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A perennial question for entrepreneurs is how to build a good website for your business. What is it about a website that makes it "good" rather than "bad"? Here are 3 tips to help you assess the strengths and weaknesses of your website, and the concept behind it. Make sure your site isn't all about "you, you, you!!!" Websites need to communicate effectively with site visitors - and that communication needs to be two way. With the explosion of Web 2.0 and the publishing power of social media tools, the days of the static, dry, "online brochure" website have long since gone. Site owners need to open up the dialog between them and their customers, if they are to succeed. You can encourage a dialog with your customers by adding a blog, or product review system. These provide feedback mechanisms so visitors can share their thoughts and opinions with you. Amazon and eBay use this technique extensively. Positive social proof is a very persuasive sales technique. Design isn't everything You might think by employing the services of a web design company and investing in a site that looks great, you are well on the way to making your website more profitable. There is no doubt that an amateurish design to your site will damage your online credibility, but have you ever noticed that a perfect, but soul-less or confusing design can be very frustrating to use. You need to think about what your site needs to "do" for you customers, work out how you meet those needs and then make sure those marketing messages or website features are presented clearly. Just being "nice to look at" is not enough on its own. Don't think a website is all about "technology" The final tip is to remind you not to get too hung up on how your site is going to be implemented. If you love or dread coding a website, you can easily end up blinkered, and miss the real point building a customer-focused user-friendly website. Just like you wouldn't think planning a wedding is all about icing the 3-tier wedding cake perfectly, a website isn't all about the "building" of it. Whether you're thinking about a wedding or a website, success is all about creating a pleasant, memorable environment or point in time, where the visitors' needs are anticipated and cater for. It's time to take stock of your website and work out if it is an asset or a liability to your business.

About this Author Colette Mason is a usability professional who has written a jargon free course, the Website Success System, especially designed to show businesses how to create a user-friendly, customerfocused website.

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==== ==== Hi. How to build a good blog. ==== ====

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