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7. Looking back at your preliminary task (the school magazine task) what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to full product?

Looking back at my first task I can immediately tell how much progress I have achieved during the construction of my latest music magazine. Firstly you can tell I have managed to propose the importance of a house style as my old magazine on the left proposes that I haven’t thought much about the colouring as there are a variety of colours just put together. Whereas in my new magazine from looking at the front cover you can suggest that the house style consists of 3 main colours pink, black and a creamy colour. I also feel like I have achieved a more grown up approach even though my first magazine was for college it still looks very childish, whereas my layout and colouring on my latest magazine suggests a more grown up style that is taking into consideration my target audience. I also feel like my college magazine is a bit to in your face as it has so much going on with little space. However even though my music magazine has a lot of written on it I think I have used space efficiently and have produced a product that looks quite professional.

On the right is my contents page from my first media construction and on the left is my latest contents page for my music magazine. I think you can most instantly make a judgement on which product has been thought about carefully and has been presented in a way to gain readers attention. Yet again I think you can tell the amount of progress I have made by looking at these two finished products. The contents page on the right looks out of proportion, with hardly any free space. Whereas my music magazine contents page on the left looks much more spaced out, and the layout seems to be less cluttered and more organised. I also think the colour sceme red and black looks rather boring and has not been thought about a considerable amount. Whereas on my latest product I have played around with colours and have used a variety of subtle tones such as pink,purple,cream with hints of black. Which I think work well together and produce a product that is not to in your face like the collage magazine contents page. Finally the contents page on the right has just a plain white background which can look rather daughtning when black and red are placed against it. Whereas on the left I have placed various designs of flowers and leaves in a pale colour in the background so they don’t over power the pictures and text.


Evaluation Questions 7.

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