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Bekipor®, serving your industry

Being close to you is key to the Bekaert strategy. That’s why you can always count on your local Bekaert specialist. We speak your language and we know your business. If you want to find out what Bekipor® high quality filter media can do for you, make sure to contact one of our experts in your area:

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Bekaert Bekipor® - Reducing your total cost in filtration applications

Highly porous, world-class, stainless steel fibre media



Discover Bekipor® 30 years of quality steel fibre media

With over 30 years experience, Bekaert Fibre Technologies was the pioneer to design, develop and produce stainless steel fibers. Through the

Bekaert Fibre Technologies provides you with solutions for the most demanding applications. With Bekipor®, we created a

years, we remained the undisputed technology

family of uniquely designed metal fibre, non-woven media that

and market leader in the development and design

perfectly matches your quality, productivity, handling and

of stainless steel, fibre-based, non-woven media.

maintenance requirements.

Currently, we are the largest producer of stainless steel fiber media worldwide. As such, we can handle any situation and actively search for

Why choose metal fiber media?

solutions to match your specific applications. The superior properties of stainless steel fibres allow you to We provide standard and custom-made solutions to perfectly match your quality, capacity, specification, handling and maintenance require-

use them in a diversity of completely different applications and environments. The extensive range of the Bekipor® family

ments. Furthermore, we offer expert advice and

offers you the best product to fit your needs, each and every

technical support throughout the entire filter

time. Thanks to their unique structure, Bekipor® offers you a

media solution’s life cycle.

multitude of features advantageous to your process.

In short: whatever your industry, we serve it.

Constant innovation

Some of its key benefits are high porosity, homogeneous web structure, constant fibre diameter, increased corrosion and temperature resistance, incremented dirt holding capacity,

Bekaert is technological leader in advanced

high strength, good pliability, labyrinth-like flow path and

solutions based on metal transformation and

enhanced cleanability.

coatings. Furthermore, we are constantly innovating. Through this unique combination, we can produce steel fibres for a wide range of

Furthermore, a wide choice of different alloys, fibre diameters,

industries. Over 600 engineers and researchers

web structures and unit weight, layer configurations, sintering

work closely together with customers to create

degrees, size of sheets and rolls make the numbers of

solutions tailored to their needs.

combinations infinite. Can’t find the right offering in this extensive list? No problem, we will gladly develop the specific product you need, in house and in no time.



How can Bekipor® enhance your process?

Proven strengths in all your market segments

The Bekipor® family is comprised of stainless steel sintered fibres with superior properties, which allows you to use them in a range of completely different applications and environments. Take a look at the many features and benefits of Bekipor® and discover how our unique design can boost your

Below are some of the possible applications for our Bekipor® range of uniquely designed metal fibre media. This list is merely an indication of the limitless uses and gives an incomplete overview of the applications in which we have built up experience over the last decades.

industrial process.

Bekipor®, your filter solution

in Polymer filtration

High porosity

Bekipor® offers a competitive advantage with its high porosity

Bekipor® is the optimum solution for your fine filtration applications. Comprising the finest stainless steel fibers available, sintered to create a thin, high mechanical strength, high porosity and highly efficient filtration media, Bekipor® delivers filtration process advantages including low pressure drops, long on stream life and low energy consumption.

(resulting in high flow rates and lower pressure drop), its increased dirt holding capacity (giving your filters the longest on-stream life), its labyrinth structure and gel retention capacity (for good polymer shearing and gel elimination), its enhanced offline cleaning properties, and its high mechanical strength. Result: process efficiency, cost reduction, long on-stream lifetime and a low pressure drop.

Top-quality material Bekipor® filter media get their mechanical strength from high-quality stainless steel alloys with high corrosion and temperature resistance. This increases the longevity and on-stream life span of your solution significantly. Furthermore, the thinness of the fibre media makes it easy to shape and mold according to your specific application.

Main application areas: polyesters (PET), polyamide (PA), polyaramids (Kevlar® ...), polypropylene (PP), PEEK, polyethylene (PE), polycarbonate (PC), viscose, polyacrylonitrile (PAN),...

in Liquid/Solid filtration

Green technology Apart from its low energy use and longevity, Bekipor® is easy to clean offline as well as online,

Bekipor® stands out from similar products thanks to its high

with many cleaning cycles possible.

corrosion resistance, low pressure drop, high dirt holding capacity and online cleanability.

Cost-effective solution

Main application areas: chemicals, inkjet printers, pharmaceutics,

Thanks to its superb quality and efficient energy use, Bekipor® offers significant cost savings. The long on-stream lifetime and high flow rates all contribute to this.

food and beverages, petro-chemical process, hydraulic, lube and fuel filters

Unique configuration The combination of a homogenous web structure, flexible fibre diameters, customizable layer configuration and different alloys make each Bekipor® medium unique. The filter media creates a labyrinth-like flow path while still providing high flow rates.

in Gas/Solid Filtration Bekipor®’s high temperature and corrosion resistances as well as fine surface filtration abilities in self-cleanable solutions open up new possibilities in your process such as product recovery, catalyst recovery, energy recovery or environment protection. Major industries: oil refinery, chemical processing (olefins gases, ammonia gases, EDC, polysilicon, …), ore smelting (Al, Pt, Cu, Ni, …), cement, steel manufacturing.

Top quality fine fibres

Homogenous webstructure

Pliable design

Customizable layers

Labyrinth-like flow path



“To us, designing high-quality filtration solutions involves two fundamentals: we listen to our customers’ requirements and then we work with the best partners and products to deliver a solution. With Bekaert’s Bekipor® steel sintered fiber medium and thanks to their technical support, we achieve the finest filter ratings in hydraulic oil filtration, we reduce downtime for filtration equipment and, most importantly, we have satisfied customers.” Michael Salm, General Manager, Microfilter

in Coalescing Bekipor® web fibre’s resistance to high temperatures,

Product portfolio based on your particular needs

In addition to the applications listed, Bekaert can create new solutions especially for your company. We have the willingness to explore your unchartered markets, the people to think along and the practical know-how to make it work. You can rely on Bekaert to help you bring a new idea to reality.

corrosion and chemicals ensure a long product life span – while its fine fiber structure, constant fibre diameter, high

Total Quality Management

porosity, staged and homogenous web structure for good droplet growth and good drainage guarantee the highest possible performance. Possible applications include the separation of oil from water, or that of water from oil or other chemicals.

Maintaining a high level of quality is a continuous process. That is why our quality procedures are regularly evaluated using customer feedback. Our extensive quality control and defect filtering offers a consistency warranty while eliminating excessive waste and safeguarding the quality of your product. Choosing Bekaert is choosing for a high-performance product supported by Total Quality Management.

in Demisting

Strengths of a worldwide group

Bekipor® non-woven metal fibres excel thanks to their

As part of the worldwide Bekaert Group, Bekaert Fibre Technologies provides products and services in more than 120 countries. This global presence enables fast delivery while our proven quality systems guarantee consistently high quality the world over. This is further ensured by an in-house engineering department in charge of developing our own machinery and process equipment.

homogeneous web structure and consistant fibre diameter, their low pressure drop – and low energy consumption, their high separation efficiency and their high temperature and corrosion resistance.

in Acoustics Beside the fact that Bekipor® attenuates noise very efficiently, it can also be shaped and molded in any size to fit the work environment. Thanks to its stainless steel nature (non-flammable, corrosion resistant to acid, caustic and solvents), Bekipor® can be used to reduce noise even in extreme conditions. Possible application areas are aviation, aerospace, engines, etc.

as Burner medium Bekipor® creates new horizons. Thanks to its open structures and low thermal inertia, Bekipor® creates the best burner media with enhanced flame anchoring in gas pre-mix combustion applications. Bekipor® web material is also well suited as a wick burner for gasoline or as a small burner for diesel (e.g. parking and vehicle heaters, …).

production plants offices and distribution centers technology centers


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