Columbia College Affinity Magazine: Summer 2020

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Hazelwood, Missouri Attending: Columbia College-St. Louis Major: Accounting “Columbia College has given me hope and determination to finish my higher education. School has always been priority for me. I came to Columbia College shortly after my father passed away. With learning how to deal with this new reality of my father not being here, Columbia College allowed me to find the balance I needed in life to be successful. While being at Columbia College I have made the dean’s list, and this past year I became a member of the Alpha Sigma Lambda Honors Society. I am grateful for the support of Columbia College.”


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“At 31, I have started college multiple times in my life—once for only a semester and sometimes I wouldn’t even make it that far. I had a severe fear of failure to the point of inducing the failure on my own at the first struggle. I had this distorted thought that I couldn’t fail if I quit first. It took awhile to realize that quitting was the worst form of failure. I thought about going back to college for a couple of years and I looked into so many. The day I walked into Columbia College on Fort Leonard Wood, I felt more at home than any of the previous colleges I attended ever made me feel. They walked me through every thing step by step and before I knew it, I was registered for classes and reassured that I could do this and that I had a new family to back me. That was two years ago, and this time I won’t fail. How do you fail with support like this?” –CP

Summer 2020

Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri Attending: Columbia CollegeFort Leonard Wood Major: Criminal Justice