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COM 330 Week 5 Individual Assignment Small Groups and Team Communication Quiz (31 Questions with Answers)

download University of Phoenix Faculty Material Small Groups and Team Communication Quiz Underline the best answer to the following 31 multiple choice questions. multiple choice 1. a. b. c. d.

Generally, group work can be more productive than individual efforts because groups: have less information and knowledge available than an individual. stimulate creativity. have the potential for agreement with an idea just to avoid conflict. take more time.

2. a. b. c. d.

A group whose sole purpose is to associate with one another for the joy of fellowship may be described as a: study group. therapy group. primary group. committee.

3. a. b. c. d.

Collaboration is not necessary when: conflict becomes unmanageable information is readily available team has unlimited time expert has the answer

4. The communication theory which states that a small group is an open system composed of interdependent variables very much like those in the human body is called the: a. social exchange theory. b. rules theory. c. systems theory. d. field theory. 5. According to symbolic convergence theory, unique "personalities" or cultures of groups evolve through: a. the sharing of rules. b. a fantasy chain. c. flux in input variables. d. the exchange of rewards. 6. a. b. c. d.

In Maslow's Hierarchy, the need we have to feel that we are worthwhile and of value to others is called the: belongingness need. esteem need. survival need. self-actualization need.

7. a. b. c. d.

"Hidden agendas" are usually the result of: an unprepared group leader. unsatisfied or unclear individual needs and goals. failure to analyze the group's problem. a bad organization.

8. a. b. c. d.

Which one of the following terms is not associated with Tuckman’s group stages? Forming Norming Storming Socializing

9. Bert is the "clown" of his small group. At first, group members found him funny; later, they began to resent his practical joking and constant lack of seriousness. This group's situation might best be described as: a. poor group leadership.

b. a conflict between an individual role and group goals. c. lack of an adequate agenda for the group. d. abuse of the RISK technique. 10. When people in his group get into heated disagreements, George helps those in conflict to work out their differences to find an acceptable solution for all concerned. His major role in the group is best described as a(n): a. standard setter. b. compromiser. c. encourager. d. gatekeeper. 11. Which of the following is at the highest level of self-disclosure? a. peak communication b. personal attitudes and ideas c. biographical information d. personal feelings

12. Debbie belongs to a campus organization that serves as a clearing house for student complaints. Debbie never seems to care about many of the students' problems, and this makes other group members angry. Which of the defensive behavior problems is Debbie exhibiting? a. control b. neutrality c. strategy d. superiority 13. You have just expressed to the group your concern over the impending deadline facing the group. Which of the following responses would be classified as "tangential" using Sieburg and Larson's categories of confirming and disconfirming responses? a. "Don't worry about it. It'll get done." b. "Are there any other items of new business?" c. "Yeah, that's a problem, but I'm really worried about getting this meeting over with." d. "The fact that our deadline is approaching worries you?" 14. Which of the following is the most accurate statement about group cohesiveness and group conflict? a. In a highly cohesive group, conflict is unnecessary. b. Conflict and cohesiveness don't mix. c. Conflict tends to reduce group cohesiveness. d. Cohesive groups have strong enough social bonds to tolerate conflict. 15. Harry, Aggie, Ken, Pat, and Toby are meeting to decide upon the theme for next year's charity bazaar. Harry suggests something that Aggie does not like. Aggie indicates her disapproval by giving Harry a "thumbs-down" signal. Aggie's nonverbal cue would best be labeled: a. an emblem. b. an affect display. c. an adapter. d. an illustrator. 16. The type of listening where the person receiving the communication discerns the purpose of the speaker and uses critical or creative judgment about what was said is practicing what kind of listening? a. analyzing b. refuting c. hearing d. empathizing 17. Which of the following is a functional example of perception checking? a. “Does your silence mean you don't like my idea?” b. “Obviously you have some kind of a personal problem.” c. “I know exactly what that look you're giving me means.” d. “Could I borrow a dollar until tomorrow?” 18. The type of conflict that occurs "when individuals agree but, because of inaccurate communication, they think they disagree" is called: a. simple conflict

b. terminal conflict c. pseudo-conflict d. ego-conflict 19. Which of the following statements is descriptive of groupthink? a. Groupthink results when there is too much conflict and disagreement within a group. b. Groupthink occurs when group members try to minimize conflict and reach agreement without adequately testing and evaluating ideas. c. Groupthink is the result of too many group members who attempt to assume some leadership role in the group. d. Groupthink is low group productivity that occurs when group members think about a problem too long. 20. What type of conflict is it when John says, “Just because you are the chair of the group doesn’t give you the right to railroad this decision”? Frank snaps, “You are just jealous because you want to be chair.” a. pseudo-conflict. b. ego-conflict. c. simple conflict. d. none of the above. 21. Which type of problem-solving discussion does the text say would be closely related to group members' attitudes and beliefs? a. a problem of fact b. a problem of value c. a problem of policy d. a problem of prediction 22. An enduring conception of good and bad that is most resistant to change is: a. a belief. b. an attitude. c. a value. d. a deduction. 23. “Everyone is in favor of getting rid of the trailer park,” is an example of which form of a. fallacious reasoning? b. bandwagon c. causal d. hasty generalization e. red herring

24. Although this method of decision making can be useful as a discussion starter to see where a group stands on a particular issue, it is not usually the best way to make a decision. a. decision by minority b. decision by expert c. averaging individual rankings d. majority vote or ratings 25. The greatest problem in making a group decision by majority vote is that: a. a majority decision never involves discussion. b. majority decisions do not allow input from all members. c. a decision made by majority vote will be difficult to implement because it does not enjoy widespread acceptance. d. when making a decision by majority, groups may sacrifice decision quality and group cohesiveness for efficiency. 26. The text describes four phases of group development theorized by Aubrey Fisher. What stage is characterized by members actively trying to persuade one another? a. orientation b. emergence c. conflict d. reinforcement 27. According to the text, when is the ideal-solution format recommended? a. for discussions solving a question of fact b. for discussions solving a question of value c. for discussions with group members who have varying viewpoints and experiences d. none of the above 28. A small group is discussing how to stop shoplifting at the local shopping center. "Many people are shoplifting right now because the economy is so bad," notes Harry. Harry has just identified:

a. b. c. d.

a cause of the problem an effect of the problem a symptom of the problem a solution to the problem

29. When might laissez-faire leadership style be an appropriate style to use? a. when group members are not motivated by the task b. when group members are working on an unclear task c. when group members have strong experience with the task d. when group members are unfamiliar with the task

30. You are asked to be the leader of a task group. You are a new member to the group that is under pressure to meet new production goals. The task you are asked to get completed is a clear and urgent one. Which style of leadership would be best to use? a. laissez-faire b. functional c. democratic d. authoritarian 31. According to the text, leadership is best defined as: a. best illustrated by the metaphor of a fearless commanding officer leading troops into battle. b. behavior that demonstrates high immediacy and responsiveness. c. behavior that influences, guides, directs, or controls a group. d. the ability to influence others.

Com 330 week 5 individual assignment small groups and team communication quiz (31 questions with ans  
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