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Twitter can be a very powerful marketing tool for your online business. Twitter makes it so easy for users to spread information virally that learning to use it to its full potential is imperative. I struggled with it for months trying to get the most out it and here are some twitter tips and tricks that hopefully you can use too. 1. HootSuite is my favorite twitter management tool of the moment. If you have multiple twitter accounts and facebook fan pages, HootSuite is the way to go. I used TweetDeck for a long time and was always having problems of some sort. The biggest problem was I wasn't getting all my @mentions and retweets fed through. I was missing a lot of conversation and thanking opportunities. Also, TweetDeck does not yet have the fan page option. Fan pages are a big part of my marketing and I need to be able to see what is going on over there without having to log into facebook, go through all the clicking, etc. HootSuite will feed your fan pages in addition to your twitter accounts. 2. As mentioned with HootSuite, it is imperative that you pay attention to who is retweeting your posts and who is mentioning you. People are more likely to keep promoting your material if they know you are listening and appreciate them taking the time to spread your material through the online world. If they respond to a post, ask a question, or retweet be sure to thank them or answer their question accordingly. This is a great way to build a new online friendship. 3. If you use Yahoo Messenger, you may have an entirely different group of potential readers/customers over there. Yahoo Messenger now has the option to feed your twitter posts through your Yahoo Messenger status updates. Take advantage of the free pub opportunity. 4. Don't use twitter to strictly promote your own materials. It is called "social marketing" for a reason. If you come across a good post or product from someone you are following, retweet it. Let people know you are there to be part of a community, not just there for yourself. Online karma, you know I am a huge fan.:) Twitter is such a great tool and it is free. Yay for free! Take advantage of the opportunity. Use it to promote yourself and others.

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==== ==== Hi. Wordpress. This Link at the bottom is a Must see/ Must have Wordpress Plugin. ==== ====

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