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3. What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why? After researching media organisation’s I found out that the biggest publishing companies in Britain are Bauer, National Magazines, IPC and BBC Magazines. However Bauer takes the lead with 25% of sales revenue, whilst IPC comes a close second with 20% of sales revenue of magazines. BBC magazines have not been quite as successful however still has sales revenue of 7.8% sales and finally national magazines with 7.3%. Each one of these organisations distributes different types of magazines that are aimed at a variety of target audiences. For example Bauer publishes magazines such as FHM, Kerrang, empire etc. However these magazines are more aimed at the male audience, which is the opposite of my target audience. I looked at another publishing company that was more relevant to my type of magazine this is Conde Nast.

Conde Nast publishes magazines such as Vanity Fair, easy diving, GQ Vogue and much more. The two magazines that relate to my magazine are Vogue and Vanity Fair as they are both targeted at women who enjoy classy magazines that consist of fashion and gossip. Conde Nast don’t publish music magazines, therefore I think my magazine could fill in this gap in the market. Cone Nast should consider my magazine as this could increase their sales revenue, from targeting an audience they have not yet targeted from their current magazines. If Conde Nast was to consider my proposal of my music magazine this would have a number of advantages. Firstly being published by a big company will give the impression to viewers that my magazine Is trustworthy and companies who wish to advertise in magazine, will hopefully consider my magazine.

Magazines that are not published by big companies find it hard to gain their reputation. Whereas if I was to be published by Conde Nast I would not have to worry about this introductory stage as “ Haze ” will be associated with the “ Big Boys” and will hopefully fly of the shelves like Vogue and Vanity Fair. Conde Nast also has their own distribution company, called National Magazine Distribution Ltd. So this would be my preferred option for distribution into the major retail outlets.


Evaluation Question 3