarkets, butchers, bakers, fast-food outlets and restaurants to tempt their customers on a daily basis.

The Fri-Jado Merchandisers are technologically innovative presentation cabinets, in which you can store and present the most diverse range of products - hot or cold - under optimal conditions. Finally, our range of bakery ovens offer the best results for all sorts of bakery products thanks to the sophisticated Dual Fan System air flow system. Fri-Jado exports its products to more than 70 countries worldwide. Distribution is carried out through individual sales offices in the UK and the US and through a worldwide network of local distributors and service organisations.

Our systems are subdivided into the product groups Cooking, Merchandising As part of the product development and Baking. process, Fri-Jado pays a great deal of The Fri-Jado cooking line consists of attention to energy saving methods and multisseries, rotisseries and combi efficiency. This is illustrated through steamers. Each piece of equipment our Cook Correction Technology. This meets professional standards, is simple technology measures abnormalities in to operate, and offers appetising the temperature curve and corrects the food presentations. Take the STG cycle automatically ensuring an energyfor example, it’s tried-and-tested efficient and consistent preparation design makes this oven the bestprocess. If you look at the overall costs selling rotisserie ever, and Fri-Jado the in both the long and the short term worldwide market leader in this field. and you compare those costs with your returns, then you will see that the Fri-Jado systems are the best systems around.

If only the best is good enough

COOKING Our cooking line consists of multisseries, rotisseries and combi steamers. Each piece of equipment meets professional standards, is simple to operate, and offers appetising food presentation. Page 4 and 5

MERCHANDISING The Fri-Jado Merchandisers are technologically innovative presentation cabinets in which you can store and present the most diverse range of products - hot or cold - under optimal conditions. Page 6 and 7

BAKING Our range of bakery ovens offer the best results for all sorts of bakery products thanks to the sophisticated auto-reverse air flow system. Page 8 and 9





◄ Deli Mutlisserie stand-alone


The Turbo Retail Combi Intelligent is a combi steamer based on steam injection technology. When desired the TRC can be double stacked with a matching rotisserie. Combining a rotisserie and a combi steamer enables you to offer both an original rotisserie chicken and a wide range of high-quality, well balanced meal items.

The Deli Multisserie is a revolution in visual cooking and merchandising. Designed to give extra prominence to your products, the Deli Multisserie allows your customers a 270-degree view of the cooking theatre. The Multisserie has a full automatic cleaning system, so cleaning can be done overnight without operator intervention. TRC+TDR 8 Intelligent ► TRC 8 Intelligent ▼

ACR 8 Intelligent ▼

The self cleaning rotisserie with a capacity for 8 spits or 7 baskets. Selfcleaning will save you at least an hour of labour every day. You have the first rotisserie oven that is as convenient for the owner and operator as it is for the customer.

The art of temptation The Turbo Deli Rotisserie is the fastest original rotisserie in the industry. Its simple controls with manual setting of time and temperature make operating the TDR manual very easy. The TDR’s cavity is fed with air, cooking a rotisserie chicken as it is meant to be: crispy and delicious while maintaining an attractive appearance for hours.

TDR 5+5 manual ► TDR 8 manual ▼

The Turbo Deli Rotisserie programmable eco TDR 5+5 Programmable eco ► TDR 8 Programmable eco ▼ features the ingenious Cook Correction Technology. It corrects variations in the cooking cycle due to half-loads, overloads, or products that fall under the average standard temperature. It measures abnormalities in the temperature curve and corrects the cycle automatically. Moreover the TDR Programmable eco has eco-cooking; cooking based on residual heat. Both the cook correction technology and eco-cooking ensure an energy-efficient and consistent cooking cycle.




▼ Multi Deck 60 4-level ▼ Multi Deck 100 4-level

Placing impulse food products near checkouts has proven to be a successful strategy in today’s grab-and-go market. With the Fri-Jado Multi Deck, your customers can pick up delicious, hot, pre-packaged snacks and meal solutions practically anywhere in the store.

▼ Multi Deck 60 3-level ▼ Multi Deck 120 3-level


The Multi Deck 3 level is a low level unit. It can easily be installed as an aisle end or integrated in your deli department without blocking your customers’ view. The large glass sides and lighting on each shelf draw extra attention to your products, boosting impulse sales.

▼ Multi Deck 60 5-level

▼ Multi Deck 120 5-level

Large glass sides of the Multi Deck 5 level provide a 180-degree view of the products. The appealing design gives outstanding product presentation which is sure to boost impulse sales.

Convincing total solutions

The Deli Merchandiser system creates the perfect deli environment. It offers its operators the ultimate in flexibility and performance. Available in 3, 4, 5 and 7* wide GN-pan sizes, both hot and cold, curved or square, in full-serve and self-serve, this is the most versatile fooddisplay system for all your products.

▲ Hot Deli 5 full-serve ◄ Cold Deli 3 self-serve

The Hot and Cold Deli can be built into existing counters or installed on a matching floor-mounted stand. These versatile units can be perfectly combined to display both your hot and cold food products in one matching design.


* 7 GN-pan not available as square, self serve and cold

Hot Deli 3 full-serve + self serve ▲ ▼ Modular Counter Hot full-serve Modular Counter Cold self-serve ▼

Create your own counter line-up in no time. Choose from a stylish range of hot, cold and ambient counters available in both full-serve and self-serve. The counters are specially designed to display your food products. Add base units for additional products or a cash desk.



◄ Bake star 10 Intelligent ▼ Bake star 3 Intelligent


The Bake Star Intelligent is available in 3, 5, 8 and 10 baking trays as standard. It features the Fri-Jado dual fan system that creates an even airflow that sets the Bake Star apart from all other ovens. These auto-reverse fans can be operated to run at various speeds per bake step. So whatever goes into the Bake Star will come out evenly baked to perfection.

The features of the Fri-Jado Bake Basic Programmable are as simple as they Bake Basic 5 ► are effective. They include three or five Bake Basic 3 ▼ baking tray positions with a tray spacing of 75mm, halogen lighting, automatic cool-down, clear display and rounded corners in the baking chamber for easy cleaning.



Fri-Jado feels that it is important to take responsibility for the care of the design, production, installation and maintenance of all their equipment itself. Only then is it possible to ensure optimum quality and to maintain FriJado’s position as the front-runner in the market place.

Fri-Jado maintains awareness of environmental and cost issues of different systems, so the customer can make a balanced choice. This allows all customers to benefit from these systems. Fri-Jado offers these systems directly to their clients (sometimes allowing their clients to participate in Market demands form the basic incentive programs). Fri-Jado prides principles of new product developments itself on keeping customers informed at Fri-Jado. Moreover, sustainability, of the latest developments, which environmental pollution and energy provide clients with the best available usage have long been core values in the techniques. policy of Fri-Jado. These values are also an important guiding principle within the R&D activities of Fri-Jado. Fri-Jado utilises the services of food technologists in order to maintain a balance between competence and food preparation. These food technologists keep a close eye on the culinary aspects of product innovations.


The company works relentlessly to develop new technologies that are both safe and environmentally friendly. Its work provides a steady stream of new electronic and mechatronic applications - innovations that you can take advantage of.


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