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ď ś Alamos is the place where my father lived, there. We fun at all, when We started a strong friendship and it was the beginning of a great trust between Us, I remember it was a difficult moment for him, but although, We laughed with the wit of Virulo songs and We glad a lot, only by listen that music . Maybe We didn’t had nothing to eat, but our confidence were so big that We started to be friends and not father and son, We were like two bohemian friends without money, but this was nothing compared with the bohemian likes that make Us the happiest people around the earth.

ď ś Since I read awesome books I changed all my opinions about the world around me, I got alienated to all the artistic expressions, so my live is a strange point of view, that makes an outdated teen, without a discrepancy to all the musical, literal and theatric expressions, that distort all the masterpieces produced by eloquent people that loved the art more than their life, so being more concise the bohemian people love the counterculture.

ď ś Coatzacoalcos is part of my childhood I lived some months there and people were so respectful with me, I felt like a Veracruzano. The weather, the summer course where I fun a lot, it was like a paradise although it was smaller than Naucalpan, all the things there were pretty familiar , every single moment made love Veracruz and one day I will return there although it has been urbanized a lot and has grown the insecurity. A lot of memories make me part of this tiny city that wont be never as pretty as I met it.

ď ś Diana is an angle that loves me so much, when I had nothing to eat she received me in her home and I ate there a lot of times. If She didn’t gave Us all this love and all this economic help, all my family could be at street. She is not just a religious person, she makes what god said to Us. She loves every body and think more in others than in Her.

ď ś Eduardo was my best friend when I was at primary school, when We had a lot in common, although now We have differences I remember that and makes me think We laugh a lot, but We lost much time, without put attention in class.

 Francisco is for me the smartest mathematician in México, He plays with mathematics and explains it better than teachers, but He’s only eighteen years old and has an awesome potencial, even if he doesn’t know how to do something He plays with it and find the correct manner to get an answer.

ď ś Teacher Gloria is the most respectful teacher I have met, She is a great young teacher ,that knows a lot of english, but She doesn't feel higher as other teachers . She prefers to help students with problems and give Them a perfect explanation for Their doubts.

 I hate the Estado de México, because there you can’t find any library and people don’t like the culture as people who live in DF.  I love to be at home, to talk with my grandparents, They have awesome histories to count and tells me a lot of interestings adventures. I love my family, but although They don’t like culture as I, We couldn’t be separated.

ď ś Patxi Andion is a bohemian composer, who has a beautiful poetic style to express what He suffered in His live and what He thinks about religion and all the patriotic points of view that people have lost over the years.

ď ś Jean Valjean is for me the example of a thriumphant person who think more in others than in Him. He is only a great character from a great novel, but He is a hero, like Sidarta, MonseĂąor Bienvenido, Schindler, Jesus, Ghandi, Juana de Arco, Maria Cuadrada and Mc. Murphy.

ď ś Lourdes is an awesome mother, that suffered a lot to get a better life for Us, when everything seemed to be darkness. She’s the radiant light that makes me think She only can love, She just born to think in others and be her last concern.

ď ś My father was too strong with me, by his strong character, but even for that rude education that He gave to me , I understood that in live We don´t have to commit the same mistakes He done. Without He I would be lost in drugs.

 Rubén is a passionated historian, who recently wrote a book named: “Independencia y Revolución: 200 años de lucha de clases en México”. I respect Him a lot, because was the only person who read a book that I wrote and was for me an interesting person to talk about imortant things.

ď ś Krishnamurti is the best philosopher from all times. He has a simile manner to think as I and I enjoyed all wath He wrote.

ď ś Nobody is the best singer, but Salvador remembers me the magic Mexico , when my grandparents where youngs and people were more united, loved Their costumes and had a lot of values that We have lost over the time.

ď ś Toshiro Mifune is the best actor have existed He is a cosmopolitan samurai who born in China, but when He had to interpret a character , He forgot that was Toshiro Mifune and converted into another person(the character He was representing). He acted in one of the best Mexican movies, although He was a Samurai, He forgot that and got the Oscar and the Golden Globe. Just an inmortal actor.

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The descriptions of all things I love.