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==== ==== Please call this number 24/7 if you have questions about a drug or alcohol problem or if you want some information about drug or alcohol treatment. (888) 565-2282 ==== ==== Quit a few people go out and drink at restaurants, parties, taverns, bars, sporting events, and nightclubs. In reality, drinking is so much a part of our culture that the accessibility of alcohol at most social functions is implicit. In actuality, due to the fact that so many people in our society drink, it is logical to think that some of these individuals would at some point in their lives reveal drinking problems and partake in hazardous and excessive drinking. If you drink fairly often it seems logical to ask yourself if you have a drinking problem. Then again, how would you know if your drinking is a problem? Can you truly assume that irresponsible or excessive drinking routinely means that an individual is a problem drinker? Drinking Problems Affect Most Important Aspects of Your Life Conceivably the simplest way to see if you have a drinking problem is to straightforwardly ask yourself if drinking brings about a problem in any aspect of your life. The following list reveals some questions that frequently point to a drinking problem in an individual's life: * Do you often engage in abusive drinking when you go out or do you drink responsibly? * Do you feel that your common sense or your decision making has become adversely affected because of your drinking? * Do you ever drink to better manage your emotional difficulties? * Do you ever have a drink or two while at school? * Do you drink even though you recognize that your drinking is causing school problems? * Do you ever need a drink in order to feel good about yourself? * Have your ever blacked out because of your drinking? * Do you ever experience the shakes, a fever, vomiting, headaches, excessive sweating, nausea, severe dehydration, or heightened anxiety after you stop drinking for a day or two? * Do you ever drink to help lessen your psychological turmoil? * Has your drinking led to an alcohol-related accident at work? * Do you need to drink after having an argument with your girlfriend, your friends, spouse, boss, or with your boyfriend? * When you drink, do you ever get into fights with those around you? * Do you believe that your family members and friends exaggerate your drinking problems? * Do you have few if any interests or social involvements that dont revolve around drinking? * Do you substantially misjudge how much you drink? * Do you ever blame others such as or relatives, friends, or family members for your drinkingrelated problems?

* Have you ever gotten into a traffic accident because of your drinking? * Are you eager to consume alcohol whenever you can? * Do you ever drink to cope with your psychological troubles? * Have you been unable to significantly cut back on your drinking? * Do you ever drink because you are bored, lonely, or unhappy? * Do you continue to drink even though you have health concerns such as stomach ulcers, cirrhosis, or mental health issues that are made worse or caused by your drinking? * Does you drinking cause you to call off sick when in fact you have a painful hangover? It is logical to conclude that the list articulated above could easily be enlarged based on your specific situation. The basic point to keep in mind, however, is that if your drinking behavior adversely affects ANY facet of your life, you are a problem drinker and you have a drinking problem. One of the main things to remember about drinking problems is that getting an alcohol assessment by your doctor or your healthcare provider is always a beneficial course of action to pursue. Get the Alcohol Counseling You Need If you engage in careless and abusive drinking, why not get rehab for your drinking problem so that you can regain your health and live life more completely? ==== ==== Please call this number 24/7 if you have questions about a drug or alcohol problem or if you want some information about drug or alcohol treatment. (888) 565-2282 ==== ====

Do You Have a Drinking Problem?  

Drinking Problem. People have a drinking problem if they engage in drinking that adversely affects their health, education, relationships, f...

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