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CLARKVILLE SCHOOL 10 Heywards Road RD 2 KAIAPOI 7692 Phone: (03) 327 8218 Fax: (03) 327 8291 Email: Website:

MISSION STATEMENT: “To be a learning community that pursues excellence, explores opportunities and values people and the environment� 1.


In this booklet we aim to provide information about Clarkville School which, we hope, will be useful for all families, especially those enrolling new children. We look forward to a happy association with you. This booklet should be kept for future reference. Clarkville School is the centre of our community and children, families and staff are all stakeholders in this community. We want you and your children to have a real sense of ownership and belonging in this place. We know that the school environment is only one place where learning happens and we want to develop a partnership with all our community members. Parents are welcome and encouraged to be part of all school activity. All adults are learning adults and can provide meaningful learning opportunities for our children. We want you to feel a part of this place and we expect you to be involved in pursuing excellence, exploring opportunity, valuing people and valuing the environment at Clarkville. We are excited to have you here and we look forward to working with you to see our vision become a reality.


Aims of our School

At Clarkville school we believe that all learning is child centered and with appropriate support children are encouraged to lead their own learning because we believe they can. There is no mystery about learning at Clarkville, what is to be learned and how to be successful in that learning is shared with all children. We begin with the end in mind. Goal setting and reflection are daily practices, which guide our learning and help us become competent community members. We learn most when we are provided with feedback about our work and given the next learning steps. We are all responsible for our own learning and the learning of others. We have quality relationships with all learning adults and with children across all levels of the school


School Values “Seeking the RIGHT Pathways�

Our motto is a living, happening aspect of school life. RIGHT represents the values of the school and community: Respect Independence Good Manners and Great Fun Honesty Trying My Personal Best We know to Do It RIGHT at Clarkville. We act RIGHT, think RIGHT, speak RIGHT.



Our school operates an enrolment policy within a defined zone for pupils. Children may start school at the age of five years. However, it helps us with our forward planning if children are registered as likely enrolments at least a year prior to turning five. As well as your own children, you may have friends or neighbours in the area with pre-school children who could be encouraged to approach the school. When enrolling your child, either at the age of five, or on transfer from another school, you will be asked to provide the following: full name of child date of birth and a copy of birth certificate address telephone number family doctor immunisation status and a copy of immunisation certificate emergency contact numbers dental treatment information any health or other information which the school should know about With older children who are transferring from another school, it would be helpful if you could bring along any current exercise books or reports and any communications from the previous class teacher. This will hopefully make placement of your child easier and the transition period less stressful. On acceptance of enrolment you will be invited to meet with the Principal to gain some more information about the school and to fully complete the enrolment process.


School Hours

Teaching hours are:

9.00 - 10:30 : Interval (20 mins) : 10:50 - 12:30 : Lunchtime (50 mins) : 1.20 - 2.50

All children are expected to be punctual and are encouraged on arrival at school to begin the day by leading their own learning. Teachers will discuss this with children to help them understand what this might mean in their classroom. We do not have bells to indicate when learning starts and ends as learning happens all the time and everywhere. As teachers need some time for preparation we encourage children not to be at school unsupervised before 8.30am and after 3.15pm unless by prior arrangement.



The school bus has one run from Kaiapoi High School to our rural zone. Eligible bus pupils are those who live – 3.2 km from their nearest school if under 10 years and 4.8 km if over 10 years. Children who are not eligible, but who use the bus service will be levied for transport. This is payable at the start of each term on receipt of an account and as it is a user pays system is subject to ongoing support from school families. Appropriate behaviour in and around the bus is constantly stressed for the safety of all. In particular children are instructed not to cross the road until the bus has moved off and the way is clear. If you are waiting for your child, either at the school gates or at the bus stop, please ensure that you are on the same side of the road as your child. On the bus, children must stay seated and remain reasonably quiet. Parents of regular bus run users are required to advise the school office either by telephone or a note if their child will not be using the bus on an afternoon they would usually be travelling on it.


School Uniform

Our school procedure details a compulsory school uniform, which is practical, economical and attractive so that pupils will be encouraged to wear their school colours with pride. There is considerable choice available in summer and winter with some very practical options available for parents and children to consider. Full details are in the folder held in the school office and available to parents. All school uniform can be purchased from Mainland Uniforms, 511 Wairakei Road, Christchurch. See back cover for photographs and uniform list.


Transport and Parking

Sometimes we ask parents to help us out with transporting children to and from events The Board of Trustees has laid down a clear procedure for the occasions where parents provide transport for children on school outings. The procedure aims to ensure the children travel safely and are adequately supervised on those occasions when bus transport is not suitable in terms of cost or numbers. The procedure is available for parents from the school office, but key points made are that when cycling, children must wear helmets and the safety vest provided, and on school outings children in cars must wear a seat belt, the driver must be licensed and the vehicle have a current Warrant of Fitness and Registration. At all times please use the marked area adjacent to the main entrance to cross the road. Please use this crossing regardless of where your vehicle is parked across the road. Go between the cones! Parents picking up children must come into school to meet children and take them safely to the car. We do not want pupils, unescorted, crossing the road to vehicles. This applies before and after school. Do not park on the bus zone at any time during the school day. This zone must be kept clear for the bus to let children off or to turn or back into. It is not a parking zone. If you drive a large four-wheel drive vehicle or van, please park across the road outside the Hall. There is sufficient parking for larger, longer vehicles in this area and it helps to create a much safer school traffic area allowing children and parents to have a clear view when crossing the road. Please do not park in the entrance to the staff car park. Not all staff members begin work prior to 8.30am.



Sushi is available on Wednesday. This is ordered and paid for in the classroom before school. Sausage Sizzles are run by our PTA on the last Friday of each month. Orders are taken before school in each classroom. Fish and Chips are available for ordering on occasions. Lunch prices are published in the school newsletter.



Pre-school children and their parents are always welcome at any of our school functions. Preschoolers enjoy Agriculture and Pet Show days, Sports Days, Break-ups and the like. They learn that school is an exciting place that children love. Pre schoolers may also enrol as members of our school library and attend library sessions as advertised during the week. Before a child’s entry to school they are invited to come for at least three school visits.


Accidents or Sickness

Should your child have an accident or become ill at school, you will be telephoned if necessary. If you cannot be contacted at the time, the emergency contact number provided at enrolment will be rung so that your child can be collected as soon as possible. It is important that all changes of address and telephone, including emergency contact numbers are given to the office.



We ask that parents ring the school office before 9.00am if their child is to be absent. The answerphone service is ideal for this purpose. Alternatively a message may be sent to the teacher with a brother or sister. Regular attendance is vital to ensure your children's smooth progress through the school and should an absence be likely to be of a lengthy duration, a note to the teacher will ensure some work is made available during convalescence. It is important that family holidays are arranged to coincide with usual term holidays as this ensures continuity of learning. If your child is at all unwell we ask that you keep them at home as this is the only way of ensuring infection is not spread.


Medical Services

Our school is visited regularly by the Public Health Nurse who will discuss any problems with the teachers and look at children referred by the staff or parents. The visits can also include health talks to groups of children and parents as well as social welfare work. Vision and hearing tests are carried out for children in their first and seventh years. Should a test reveal a need for further attention, the parents are always informed by letter and any doubtful test is repeated again during a follow up visit. Parents or teachers may, if they wish, request that tests may be made at any other time of concern. Outbreaks of headlice occur from time to time in every school. We rely on parents to advise the school office as soon as possible if children are found to have any sign of infestation. Such calls are treated confidentially. School procedure is to circularise all parents advising that head checks are necessary and to seek the recommended shampoo from a chemist if required. If a child has a severe infestation, parents will be requested to collect the child for treatment.


Dental Treatment

All children are given regular dental checks by local Dental Therapists. Examinations and xrays are carried out at Clarkville School using portable equipment. Parents are advised if any treatment is necessary and are asked to sign a consent form before treatment is carried out. If any problems arise between treatments, parents can contact Kaiapoi Borough Dental Clinic for an appointment. All children aged two and a half years and older should be on their roll.


Scholastic Book Club


School Banking

During the year, children and parents are able to buy books at a reasonable price through this book club. Once per term children will receive information on books available and an order form. If books are required, children return their order and money to school by the closing date and books are given out when they arrive at school. All orders earn bonus points, which the school accumulates to buy resources and rewards.

School banking is available for pupils on Wednesday mornings. Bank books are returned to the classroom by Friday ready for the following week. Further details are available from the school office. From 2010, ASB banking will be available for pupils.


School Donation

Government funding supplies the basic needs for the school and the PTA maintains a programme of fundraising to supplement basic grants and thereby enrich our children's schooling. To relieve the constant pressure on the PTA, the Board of Trustees requests that parents pay an annual donation to school funds. The present rate, which is reviewed annually, is $80 for one child, $100 for two children and $110 for three or more children at school. In recent years this funding has been used for additional sports gear, library books, computer software, extending language materials and specialist teacher support. Donations requests are sent out in the first term each year and receipts are issued for tax purposes.



Exercise books, pencils, rubbers, rulers etc are available for sale at the office before school commences. Children are expected to have all necessary items for class workParents are welcome to make purchases outside the school if they so wish.


Lost Property


Activity Fee


After School Care

All items of clothing, bags and lunch boxes are to be named. Lost property is placed in a bin in the Library foyer and may be claimed from there. Parents seeking lost items should first check cloakrooms, the child's desk and the Library foyer before asking at the office.

Most terms additional activities are planned to add to our students’ learning. These activities supplement learning experiences at school and often require payment. The amount varies from term to term as it is calculated on the actual cost of the activities planned. We try to keep this cost to a minimum and subsidise activities where possible. You will receive notification of activity costs, if there are any, at the beginning of each term.

An after school care programme for our school pupils operates in the MPF. Further information is available from the school office or by visiting them, SKIDS (Safe Kids in Daily Supervision Ltd), in the MPF after 3.15pm or contact Jan Hardy 03 327 6175.




Three Way Conferences

If you feel that a problem has developed for your child at school, a prompt approach to the class teacher involved should always be the first course of action. Should you find that the problem cannot be resolved, contact should be made with the Principal who will take the action which seems to be the most appropriate in the circumstances. If this is still not to your satisfaction and you feel the problem is sufficiently serious, you can then put it in writing to the Chairperson of the Board of Trustees. It will then be investigated by the Board and a reply given. Any direct approach to the Ministry of Education or other authority will only be referred back to the procedures mentioned above and acted on if they are found wanting.

We value children, parents and teachers working together to plan for great learning to happen. At the beginning of each year parents and children meet with their teacher to set learning goals and discuss the classroom programme. We ask parents to help with goal setting each term – this may take the form of a meeting or completing goal setting sheets that are sent home. At the beginning of Term 3 we ask the children to host their parents in a three way conference with their classroom teacher. At these conferences the children will share their learning successes and next steps and the teachers

will support them by providing feedback about their learning. Learning Pathways will be sent home each term to report on achievement to parents. If at anytime you would like to discuss your child's progress with their teacher you are welcome to make an appointment. After new entrants (5 year olds) have had 6 weeks at school their parents are contacted for an interview with the class teacher. These interviews provide an opportunity to discuss how well a child is settling into school routines, discuss assessments that have been completed and to share any concerns that parents or teachers may have.


Board of Trustees

A Board of Trustees of five elected parents, an elected staff representative, and the Principal is chosen every three years. Up to four others may be co-opted for varying periods of time, as the Board requires. The Board can adopt an 18-month cycle for changes in personnel and elections. The Board is responsible for the governance of our school as set out in the School Trustees Act 1989. Their tasks include maintenance of the School Charter, establishing school policy, monitoring finances, maintaining the property and assets, appointment of staff on the recommendation of the Principal and reporting regularly on the school's achievements. The Board meets on Thursdays of Weeks 4 and 9 of each term at 5.30pm in the school staffroom. These are open meetings and all parents and members of the public are welcome to attend.


Parent Teacher Association (P.T.A.)

This organisation has been formed to promote good communication and understanding between parents and teachers for the benefit of the children. The PTA is the official fundraising arm of the Board of Trustees and works vigorously to provide additional equipment for teaching, playground and sport. Your support and assistance is always appreciated. The PTA also host fortnightly coffee mornings. This is a great opportunity to catch up with other parents and staff in an informal setting.


Administration Staff

School administration staff are available in the office from 8.30am until 12.30 and from 1.00 to 3.30pm.

While all staff hold current first aid certificates, Mrs MacIntosh is responsible for sick or injured children. Parents will be contacted should there be a need for any treatment beyond first aid.


Telephone Calls and email Contact

Parents are welcome to contact the school by telephone to report an absence, or request a message be given to their child. Whenever possible these calls should be made before 10.00am or after 2.30pm. Alternatively a message may be left on the answer machine. Outgoing calls by pupils for appropriate reasons are permissible but only when approved by a teacher. Calls to arrange social visits etc are not permitted. Each class is assigned a PTA representative who will phone or email messages as necessary.



A school Newsletter is sent home fortnightly, on Fridays, with the eldest child in the family. The newsletter is a way of engaging our community in what we are doing at Clarkville. We use the newsletter as a means of keeping you informed about school events, helping you understand what learning is about and celebrating our children’s successes. Newsletters and notices are also sent out via email. If you wish to receive these electronically please ensure the office has your correct details.


CIA Seminars

Clarkville Information Acquisiton seminars are held regularly thoughout the year. These take a variety of forms and are aimed at helping our parents gain a deeper understanding of current teaching and learning. These seminars also provide an opportunity for us to consult and dialogue with parents.



Student led school assemblies are held fortnightly on Fridays at 2.05 pm in the MPF. Children take the opportunity to present aspects of learning and celebrate successes. We encourage parents and families to join us at these assemblies.


Relationship Management

At Clarkville School all members of the staff are expected to take collective responsibility for the welfare and learning of all children. Each teacher has a specific group of children on their class list that they are directly responsible for, but it is expected that there is pastoral care and interest and attention paid to all children by all staff. Clarkville School’s values programme underpins how we relate to each other. The values are discussed at class and buddy group circle times and are noticed and acknowledged by staff. In assembly children are given “Do it RIGHT awards� for living these values in the classroom and playground. It is our belief that the children are familiar with these values and make their behaviour choices with these values in mind most of the time. We believe that certainty rather than severity is the best way for us to handle inappropriate behaviour. There is no set step system or agreed on set of actions to follow in the event of a child behaving in an inappropriate way. We utilise Restorative Practices to ensure that the perpetrator of a physical or verbal attack and the victim are involved and engaged in the restoration process.


Gifted and Talented Programme

Clarkville School has a Gifted and Talented programme. This programme is designed to complement class programmes and provide additional extension to identified pupils. Included in this programme are extra curricular activities such as Sirius, Kids Congress, Leadership training, Cantamaths team, CanRead team, Debating/Speech team and sporting extension.


Special Needs

Every possible opportunity is taken to provide for the individual special needs of our pupils and we are fortunate to be able to provide specialised reading recovery at the six-year-old level. For all pupil needs, whether they need support or extension, some funding is available from the Board of Trustees to provide group or one-to-one teacher aide support. Assistance from the psychological services, speech therapist and health nurse are readily available as well as advisers in various curriculum areas.


Home Learning and Pathway Awards

At Clarkville we examined research into great homework practice and have an understanding that the most useful types of homework are Reading, Basic Facts and Spelling practice. All children can expect to be asked to complete these kinds of homework on a regular basis. We also offer a Home learning programme that children in years 4-8 can choose to participate in. The Stepping Stones and Pathways programmes consists of a series of challenges across

a range of categories. These categories currently include Physical Activity and the Outdoors, Service to the school, Academic Excellence, Art and Media Studies, Health and the Environment, Financial Literacy, Culture and Heritage, Careers Education and Giving. Children work towards a series of awards with most of the activities being completed as home learning or in negotiated times at school. These awards are designed to motivate, challenge, encourage and reward our excellent students. The awards range from Bronze to Platinum. Children completing the programme demonstrate that they are successful learners and have developed key competencies in manging themselves and participating and contributing.


Care of School Property

Where children have specific control of school property or equipment, such as laptops and books, and they lose or damage it beyond reasonable wear and tear, parents may be asked to meet the replacement cost.


Litter Free

In order to promote care for the environment with our children we are a litter free school. This means we do not have rubbish bins for lunch litter in our playground or classrooms. Children are encouraged to have litter free lunches and any litter that they do bring to school must go home again in their lunch boxes. We will continually promote environmental sustainability with our children at any opportunity.



Our excellent covered pool means that all classes are given regular tuition during an extended season. It is appreciated if parents ensure that children bring their swimming gear each day and that all gear, including goggles, is named. Our swimming programme helps develop competence and water safety skills. Swimming sports for senior pupils and a swimming demonstration for our juniors are important events on our calendar. Pool keys are available each season, for a fee, to allow our school families to use the facility out of school hours. Key holders are asked to sign an indemnity, abide by pool rules and respect the facility. Key holders are also asked to assist with monitoring the pool during the holidays.



We have a very well equipped, computerised library, which is open for borrowing each morning interval and lunchtime as well as during class time. Please encourage your children to use this facility, return the books on the due date and take good care of them.


Agricultural Club / Pet Show.

Children will have the opportunity to participate in Pet Day and/or the Agricultural Club. Pet and garden projects happen in Term 4. Trophies and certificates are awarded to competition winners. Each year a schedule is issued to those children interested in entering a pet or garden. This outlines procedures, judging and other relevant information about the various projects.


Music Festivals

Our school participates in a number of Music Festivals in the North Canterbury and Christchurch area. Currently we have a choir and an instrumental group. Both of these groups are open to children from Year 4-8. We also offer guitar lessons through the Christchurch School of Music. These are held at school during school time on Friday mornings. In 2010 a range of brass and woodwind instrument lessons will be available through the KBS Allstars programme. Details are available from the office.


P.E and Sports

All children particpate in a comprehensive PE programme with a specialist teacher and with their classroom teacher. Children may represent the school in interschool competitions. Our regular sporting fixtures include Term 1: Swimming Sports, Tryathlon Term 2: Cross Country Term 3: Ski Trip Term 4: Athletics, Tennis We have a basketball team which competes in an after school competition. Winter sport fixtures are held against other local schools, usually in Rugby, Netball and Football.



The Year 7 and 8 pupils travel to the Technology Centre at Kaiapoi Borough School once a week where they receive instruction in Woodwork, Metalwork, Food and Fibre Technology, Electronics and Plastics from specialised teachers. The Board of Trustees subside the cost of this by 50% with parents paying the balance. This account is usually due by the end of Term 1.



Alongside learning in Literacy and Numeracy our children participate in innovative learning experiences in and out of the classroom which are based in curriculum areas including Science, Social Sciences, Technology and Health. We use Inquiry Learning to help the children develop their understanding of how the world works and we challenge their thinking with provocative statements or big questions which they will be able to answer as a result of their learning experiences. We encourage the children to take the knowledge they gain in Inquiry Learning and use it to make a difference in their own lives, in the lives of others and in the world. What this means is that often children will be involved in learning with teachers other than their classroom teacher and in places other than school. It also means that not all children learn the same thing at the same time. We value parent assistance and participation in Inquiry Learning and will provide details of opportunities where you can support your child in this process.


Outdoor Education

All classes go on out-of-school educational trips from time to time. These are related to current units of work and are planned to stimulate the children's interest in their local environment of Clarkville and Kaiapoi and into Christchurch. Parent support is often requested to assist with supervision and sometimes transport. Notices to parents will provide full details of each trip before it is undertaken. Students in Rooms 5/6, 7 and 8 have the opportunity to enjoy outdoor education weeks at a wide range of venues. Parent contribution and help is always very welcome. ~~~~~ We hope that you will find this booklet a helpful reference in the time of your association with Clarkville School. If you have any queries it does not answer, always feel free to ask. We look forward to a positive partnership between our school and your family.

SCHOOL CALENDAR_____________________________________________________ February

Swimming weeks Goal Setting Interviews Launch Day Community Celebration Clarkville School Swimming Sports Tryathlon Senior Camps (perhaps November.)


North Canterbury Swimming Sports


School Donation paid Swimming Pool closes Term holidays Learning Pathways issued


Cross Countries Famine Camp


Music Festival Disco High School evenings for new families Learning Celebrations


Term holidays Learning Pathways and 3 Way Conferences North Canterbury Cantamaths


Cantamaths Speech Competitions begin


Young Canta Speaks Learning Celebrations


Term holidays Agricultural / Pet Show Disco School photographs Swimming pool opens


School Athletic Sports North Canterbury Athletics Championships Year 8 Wellington Camp


School Garden Judging Learning Celebrations Year 8 End of year event Prize Giving and Graduation

2010 Staff Email: Website: Phone (03) 327 8218 fax (03) 327 8291

Principal: Pene Abbie Deputy Principal: Belinda Buchanan BOT Chairperson: Bill Herbison PTA Chairperson: Andrew Morison Room 1 & 2 Belinda Buchanan, Sue Edwards, Chris Goldsack Room 3

Lynda Meyer

Room 4

Sarah Webster

Room 5 & 6 Kristie Everest, Lynley Brocket Room 7

Steve Hunt

Room 8

Nicole Ley


Grant Buchanan


Susan Caddie


Kathryn MacIntosh

Teacher Aides: Kaz Berry, Christine Johnston Caretaker:

John Meyer


Eileen and Keith Mitchell

CLARKVILLE SCHOOL UNIFORM - supplied by MAINLAND UNIFORMS, Wairakei Rd, ChCh Prices as at 1 April 2008 Choices can be made from the following: Girls


Culottes: from $29.95


Cardigan: $34.95

Royal / monogrammed

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Navy ( sweatshirting )

Shorts: $29.95

Navy (drill or Knit)

Trackpants: $29.95

Navy ( sweatshirting/ double knee )

Polo Shirts: $24.95

Royal Blue / monogrammed

Sweatshirts: $29.95

Royal Blue / monogrammed

Polar Fleece: $44.95

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Navy ( taslon / zip leg )

Sports Shorts: $26.00

Navy ( mesh knit / breathable )

Sports Top: $24.95

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Sports Jacket: $40.00

Royal / white : monogrammed

Hats: $9.95

Navy / bucket

Mainland Uniforms accepts credit card orders by phone. These orders are mailed to parents, at a small cost. Second hand uniform enquiries - please contact Debbie Morison 03 312 6050

Clarkville School Information Booklet 2013  

Clarkville School Information Booklet

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