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National Equestrian Academy

Stable Procedures - Sport Horse National Certificate in Equine (Stable Procedures) – Level 3


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National Equestrian Academy Stable Procedures - Sport Horse National Certificate in Equine (Stable Procedures) – Level 3


About The Academy The National Equestrian Academy (NEA) is based in Rangiora at Community College North Canterbury in a beautiful rural setting. The indoor-outdoor classroom provides a pleasant working environment for our students and a high proportion of our programme is practically based. Students ride and work with a variety of Academy horses onsite, gaining a range of experiences and a better understanding of individual horses and breeds. The practical day to day experience with the horses provides students with a definite advantages in terms of a richer understanding of the theoretical elements of the programme. Additional expertise, resources and work placements provided from local industry professionals are also highly valued. The Academy has an outstanding reputation in the equine industry with job opportunities often offered to our students before the end of their training. Students have the opportunity to gain employment in polo, racing, sport horse, endurance, stud farms and other areas of the industry in New Zealand, England and Australia.

The Programme We are offering a 31 week programme incorporating the National Certificate in Equine (Stable Procedures) - Level 3 (Sporthorse Stable Assistant). Our programmes are accredited for student loans and allowances, and small class sizes mean that students have regular one-on-one time with the tutors. The stable procedures course is designed to prepare students for entry into the equine industry. The main aim of the course is to give a good understanding of stable management, horse care and health, and the ability to ride a horse for exercise.

facilities • A variety of school horses to suit different disciplines and levels for training • Over 7 hectares of established pasture • A stable complex • Cross country fences • Show jumps • Covered teaching/working area • All weather arena • Wash Bay • Round yard • Large tack room • Hay shed • Feed room • Exercise track

Limited FREE Youth Places

If you are 16-19 years old please enquire about the FREE Youth places available within our programme.



Students work towards NZQA units covering both theoretical knowledge and practical day-to-day care and keeping of horses.

The Stable Procedures course runs from February to October each year. Students are required to attend course from Monday to Friday 8:30am until 4:00pm. Students are offered work experience on Fridays about half way through the year at a variety of equine establishments however students will need to supply their own transport.

Our programme incorporates a National Certificate at Level 3 of the National Qualifications Framework. For more details of the unit standards covered in our 2013 programme please see pages 9 - 11.

Skills covered in Programme • Riding skills and knowledge • Lunging • Paddock care and maintenance • Stable management • Handling horses • Grooming and turn out • Clipping

• Basic equine first aid • Tractor driving • Horse health and welfare • Anatomy • Feeding & fitness • Knowledge of and fitting of saddles and equipment in the sport horse sector • Career talks and industry visits


Home of the National Equestrian Academy The National Equestrian Academy is situated at North Canterbury Community College, the longest established college of Community College New Zealand (ComCol) and nestled on the eastern boundary of Rangiora. For over 30 years ComCol has provided hands on industry training towards employment throughout the South Island. Every year we see a continuous succession of learners of all ages gaining National Certificate in a range of programmes at our colleges. Community College North Canterbury is extremely proud of the National Equestrian Academy’s success and the outstanding reputation it has gained in the equine industry. Many of our students have gone on to fill top positions in polo stables, racing stables, endurance, and stud farms, both in New Zealand, and overseas.

Head Tutor - Ashley Hopewell Ashley has been with the Academy since 2008 after moving to New Zealand from England. She is an accomplished rider with a passion for show jumping and eventing. Her industry experience includes working with sport horses, breaking and training young stock, polo, and training young riders. Ashley studied at Hartpury College (UK) in horse management and breeding and has a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science. She says the Academy is a great place for students to turn their passion for horses into a career and she finds it rewarding to be able to assist and mentor her students towards their goals.

lndustry Specialists The National Equestrian Academy employs experienced and qualified instructors who have coached and trained throughout the world. These specialists are classically trained and they prioritize safety and horse and rider care. The Academy also use guest coaches and mentors with a variety of experiences and accomplishments to enhance the students’ learning experience.

Student Testimonials “The best thing about the National Equestrian Academy is the awesome support students receive throughout the course and afterwards. It was a fun year with great experiences. I have learned heaps and it’s given me the tools for a good start in the industry. I’d recommend the National Equestrian Academy to anyone wanting a career with horses.” Isabelle Van Druenen “I entered the National Equestrian Academy because I wanted to get into the equine industry. It helped me gain the knowledge I needed to seek employment. It was great having lots of different horses to work with, which all had different levels of experience. I was able to reach my goal due to the helpful tutors. I would thoroughly recommend the National Equestrian Academy to anyone.” Ashleigh Rennie


...the first step in a successful career in the Equine Industry.


Our Equestrian Academy students gain the skills required for employment in the industry.


Preparing You for the lndustry Learn new Practical and Horse Management Skills This programme is designed to prepare you for entry into the equine industry. You will receive hands-on training in a range of practical and horse management skills including stable management; horse care and health; and the ability to ride a horse for exercise.

Additional Activities You will take time out from the classroom to participate in a range of group activities.

Employment Skills You will learn a number of skills that help you to prepare for employment: • Curriculum Vitae preparation • Interview skills • Regular work experience placements • Guided job research

Skills covered in Programme Successful completion of this course will ensure you leave with the level of competence required for a competitive career in the equine industry. This programme will also give you a solid grounding in horsemanship and riding skills.

Community Colleges New Zealand ComCol has colleges throughout the South Island, each providing a different range of learning opportunities to meet the needs of their local community. Our mission is to provide an environment of excellence where we can achieve the highest potential and success for all of our learners. ComCol has a strong commitment to our students to provide quality, student focused learning. This commitment is reflected in the passion shown by staff, the peer support and collegiality, the academic achievements of our students and their respect for our values and environment; and the support of local business in provision of work placements and employment opportunities for the students. We offer a kinaesthetic (hands-on practical) learning environment based on recognition that the majority of our students prefer to learn kinaesthetically, however, you will have a chance to discover and use your own preferred learning style.

Pastoral Care and Support Our students come first. Classes are small and our staff are friendly, supportive and approachable, focused on individual success. We support our students by providing internal support and maintaining relationships with external support agencies, eg local agencies and counselling services. This ensures that student welfare needs beyond the expertise of internal support staff may be treated without judgment and with urgency. We are keen that students are well informed about their training and the College. The College values, rules, regulations, and procedures for complaints, assessment and appeals are published and openly displayed in areas freely available to students and other stakeholders. We open doors for students to enter the workplace by encouraging and supporting our staff to interact within their industries and their wider communities, to liaise with employers to provide opportunities for student participation in work experiences and employment.



....We are proud of our values that underpin our learning environment. Integrity




National Equestrian Academy National Certificate in Equine (Stable Procedures) Sporthorse Stable Assistant - Level 3

programme details

NZQA Reference : 0654 Duration : 31 weeks Credit Total : 103 EFTS Value : 0.8583

This Qualification consists of the following learning blocks: Id .




1 1 2

2 2 4

C120303.1 Personal Skills - 14 from 35 credits (8 compulsory & 6 elective)

64 Perform calculations for the workplace 525 Recognise sexual harassment and describe ways of responding to it 17593 Apply safe work practices in the workplace

Credit Total - Compulsory 8 548 1277 1293 3501 3503 4261 9707 12355 24704 24709

Demonstrate knowledge of management of alcohol and other drugs Communicate information in a specified workplace Be interviewed in an informal one-to-one, face-to-face interview Demonstrate knowledge of and apply listening techniques Participate and communicate in a team or group to complete a routine task Identify legal rights and obligations in relation to owning and operating a private motor vehicle Demonstrate knowledge of workplace communications requirements Describe stress and ways of dealing with it Demonstrate knowledge of banking products and services for personal financial management Produce a balanced budget for an individual

1 2 1 1 1

2 3 2 3 2

2 1 2

3 5 2

2 1

2 3

Credit Total Elective (6 required) 27 Credit Total Core Skills - Compulsory and Elective (14 required) 35


Id .




C050108.5 Equine Care - 18 credits


Receive and despatch horses




Clean stables




Prepare a horse for travel by road, and load and unload




Groom a horse








Demonstrate knowledge of the procedure for bringing a horse into work after a spell and letting down

6622 Analyse horse feed and stable horses

Credit Total 18

C050108.6 Equine Health - 14 credits

6580 Recognise and describe how to deal with an emergency situation involving horses



14594 Demonstrate knowledge of horse anatomy, and identify signs of good health and ill health in horses



19949 Identify basic components and functions, and common problems of horses’ body systems



25003 Identify horses’ anatomy and conformation



Credit Total 14

C050108.7 Equine Industry Skills - 15 credits

1660 Identify, catch, and prepare a horse for exercise



6579 Clean and maintain saddlery for horses



6623 Demonstrate horse clipping technique



19459 Demonstrate knowledge of the operation of, and erect temporary electric fences in an equine environment



19461 Demonstrate knowledge of pasture production methods for an equine establishment



23973 Perform safe work practices with an outside contractor in an equine industry



Credit Total 15

C050108.8 Equine Industry Knowledge - 14 credits

1658 Demonstrate knowledge of the nature and requirements of a career in the equine industry






23645 Demonstrate knowledge of the nature of horses



25443 Demonstrate knowledge of the gear and procedures used in the exercise of horses



Demonstrate knowledge of the structure of the horse’s foot, the horse shoeing process and remedial shoeing

Credit Total 14

C050108.9 Equitation - 8 credits

1619 Ride a horse in a balanced position at different gaits on the flat and over 50 to 60cm fences






Ride a horse in a balanced position at walk, trot and canter on the flat and over undulating country

Credit Total 10.


Id .



1623 Prepare a horse for show




Care for a horse’s paddock, and horses in a paddock



1626 Lunge a horse for training



6612 Identify plants, grasses, and trees which are potentially poisonous to horses, and describe methods of removal



24754 Demonstrate knowledge of the history and evolution of equestrian sport



25979 Demonstrate knowledge of and fit and remove studs on horses’ shoes in the sport horse sector




C050108.10 Sporthorse Stable Assistant - 20 credits

Credit Total 20

National Certificate in Equine

(Stable Procedures) Sporthorse Stable Assistance - Level 3 entry requirements This is a fee paying course, however there are limited fees-free Youth Guarantee places for 16-19 year olds. The main requirement for entry to this programme is a passion for horses and their care. Students need to have some experience riding horses and be capable of handling horses. Applicants are required to have the physical capability to successfully complete the course. A Driver’s Licence and a vehicle are preferable, but not essential. Acceptance as a student on the programme is at the discretion of College staff.

Tuition fees The Tuition fees for this programme are the total compulsory costs associated with its delivery. This fee has been subsidised through the Ministry of Education’s “Full-Time Equivalent Student (EFTS) based funding.

Tuition Fee: $4108

course RELATED COSTS There are a number of course related items that are required for the programme and which can be purchased from us. Payment for these is due at the same time as your course fee. You may use this list to support your application for the ‘course related costs’ component when applying for your Student Loan. Youth Guarantee students will have access to the following course related costs at no charge.

1 x Set of reading material and workbooks $235 1 x NZQA Unit Standards Credit Fees $163 Adventure activities $260 Subtotal $658 Less NEA Materials subsidy $216 Total $442

OTHER ESSENTIAL EQUIPMENT All students will also need the following items with them on the first day and may already have these items at home. If you have any problems obtaining any items on the list please talk to us prior to the start of your course. Please also talk to us if you need to purchase any of these items for more detailed specifications. • Jeans or jodhpurs • Chapettes or chaps • Jodhpur boots (no commando lug treads or smooth sole) • Helmet (NZ Safety Standard) • Back protector • Wet weather gear • Tidy jeans, shorts, sweatshirt and t-shirt for classroom work

Limited Grazing The National Equestrian Academy has limited grazing places for student’s horses to accompany them to college. This is subject to availability and at an additional cost. Please enquire for more information.


Essential Information for Students - Advanced Learning Programmes If you are studying on this programme under Youth Guarantee some of the following information will not apply, particularly regarding tuition fees and student loans. Please refer to the Student Handbook for more information on the following points. All programmes delivered by Community Colleges New Zealand (ComCol NZ) are kinaesthetic – that is they involve hands-on, practical training so you learn by doing. Our programmes are based on NZQA unit standards and will provide you with the skills and knowledge that you require so that you can best pursue your chosen career.

What you will achieve

Fee Protection

By successfully completing an Advanced Learning Programme you will have learned valuable skills that can be put to use in the industry you have chosen. Community College students will be awarded the appropriate NZQA unit standards and national certificates, providing nationally recognised certification of the skills and standards achieved. If you need further information on the programme that you have chosen to study, or if you need assistance in selecting the programme that best suits you, please contact the Student Support Advisor at your Community College.

ComCol NZ operates a system of fee protection that meets the statutory requirements under the Education Act 1989 (Section 236A) and NZQA policy. All fees are held in a trust account which is independent of ComCol NZ accounts. Funds are released to the College only as you progress through your programme. This guarantees a pool of money that covers the unused portion of fees paid at all times, should repayments become necessary. You will be required to sign a “Form of Student Acknowledgement” as part of your enrolment process.This provides further details about the Trust account. If you are under 18 years old your parent or guardian will also need to sign this form.

Fee Information All ComCol NZ Advanced Learning Programmes are subject to Tuition Fees payable by students. For details on fees payable for particular programmes refer to each programme brochure or contact your local Community College campus.

Tuition Subsidy

The Tuition Fees detailed in each programme are the total compulsory costs associated with the delivery of that programme.

ComCol NZ receives Government funding for Advanced Learning Programmes through the Ministry of Education’s “Full-Time Equivalent Student” (EFTS) based funding. This is a subsidy towards tuition costs of the programmes and is taken into account when setting the tuition fees payable by students. The EFTS funding is received for full time domestic students only.

Course Related Costs

Refund Policy

Tuition Fees

The ‘Course Related Costs’ detailed in each programme are additional costs, and are expenses associated with textbooks, NZQA credit registration and certification fees, special clothing and equipment, field trips etc, and are our best estimates, as they incorporate costs outside of our control. Payment of any course costs must be made prior to ComCol NZ committing itself to the particular expense.

Deposit All programmes require a deposit of 10% of the tuition fees or $500 (whichever is less) on acceptance of your application and confirmation of your enrolment. The receipt of your deposit will indicate your commitment to joining the programme.

Balance of Tuition fees Full Tuition Fees, less the deposit paid, are due at either the end of the fourth week of the programme, or on the approval of your Student Loan. Please note carefully your responsibility for the fees. If you have any questions at all relating to fees, please ask your Community College Student Support Advisor.


If the programme you have selected is cancelled, any fees paid will be refunded in full. If you withdraw from the programme within the first eight training days, you will receive a refund subject to a maximum deduction of $500.00 or 10% of the fee, whichever is less. If you withdraw on day nine or later from the commencement of your programme, no refund will be made. In circumstances where a student considers his or her withdrawal from the programme to be the result of extraordinary circumstances, the Directors will consider a written application for a refund.

Recognition of Learning and Credit Transfer

If, for any reason, you are unable to complete your programme at ComCol NZ, units and credits already achieved toward National Certificate or Diploma qualifications are automatically recognised by other providers. This allows you to complete your qualification at any other accredited provider offering that qualification.

Cancellation of Programmes

How much can I borrow?

ComCol NZ reserves the right to cancel any programmes at any time, and any fees paid will be refunded in full.

For the most up-to-date information on student loan entitlements please visit or call 0800 88 99 00

Programme details may be subject to change. Programme commencement will be subject to sufficient enrolments, and the availability of adequate staff and resources. In the event of changes being made due to unforeseen circumstances, enrolled students will be informed.

• Tuition Fees: You can borrow either part of the total amount of your compulsory fees • Course-related costs: An annual amount for costs such as equipment, text books and field trips. • Living costs: A weekly amount for living costs while you are studying. This is dependent on the amount you receive for your Student Allowance.

Student Safety – Policies and Procedures

What about interest?

ComCol NZ is keen that you have a positive and safe experience while you are with us. We have policies and procedures covering all aspects of health and safety. Details of these are available from the Student Support Advisor at your local Community College.

Student loans for borrowers living in New Zealand for 183 or more consecutive days are interest-free. If you’re eligible for an interest-free student loan, the interest will be charged and then written off automatically on a daily basis. This includes any interest charged by StudyLink.

Complaints Any complaint should first be directed to your tutor or College Manager. If you are unable to satisfactorily resolve any complaints through the College’s internal procedures students are able to contact the New Zealand Qualifications Authority on 0800 724 357 or at PO Box 160 Wellington.

Student Loans and Allowances Who administers Student Loans & Allowances? StudyLink is responsible for administering Student Loans and Student Allowances. You can contact them on 0800 88 99 00 or through their web site If you require any assistance please contact the College Student Support Advisor.

Student Loans What is a Student Loan? Student Loans can be used to help finance your studies. To get a Student Loan you have to be a New Zealand citizen or have been granted permanent resident status. The Student Loan is made up of four separate parts: • Compulsory fees (tuition fees); • Course-related costs; • Living costs; • Administration fee

How do I get one? To get a loan you will have to be enrolled in a programme that is approved by the Ministry of Education. All ComCol NZ Advanced Learning Programmes are approved by the Ministry of Education. To get a loan for living costs your programme must be full-time.

Student Allowances What is a Student Allowance? Student Allowances are for full-time students who are on an approved programme at a recognised institution. It is paid to help you with your living expenses while you study full-time.

How do I get one? You can get a Student Allowance if you are: • 18 years of age or over (some 16-17 year olds may be eligible) • A full-time student, (or with StudyLink approval for exceptions) • On a recognised programme at an approved institution • A New Zealand citizen or permanent resident.

How much will I receive? The amount you receive depends on: • Whether you are under or over 25 years of age • Whether you are single, living with a partner or supporting children • Your parents income (if you are under 25 years) • Whether you or your partner have other income, or your partner is a student • Whether you live away from your parents or partner while you are studying. • Previous usage of Student Allowances StudyLink can advise you after considering your particular circumstances. Please visit or call 0800 88 99 00.



Application/Enrolment Procedure


1. Complete the Community College application/enrolment form either enclosed or download the application form from our website 2. Deliver or send your completed application/enrolment form to the Community College North Canterbury campus. 3. Receipt of your application/enrolment form will be acknowledged by phone, by letter, or in person. 4. An interview with the tutor will be arranged, which will include a short riding assessment. 5. Community Colleges New Zealand Ltd will select the successful applicants and advise all applicants of the outcome. 6. Your enrolment will be completed and an invoice sent for the programme fees. 7. You send us your deposit to secure place and finalise arrangements for loans etc. 8. Pay fees and commence programme.

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029 770 5423 140 East Belt Rd, Rangiora find us on facebook The National Equestrian Academy is based at Community College North Canterbury, one of the South Island colleges administered by Community Colleges New Zealand.

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