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Dear Friends, It is an absolute honor and privilege to serve as the dean of the College of Letters and Sciences. Our complete focus is our students and their success. Having them reach their full potential means we are properly preparing the leaders and innovators of tomorrow. Our graduates are the ones who could solve global warming, cure cancer, protect our natural environment, write the next great novel, or help us better understand human behavior. These are not just dreams – they are goals our students are equipped to tackle, and they are visions our alumni have proven they can achieve. We strive to operate on a daily basis guided by a practical set of core values: a commitment to a broad-based, democratic philosophy of education; an active belief that an excellent education should be available to every willing student; a genuine love of teaching; and the flexibility of imagination that allows a faculty member to reach beyond the professional orientation usually encouraged by graduate training to envision ways of reaching all students. Our college’s programs should both instill in our majors an appreciation for learning as well as prepare students for their professions and for advanced academic study. In our major programs, the college aspires to provide high-quality, student-focused teaching and research opportunities in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), the humanities, and the social sciences. As former first lady Eleanor Roosevelt famously said, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” It gives me great pleasure to watch the dreams of our students, faculty and staff unfold in our college as we prepare our students for personal and professional success.

Sincerely, Dennis M. Rome, PhD Dean, College of Letters and Sciences

Columbus State University’s College of Letters and Sciences is the academic heart of the university, offering undergraduate programs in the sciences, mathematics, humanities, and social sciences. Students completing degrees in one of our many majors pursue careers in such diverse fields as law, medicine, engineering, scientific research, and criminal justice. We serve our students through the following departments and centers: • Biology • Chemistry • Criminal Justice and Sociology • Earth & Space Science • English • History and Geography • Mathematics • Modern & Classical Languages • Politics, Philosophy and Public Administration • Psychology • Basic Studies Centers and Outreach: - Carson McCullers Center for Writers & Musicians - Georgia Law Enforcement Command College - S.T.E.M. Initiative Faculty in the College of Letters and Sciences take pride in providing hands on learning experiences for students that blend academic rigor with practical applications. Our students are active in undergraduate research and creative inquiry. They have explored the unique geological terrain of our region, examined the literary works of the masters, researched mathematical cryptography, prepared expertly for renowned medical schools, interned with Fortune 500 companies, and explored other countries by studying abroad.

College of Letters and Sciences at Columbus State University

Our campaign vision is to provide nationally distinctive programs that enable our students to become tomorrow’s leaders and innovators. We plan to build on the university’s unique resources to further enhance the university’s ability to impact this community and shape the world. First-Choice People • Professorships – $2.5 million One of the single-most important variables that directly affect student success is quality of instruction. We must maintain a faculty that is knowledgeable, effective and cognizant of our student demographics and needs, thus creating a learning environment that is student-focused. We seek more support for the creation of innovative faculty development programs and we need to encourage research endeavors that directly address the scholarship of teaching and learning. We must support the existing outstanding faculty members who have greatly contributed to this endeavor, and we seek two endowed professorships, which are privately supported faculty positions, to make Columbus State University a first choice for nationally relevant professors. - A professorship in biology would greatly enhance the teaching and research endeavors within the new graduate biology program, especially the international DNA barcoding project. The world-class, cutting-edge scientific research in this area is providing our students with exceptional learning opportunities and is putting CSU on the academic map. It is also building relationships with agencies and institutions across the globe. - A professorship in Southern Literary Studies would enhance programming in the English department through our own Carson McCullers Center in Columbus and McCullers’ home in Nyack, New York. This position will coordinate the Carson McCullers Arts Immersion Program in New York, which provides students an experience like no other in the nation. It will attract

creative students and allow them to develop their skills in Columbus and New York under the mentorship of our own faculty and that of a variety of visiting artists and writers. • Student Scholarships – $1.25 million Need-based scholarships are critical to keeping capable students on track to graduate. Scholarships also will enable our college to attract in-demand students. Many promising students are derailed early in their academic careers by financial hardships. Currently, the college has no scholarships that cover tuition costs for even one semester. We seek to establish at least five undergraduate scholarships across all disciplines to increase student recruitment and improve degree completion rates. Students, especially non-traditional students, often find it difficult to complete their studies within four years, due to various external factors. Scholarships will enable more students to graduate in a timely manner and continue with graduate studies or enter the workforce. Additionally, we hope to provide at least five graduate assistantships for our existing graduate programs (history, public administration, natural sciences) and in our planned programs (chemistry and math), to increase recruitment and to remain competitive against our peer institutions. Attracting high-caliber graduate students will enhance undergraduate teaching and mentoring (thus improving student retention, progression and graduation rates), strengthen our research efforts and community partnerships, and position us as a first choice for students and faculty.

First-Choice Facilities • New laboratory sciences building (match) – $2 million The university has received state appropriations of $11.3 million for a much-needed new laboratory sciences building to be built next to the aging LeNoir Hall. To secure this state funding, the university had to ensure a private match of at least $2 million to assist with designing, building and equipping this facility. New, up-to-date labs will better support graduate studies, expand expectations for students in growing programs such as biology and pre-med, and greatly assist faculty members – some of whom are doing nationally recognized research. College of Letters and Sciences at Columbus State University

First-Choice Programs • STEM Solutions – $3 million CSU recognizes that professions in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) are in great demand, and build communities and transform nations. They are responsible for solving complex problems today and into the future. CSU seeks to become a first choice destination for STEM careers and education in the region by growing our STEM programs, including UTeach Columbus and the Competitive Premedical Studies program, through scholarships, internships and other resources specifically for STEM students. UTeach is designed to produce highly qualified, passionate STEM teachers in a streamlined program to address one of the biggest issues in the state and nation – a critical shortage of such teachers, leading to a lack of qualified workers in STEM fields. With these fields becoming increasingly important to U.S. economic competitiveness and growth, supporting UTeach means investing in the long-term educational needs of our future workforce (we will produce 120 graduates by 2020 who will teach over 34,000 students), strengthening our economy, and better positioning ourselves in a highly competitive global era. The Competitive Premedical Studies Program is a new initiative designed to place more students on the path to medical school, helping to address the statewide and national physician shortage (Georgia ranks 40th nationally in physicians per capita – a shortage that’s expected to worsen in the next 20 years). CSU’s program includes physician mentors and other connections with the local medical community, enhancing students’ preparation for medical school and also increasing their likelihood of returning to our community to practice. • CSU Fund – $2 million As thought leaders in their fields, our faculty members are identifying and indeed creating new opportunities every day. Investing in the CSU Fund allows us to provide opportunities that offer exciting returns for our students and our region. Examples include internships that tie classroom lessons to real-world needs; undergraduate research and travel to showcase our students’ talent; and support for the Carson McCullers Center, a cultural treasure and a resource for writers and musicians that provides insights into the art and literary world in the mid-20th century.

Summary of Campaign Priorities: • STEM Solutions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $3 Million • Professorships . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $2.5 Million • Endowed Scholarships and Programs . . . . . . . $1.25 Million • Laboratory Sciences Building (match) . . . . . . . . $2 million • CSU Fund . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $2 Million

$10.75 Million

College of Letters and Sciences at Columbus State University

Making Our Vision a Reality A strong liberal arts and sciences college is the cornerstone of any robust university. The College of Letters and Sciences provides the foundation for all baccalaureate students learning at the university, while also offering exceptional research and scholarship opportunities for students and faculty in our academic disciplines. Work in areas such as DNA barcoding and Carson McCullers’ history have put our college on the map. We are making an impression with colleagues around the globe because of our expertise and assets in Columbus. Fully supporting these endeavors – and adding to them – will enable CSU to become a better resource to other countries and provide internationally relevant educational experiences right here in the Chattahoochee Valley. It is essential that we continue to recruit talented, inspirational faculty who, in turn, will best prepare our students for their future endeavors. Your support is critical to make our vision a reality. College of Letters and Sciences at Columbus State University College Office of Development 4225 University Ave. Columbus, GA 31907 706-565-7874

College of Letters and Sciences Campaign at Columbus State University  

Our complete focus is our students and their success. Having them reach their full potential means we are properly preparing the leaders and...

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