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Why Quality Patch Cords Matter How to Recognize a Quality Patch Cord • Each Component is 100% made to the Standard • All Modular Plug Standards are not only met, but exceeded: - Contacts phosphor bronze, 100 μin (50 μin standard) of Nickel, 50 μin 24K Gold - Plastic housing is made using 94V.O material • High-performance Bulk Patch Cable - Bulk Patch Cord built in compliance to the ANSI/TIA 568 C.2 - UL File number • Look for: - Strong Latch on the Plug - Strain Relief - How it is Packaged • Know who you are Buying from - Brand Awareness • Notice how the cable “Feels” • Testing: - Calibrated Fluke DTX 1800 and correct patch cord test adaptors - Every cable is 100% performance tested and must pass before shipping - Test results available upon request • What to Avoid - Too Tight of a coil - “Cheap Patch Cords” - Cracked Plugs - Does the Clip on the Connector BURN? - “Channel Tested” - Molded Plugs

- Messy Conductors in the Plug - No Strain Relief - Messy Conductors in the Plug - Bad Pin Depth - Un-Tested Products

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Why Quality Patch Cords Matter  

How to recognize a Quality Patch Cord and What to avoid when choosing one

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