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Architectural Luminaire with Advanced Solid State Technology

Architectural Luminaire with Advanced Solid State Technology

Serrano速 LED brings solid state technology into an architecturally styled luminaire. The modular, upgradeable light engine delivers a powerful combination of performance and energy savings. Superior color consistency and serviceability put the finishing touches on this versatile luminaire.

Superior color consistency

Below-the-ceiling access to all replaceable/upgradeable light engine components

Uniform light appearance across lenses without pixilation

Choice of lumen packages


Serrano速 LED luminaires deliver high efficacies up to 95 lumens per watt, long life of 50,000 hours at 80% lumen maintenance (L80), and CRI greater than 80.

Fixture 2'x 2'

2'x 4'

Lighting Power Density Standards for Offices



Initial Lumens

Input Watts

Efficacy (LPW)


3276 1791 4328 6489 4294 4796

34.6 31.0 45.2 70.6 50.0 62.0

95 58 96 92 86 77

Watt/ft2 Title 24 ASHRAE 90.1, 2010

0.80 1.00

Watts/ft2 8'x 8' Centers 8'x 10' Centers 0.54 0.48 0.71 1.10 0.78 0.97

0.43 0.39 0.57 0.88 0.63 0.78

lens options Serrano® LED is available with two stylish but subtle center lens options.


Color consistency

Columbia tests Serrano® LED luminaires to exacting standards to ensure superior color consistency—within each fixture, from fixture to fixture, and over time. Our custom designed test booth confirms a maximum 3-step MacAdam ellipse for every fixture.

energy savings

Serrano® LED combines leading edge LEDs with exceptional optical design to achieve high efficacies and low power consumption. Our low watt 2x4 uses 46% less energy than a 3-lamp T8 fluorescent fixture, qualifying it as createchange® (page 7).

output choices

Serrano® LED offers two lumen output levels for each size. The 2x2 high lumen configuration produces 3200* lumens while the 2x4 produces 6400* lumens. The 2x2 low watt configuration delivers 2100* lumens with the 2x4 delivering 4300* lumens.


control compatibility

To provide even greater energy savings, Serrano® LED integrates with 0-10V dimming, occupancy sensing, and daylight harvesting systems.

When specified, Serrano® LED arrives on site with a wiHUBB™ In-Fixture Module installed, ready to directly interface with Hubbell Building Automation's wiHUBB™ peer-to-peer, self-healing, wireless mesh network.

energy Code compliance

With its wide range of choices, there's a Serrano® LED configuration that will enable you to meet even the most restrictive lighting power density codes.


Five year limited warranty.

*Approximate lumens; see photometric tests for actual values


Serrano® LED's serviceability is second to none. LED modules and drivers are replaceable and upgradeable from below the ceiling with easy, tool-less access through our hinged optical assembly and reflectors.


maintenance, modularity, & upgradeability

As with all solid state equipment, LED light engines will continue to see performance advancements, presenting a unique opportunity to dramatically upgrade lighting systems as efficacies improve. Serrano速 LED protects against future obsolescence with its easy-to-upgrade design. Whether multi-phase projects or future lighting upgrades, our design will allow the end user to maintain footcandles while decreasing watts. Serrano速 LED is designed to be both serviceable and upgradeable. The hinged optics use spring latches to open and close allowing quick, easy access to the LED modules. The hinged internal reflectors can be opened without removal of the door for tool-less driver access. Replacing or upgrading the plug-and-play LED module is quick and easy with our connectorized wiring system. Modularity gives the flexibility to upgrade Serrano LED, unlike some competitive products which must be replaced at end of life.


0.42 0.415 0.41

color consistency

Color consistency is especially important in indoor applications with multiple fixtures in the occupants' line of sight. In visually complex scenes like the typical office or classroom, the recommended color variation should not exceed 4 MacAdam ellipses*. Serrano速 LED maintains a 3-step MacAdam ellipse within the fixture, from fixtureto-fixture, and over time to keep color consistent across the ceiling. *Developing Color Tolerance Criteria for White LEDs, Lighting Research Center, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute


0.405 0.40

3-Step MacAdam Ellipse

0.395 0.39 0.385

4-Step MacAdam Ellipse

0.38 0.375 X

0.37 0.38







Burn in & endurance testing

Quality assurance

Columbia Lighting goes the extra mile to ensure our solid state products are of the highest quality. Each LED module undergoes 100% burn-in before it even reaches a fixture. Then, every LED fixture runs through our custom designed test booth to precisely measure color, lumen output, and power. The test booth divides the fixture into multiple light-collection compartments where that segment of the fixture is measured against the others and against the standard. Each section must meet all defined criteria: a 3-step MacAdam ellipse, the designated color temperature, and the expected lumen output. If it doesn't pass, it doesn't ship.


Once it passes the rigorous quality test, each SerranoŽ LED luminaire is affixed with a unique QR code, recording that fixture's fingerprint. The QR code's data record contains a wide array of information including color temperature, lumen output, input watts, fixture identifier, date of manufacture, and LED and driver part numbers. When scanned with a smart phone, the QR code can trace the fixture back to its origins, assuring that performance expectations are met—and greatly simplifying future lighting upgrades.


lumen maintenance



90% 80%





Relative Light output

Despite the widespread presence of L70 luminaires in the LED market, Columbia recognizes the importance of lumen maintenance, so we've adopted a minimum threshold of L80 (80% lumen maintenance) for Serrano® LED. If we'd settled for L70, we would have lost 50% more lumens at 50,000 hours.

60% 50% 0






hours L70


solid state design strategy

Columbia Lighting sets minimum design goals for its LED luminaires


best in class

Cost of Ownership

low initial and operating cost


below the ceiling access and tool-less entry

Easy to Upgrade

wiHUBB Capable Ongoing Improvement

multi-generational approach to state-of-the-art technology

Designlights Consortium Certification Traceability

every fixture labeled with data record

modular design: light engine components fully accessible and replaceable


Color Consistency

Industry Standards

3-step MacAdam ellipse

100% burn-in and performance testing adherance to LM79, LM80, and TM21

Lumen Maintenance

L80 or better at 50,000 hours

In 2007, Columbia Lighting launched the createchange® design initiative for new product development to ensure our commitment to energy savings and lighting quality. To qualify for createchange®, luminaires must meet three basic criteria:

• Save at least 20% in energy versus traditional solutions • Maintain lighting quality • Maintain lighting levels

Serrano® LED brings the total number of product families in our createchange® offering to 16.



Hubbell Inc. established its Hubbell Sustainability Initiative (HSI) to achieve an ongoing culture of environmental responsibility with its employees, customers, suppliers, community, and industry by implementing educational programs and sustainable practices. Hubbell's vision is to be a recognized leader in conserving natural resources to sustain our environment. Serrano® LED embodies the HSI philosophy through environmentally responsible design.

• Mercury and lead free • Low energy and carbon footprint • 50,000 hour life • Manufactured from recyclable materials • Components easily replaceable at end of life • Easily upgradeable to capitalize on improvements in solid state technology

example LSER22-35hlg-r-eu-c388

Ordering Information


Model LSER Serrano® LED Architectural Luminaire

COLOR TEMP 35 3500K 40 4000K

Size 22 2' x 2' 24 2' x 4'


Ceiling type G Grid SM Surface

Mount For hard ceilings use flange kit accessory.


Shielding C Contour R Rail

driver E Fixed Output ED 0-10V Dimming

Voltage U 120V-277V

Options C388 GLR NYC WIH

3-Wire Flex Fast Blow Fuse NYC Compliant wiHUBB Enabled 1

Lumen output HL High Lumen LW Low Watt

Not available with Surface Mount ceiling types.

Accessories (Order Separately) FK22 2' × 2' Single Flange Kit FK24 2' x 4' Single Flange Kit FKCR Flange Kit Row Adaptor

Damp Label - standard Product Availability SIZE



2' x 2'









2' x 4'


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LSER - Serrano® LED Architecturally Styled Luminaire from Columbia Lighting  

Serrano® LED brings solid state technology into an architecturally styled luminaire. The modular, upgradeable light engine delivers a powerf...

LSER - Serrano® LED Architecturally Styled Luminaire from Columbia Lighting  

Serrano® LED brings solid state technology into an architecturally styled luminaire. The modular, upgradeable light engine delivers a powerf...