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Paying for web traffic does not always produce the best quality traffic. There are many scams on the internet whereby you pay upfront to get so-called "targeted web traffic" only to find that a robot visits your website, not real people, the specified number of times you paid for. I don't believe in paying for targeted web traffic when it is possible to get it for free, if you know how. When most people think about free website traffic, they immediately think of the traffic that comes from organic search results in the major search engines and search engine optimization (SEO). Most people think of search engine optimization (SEO) as a way of getting free traffic to their website. Whilst this can work really well if you are lucky enough to get a number one listing, SEO does not produce quick results. In fact it can take many months before you will see any significant levels of traffic to make it worthwhile. Admittedly, SEO professionals may be able to speed up the results, but then you will be paying a pretty penny for their services on an ongoing basis, especially if you are in a very competitive market. In order to increase targeted internet traffic it is important to understand where you can get free web traffic from. The best sources of targeted web traffic are those that are being used successfully by online business owners and therefore are proven to work. So what is the best way of getting cheap website traffic? Let's take a look at all of the traffic techniques that are working today. People are using these techniques very successfully to drive targeted traffic to their websites and they are a good starting point for you. It makes no difference whether you have a brand new website, or you are looking at increasing internet traffic to an established website. By following proven traffic methods, you will become more successful at getting free website traffic. I suggest you pick one of these techniques to implement on your website then get it working for you before moving onto the next one. Don't just rely on one website traffic technique, even if it is working great for you at the moment, because if that traffic source suddenly disappears, so will your business! Here are the cheap website traffic techniques:

Organic Local Search Listings: this method gets your business website onto page one of search engines such as Google. People looking for a local business to buy from will find your business more easily. Local searches are keyword phrases that contain a town, city, region or state name. The competition for these is a lot lower and much easier to get ranked for. PPC: pay per click advertising. PPC is not necessarily a cheap way to increase targeted website traffic. However when used correctly there is still some cheap website traffic to be had from this method if you follow some basic rules. Video: online video viewing is increasing month after month. It has become a lot easier to create high quality videos cheaply and to get them posted on major video sharing sites for little to no cost. Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites: social media sites can produce a lot of targeted website traffic as long as you provide good quality content that answers a need your readers have. Don't try to post sales messages to social networking sites despite what the latest internet marketing gurus tell you. Article Directories: article directories such as can get you additional visibility which can lead to you being perceived as an expert in your field. This can lead to more traffic and can build trust with your potential customers. Search engines such as Google will also be more trusting of links from good quality article directories which in turn can help your page rankings. Podcasts: a podcast is an audio recording. Consider recording your content in high quality and posting it onto free podcasting sites. It is easy to create a recording using software that already exists on your computer. The best place to get it listed is the Apple iTunes site. Forums: these can be a good place to raise your profile. Become a registered member of the most appropriate and relevant forums you can find. Get involved in conversations and make yourself a useful and helpful person. Over time you will attract people to your website who will be very targeted to your topic. Affiliate Programs: you may not have thought about using an affiliate program as a way of generating traffic. Offering a share of your profits to affiliate marketers is a good way to increase internet traffic from multiple sources. Press Releases: a well written press release can improve search engine rankings and attract targeted web traffic for relatively little effort. Joint Ventures: finding someone in your industry who has an emailing list of their own can be another way of driving traffic. Make sure your content is of relevance to the joint venture partner and that it would be something that your partner's customers would be interested in. External Links: these are backlinks from websites that point to yours. Depending on the popularity and location of the link you could get significant amounts of traffic that lasts a long time. Offline Marketing: making use of offline marketing channels such as seminars, conferences, and

networking with like-minded people, can still be effective because people are social creatures at heart, hence the reason social networking websites do so well. Make sure your call to action is to drive people to your website. Blogging: posting regularly to a blog is a very effective way to increase website traffic. When combined with social media sites and RSS feeds you can build a superb traffic generator. This is the main technique I use very successfully. Organic Search Listings: organic listings are the free listings on the search engine results pages. You use SEO techniques to get your website listed, hopefully on page one of the search engines. Don't start here if your website is brand new, or you are targeting a very competitive keyword.

If you are struggling to get cheap website traffic, or you don't even now where to start, it will be worth your while watching this video - cheap website traffic Greg Spence is a marketing coach who helps business owners to understand internet marketing and how to use it to increase internet traffic and sales.

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==== ==== Hi. Website Traffic ==== ====

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