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A year’s biking for solidary initiatives

Table of contents: Project Summary _______________________________________________________________________________________3

The Clickfunding ________________________________________________________________________________________4 Our Journey ___________________________________________________________________________________________ 5 Association ____________________________________________________________________________________________6

Previous trips __________________________________________________________________________________________7 Team and values ________________________________________________________________________________________8 Bikers ________________________________________________________________________________________________ 9

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A nomadic and solidary project:

An innovative concept to support local NGOs : the Clickfunding.

4 students for one nomadic and solidary project. An involvment to support change makers in the world. â‚Ź8 per day and per biker.

One year on the road : zero pollution thanks to bikes.

15000 kilometers between France and the BaĂŻkal Lake.

The Clickfunding: • The Clickfunding is most innovative and participative way to fundraise positive initiatives. It harnesses the power of social media in order to create a concrete positive impact. The clickfunding allows social media user to help just by clicking, liking, sharing or tweeting. Magic right ? • We are building this project together with Bassita. The Egyptian startup that invented the clickfunding and in which one of our members already worked.

Example : a local NGO wants to give a one year school access to a hundred children. A sponsor promises in advance to fundraise the initiative if we reach X points on this campaign. Once there, we film a vidĂŠo campaign to present the issue and the impact of the campaign. We then share it on social medias. Social media users, by liking, clicking, sharing or tweeting generate points. Once the number of points reached, the sponsor fundraises the NGO's program. In this example, social media users give school access to a hundred children.


• A 15 000 kilometers trip between Caen, Normandy in France and the Baikal Lake, Siberia in Russia. • Solidarity : we will release 4 campaigns to help local NGOs, focusing on 4 issues : environment protection, women rights, education and migration. • A simple and sustainable mean of transportation bringing us closer to local cultures : the bicycle. • Discovering the Balkans, Iran, Central Asia, Mongolia, the tundra and the siberian immensity.

Our association, Colybride: Launched in 2014 by three friends mad about cyclotraveling Already more than 15 000 kilometers on French, European and SouthAmerican roads Articles, conferences and photo exhibitions. Already more than 1100 "likes" on our Facebook page.

Previous Trips:

Argentina – Bolivia 1000 kilometres to discover the Andes October 2014

Argentina – Chile 3000 kilometres through lakes and mountain ranges to reach Ushuaia Dec-Feb 2015

Europe 2000 km of adventure and encounters from France to Croatia Summer 2015

Also: the route to Santiago de Compostela, Lille-Amsterdam, French Britany and Great-Britain, France and Normandy.

Team: Louis, Cyril, CĂŠsar et Olivier. Four students in Master 1 at Normandy Business School, who want to discover the world and be useful. A sustainable friendship and a strong biking experience.

Our Values: Boldness Involment Discovery


Above all, a boyscout. Always ready, sporty, I am a crack when we talk about pétanque and having good times with friends. Quite idealistic, sometimes too much practical, I love being involved in crazy projects and living in the open air.

My dream is to cross the Russian Taïga wearing a cocked hat. Fond of cats and bagpipes. I am both curious and a dreamer, and I try to dedicate my life to others. Respect, friendship and loyalty are my key words !

I maybe am the biggest fan of Barry White and Pierre Rabhi. I love old books, local and tasty beers, wandering around flea markets. My dream is to adopt a llama so that we can travel the world together.

Unconditional of camping and raviolis cooked on fire. Boyscout since 2003, I love hills, pool slippers and french comedies. My models, Baden Powell and Stéphane Hessel. Also sporty, I spend most of my time running behind different types of sport balls.

Finances: Financial needs for one nomadic and solidary year :


How to help ? • We need 24 500€ to make this dream come true • You can help us by offering is outdoor equipment (camping stuff, adventure clothes or multimedia material) • We also need your financial support

Why supporting us ? ÂŤ Supporting Colybride, is sharing values of dynamism, discovery, solidary and boldness ! It also means being involved for the NGOs we will support during our journey Âť

Vi s i bili t y :

Inv o l v e m e n t :


With more than 1100 "Likes" on our Facebook page, we ensure you a large audience on social networks. Our community is active and passionate.


Communicate on your company's involvment by supporting a solidary, sustainable, social and responsible project.


The clickfunding is a way to communicate with people and not for them, because both you and social media users are concerned and involved in positive actions.


When we come back, we can share our experience in your company, exchange with your employees and inspire them.


You are also highlighted through this project's media coverage.

Eq uip m e n t : o In case of material gifts, we commit ourselves to communicate on your products through social medias. o We will offer you free of rights pictures, allowing you to show your products "in action" to your fans. o As your brand ambassadors, we propose you to test your products in different environments and on the long run

Co mm u ni ca t e o n yo u r p ro d u c t s t h a nk s to o u r p ro j e c t !

Contact: CĂŠsar : (+33)6 52 46 85 08 Olivier : (+33)6 26 59 05 66

Colybride @Colybride

Leaflet colybride  
Leaflet colybride  

Here is the presentation of our solidary and nomadic project !