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2. How does your media product represent particular social groups? Like all music magazine’s they are targeted at a particular audience for example goths, males, females, teenagers or indie etc. once they have established there target audience they present their product around things that are associated with that stereotype. I decided to aim my music magazine at females aged around 16-25 who are not only interested in music but gossip as well. My intention was to create a magazine along the lines of blender which is a music magazine and cosmopolitan which is a women’s magazine consisting of fashion, beauty, sex and gossip. Throughout my magazine I have used elements that represent my typical target audience. For example my house style consists of the colours pink, cream and black which are all girly colours. The content of my magazine such as “diet like the stars” and “who wore it best at MTV awards” also indicate it is aimed at females as males would not be interested in these sorts of columns. I have also used a subtle choice of language rather than using aggressive and offensive words, as women tend not to be associated to this violent type of language. I have basically represented 16-25 year old females in a fairly stereotypical way. This is a front cover of cosmopolitan and my music magazine haze. The focal point on both photos you can tell is of course the glamorous women as they are in large scale and are both good looking to attract the viewer’s attention. The women in both photos have a similar posture of looking over their shoulder directly at the camera. Both their hairs are fairly similar also big and away from their face. The picture of Beyoncé on cosmopolitan is a typical picture of what I tried to achieve, I wanted a close up of an attractive women taking up the majority of my front cover.


Evaluation Question 2

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