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Being online myself and making money for the past 5 years, I have been getting many emails from people on my FREE email newsletter list who ask me almost the same question. Their big question is "How can I really make money online as fast as possible?" Some people are either very desperate to make money because they lack funds and others just want to earn money for the fun of it. When a person is desperate for money, they will want to make it as fast as possible. The people who contacted me through email have all gotten the same answer. I mentioned to each of them that making money online takes time and there is no way for them to make a good amount of income overnight. I also mention to them that if they ever come across a program that promises riches overnight, the best thing to do is to leave that website and RUN. Making money online does take time. It is suggested that you start to learn how to start, run, and succeed in an online business. If you need to keep your day job then do that. I know that this is not an easy thing to do and you want everything NOW. It does take time to get your own website up and running. It takes time to get your own auto responder so that you can follow up with leads once they subscribe to your newsletter through your website. It takes time to build a large responsive list that will make you a nice income every month. If you really want to make money on the Internet faster, what you can do is sell items on eBay. You can actually go through your house and see what items you no longer need and would like to sell to others. Selling some of your items can bring you instant money because people who will buy from you, will always need to send you money on the web. This can be done on the same day that the other person decided to buy the item from you. Another way to make money online faster is if you have special skills like web design, freelance, or even a great article writing skills. If you have any of these skills, there are sites that will pay you to do this for them. If you are one of those people who do want to make an income on the Internet with your own website, then I really encourage you to take action and never give up no matter what. What ever niche you are in, just know that you will have more downs then ups in your business. The most important thing of all is to never give up. People who are now doing extremely well online, did have many setbacks when they first started on the Internet in the hopes of earning money. It does take persistence and a lot of self motivation. If you find it hard to stay motivated all the

time, I suggest that you always read motivational books. They can be on "Internet Marketing" or "Self Help". Another good way to stay motivated is to listen to tapes. I have listened to a good amount of "Internet Marketing" and "Self Help" tapes and I must say that they helped me tremendously. This strategy can help you too.

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==== ==== Hi. Great Tips to Make Money Online ==== ====

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